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  1. These solutions have been around and freely accessible for years, announcing that you've incorporated them seems... just not so serious.
  2. I guess asking here won't hurt: I've got a bit of an issue with my Gunfighter base, bought in January 2018. Always used normally, no accidents whatsoever but last week, all of a sudden, the device stopped working. I opened it up for a few checks and I found a severed wire from one of the 4-pin connectors. The pin itself had remained inside the connector, and the wire was "cut" just before the pin, seemingly by itself. The same issue had been reported by other users on VKB forums and I expect to be provided with a replacement cable, but in the meantime (haven't received any reply so far neither from the official AliExpress VKB Store from where I bought it, nor from VKB Support) I'd like to ask if there's anywhere online I could find the cable and order it by myself. I cannot fix it because I have no tools whatsoever (I imagine I'd at least have to open/clear the pin, peel the wire and crimp it). Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  3. Is anyone aware of what would precisely be the German equivalent of a regional geoportal or a national institution/archive that collected and published historical aerial photographs?
  4. I see. That's precisely what I meant with case by case, as some places show different trends, even opposite.
  5. Generally (although this should be examined case by case) forested areas have been reduced dramatically due to the growth of cities, industrialisation and decrease of agricultural activity. The landscape you look at now can be barely recognizable even 25-50 years ago. Actual data can be good for approximating the forest's species but for understanding their size historical aerial photos are the way to go. Same goes for representing cities and the countryside.
  6. Quick question: I'm encountering a strange issue with the MiG-3 cockpit template released by Jason. Specifically, the front instrument panel isn't the same size (it's slightly larger) than the one present in the game's own texture (extracted from the .gtp archives). As a result, the holes for some gauges don't match the 3D model. Has anyone encountered similar issues? Edit: confirming the wireframe layer (and the provided cockpit template) doesn't match the 3D model for the front instrument panel on the MiG-3.
  7. Bad day, Arthur? Head to the official FC thread, you'll find more answers already there. You could also check this review: https://stormbirds.blog/2019/11/18/flying-circus-vol-1-full-review/
  8. I'll clarify my feelings: I hope that the development of the GB series will also focus on technological improvements that intend to allow more detailed landscapes, and not just larger ones. I'm interested in the careful representation of both natural and artificial characteristics of a given territory at some point in history just as much as I am fond of a detailed recreation of aircraft and of aerial combat. I think action and place are equally important. I hope this is reasonable enough.
  9. These metaphors are sure fascinating. But it's an entertainment product and not a building. Or a work of art either. That aside, I'm 100% with you on wishing and dreaming of smaller scale/denser maps with more accurate details. Just gotta be careful about such declarations when that BSR feller is around.
  10. Thanks Pat. I'd say I am well familiar with PWCG (so many good memories from the days of RoF!). Knowing how good it is, I'm expecially curious how well it applies to the relatively more limited FC theatre, compared to RoF/BoX... mumble, mumble. I'm tempted.
  11. Quoting myself from the quiet PWCG thread:
  12. A bit off-topic, but I'd like to ask if you guys would recommend FC based on the single-player experience PWCG can offer at the moment. What do you think?
  13. Yes! (Now stop being so jealous and show us the cockpit of that gorgeous Folgore!)
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