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  1. Is it possible to create and link two IL2 accounts to the same Steam account, basically using the same Steam install? I'm aware it might be an odd request... but I would like to keep my WW I and WW II modules separated, but keeping them active and usable from my Steam account. If it's not possible I'll just request a refund and re-purchase FC for my "old" IL2 account. Thank you for any indication that you might give me in advance. I've already contacted support for this matter and I'm standing by for their reply...
  2. Thank you for the feedback. What level of graphics options are you able to keep? To elaborate a bit more: I'm also looking at a Reverb G2 but I'm afraid of the compromises I'd have to make in order to achieve smooth performance.
  3. Nevermind - just found this thread: Thank you anyway!
  4. Good day to all, I'd like to ask a word of advice: I never tried VR before, but I'm eyeing the possibility of trying/buying a used Rift S (directly from a friend, so I am assured about its good condition). I still have to wrap my head around all the configuration settings that I will have to take care of, so be patient if my question sounds a bit ignorant. I'm old. My current specs are: CPU i7 6700K, no OC RAM 32GB DDR4-2133 GPU RTX 2070 Super Various SSDs What level of performance/quality should I expect? Also, as I haven't yet read a
  5. Late bump. KG12 grip is still available, in case someone's interested!
  6. TrackIR sold. Gunfighter, mount and grips are still available. I wish to propose an interesting discount to those who want the whole lot (Gunfighter + MCG + KG12 + UCM).
  7. VKB gear and TrackIR devices are still for sale! The Flying Carpet, well... it still isn't!
  8. Dear all, I'm selling my flight simulation equipment. Here I will be as brief as possible. For any additional detail please PM me. So, here it is: VKB: [SOLD]Gunfighter Mk.III + MCG Pro grip (RU labels): EUR 330[SOLD] [SOLD]UCM Short Set: EUR 90[SOLD] KG 12 Grip: EUR 45 [SOLD]T-Rudder Pedals Mk.IV[SOLD] The GF Mk.III was fully upgraded from a Mk.II (Rev.B) on January 2019, with the exclusion of "Space" cams, which I did not require. The Mk.II (Rev.B) was bought in February 2018. Other: [SOLD]Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle: EUR 45[SOLD] [SOLD]TrackIR 5 and TrackClip PRO:
  9. I AM! (Cockpit textures look great in that shot, seem way better than BoS'!)
  10. I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand your question correctly. For useful knowledge on how the Alpha channel works here, start from https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/15420-custom-alpha-channel-tutorial-for-gimp-advanced-skinners/ The cockpit gauges you see here were a very simple test, where I just "painted" over the instrument. Regarding Deferred Shading and cockpit gauges I don't expect any changes to existing textures. Thank you Nick for the kind words but I suspended the work I was doing on the Folgore, as I encountered too many limitations (tools and time
  11. I'm sure the work you made so far was pretty time-consuming, but don't forget about the Specular map (or what you see stored in the Alpha channel). In my opinion, that's where every detail stands out when the cockpit is lit, and I find it as important as the "textures" themselves. Good luck!
  12. These solutions have been around and freely accessible for years, announcing that you've incorporated them seems... just not so serious.
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