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  1. I appreciate your input; again, like I said, I am completely open to offers. Regarding the prices you mention: the main (as far as I know) EU retailer sells it new at EUR 699. The same company also sells it on Ebay, reconditioned, at EUR 579. Plus shipment. I am no company and I have no advantages whatsoever. Like it or not, I must cover: shipment, with widely different prices for different locations, insurance and, when required, PayPal fees.
  2. Has anyone tested SMAA or FXAA shaders? I tried using the files from the latest Reshade build (4.9.1) but they don't work.
  3. I'll be more than happy to discuss every offer I'm presented.
  4. Yeah, I edited my previous comment because I felt mentioning Ebay prices as well was superfluous. It's not like Amazon is too different, to be honest - like I said, prices vary considerably between different EU countries.
  5. I can't take Amazon prices as a reference as, for instance, Amazon.it has markedly higher prices. Thus, I'm open to offers but I certainly won't be able to satisfy everyone from different EU countries.
  6. Performance wise, it's too expensive to drive for my system. And it doesn't suit my needs.
  7. Good afternoon all, I'm selling my HP Reverb G2 VR headset and controllers. I bought the device on January 18th 2021 and tested it for a few sessions, around 10 hours total. Everything works perfectly. No signs of wear or damage. Price update: EUR 585 Additional Paypal fees will be covered by the buyer. Shipping will also be covered by the buyer. It will be insured and calculated based on your location, so when making a proposal please also communicate ZIP code and address. EU strongly preferred. The buyer will receive the original p
  8. Just don't allow it to get out of hand... both of you
  9. Sorry for the odd question, but could this mod be used in VR with only new cloud formations and without color modifications?
  10. Last image: still your WIP lighting mod?
  11. Is it possible to create and link two IL2 accounts to the same Steam account, basically using the same Steam install? I'm aware it might be an odd request... but I would like to keep my WW I and WW II modules separated, but keeping them active and usable from my Steam account. If it's not possible I'll just request a refund and re-purchase FC for my "old" IL2 account. Thank you for any indication that you might give me in advance. I've already contacted support for this matter and I'm standing by for their reply...
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