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  1. Picchio

    DCS news

    CloD was planned to expand to the eastern front. You may have missed the debate about the assets that BoS "inherited" - they are easy to recognize, if you look closely.
  2. Something new, you say? More... hangers?
  3. Picchio

    DCS news

    It was made by the same team behind our Moscow map, the "remastering" of FC planes, the U-2VS , and the future Arras map. If there are any conclusions to arrive at, they certainly are way less superficial.
  4. (Nope, it was during the general disheartening caused by the reveal of what became the old Campaign system for BoS!)
  5. Those were my words, five (FIVE!) years ago... I'm not sure if and how I'm going to welcome the whole game, this time...
  6. @ShamrockOneFive Ugra's portfolio includes our Moscow map.
  7. There is no Nvidia PhysX in this game. In general, what happens in BoX is fewer units = better CPU performance (making it less likely to incur into the infamous slo-mo, which is not directly related to your frames-per-second). What the options we're given (frontline density and difficulty) really do in the campaign is kind of (annoyingly) obscure: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34923-campaign-difficulty/
  8. Yes, I also encountered the two different buffers - during my tests I had SSAO off through the options menu but deactivating it through the cfg might do it. I'm sure I tested it with SSAO on as well, but I don't recall which route caused the "frozen" depth buffer output. Anyway, that's awesome, I also was particularly enthusiastic about the IL part! I'm gonna run a few tests as well. Just to make sure, does it work with in-game MSAA for you? And thanks for the exhaustive reply!
  9. So, is MXAO working/stable with the latest ReShade/IL2 version? I couldn't get either MXAO nor QUINT's AO to work with many versions - what I got (also proven by the debug view) was that the depth buffer appeared "frozen" on a certain frame and didn't change with the point of view (pardon my ignorance).
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