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  1. Still for sale...
  2. Picchio

    Work in Progress

    News please! 🌺
  3. Picchio

    DCS news

    Hmm, what I find strange is that it's showing snowy Caucasus (?) footage. Edit: I've just read the description in the Store page... Ardennes?
  4. Picchio

    DCS news

    Quoting Yo-Yo: "If you mean abandoned sim with the same name that is not to name - it's true." Pretty obvious...
  5. Good morning all, I'm selling the final piece of my beloved CH set, the Throttle Quadrant. It's clean and in impeccable working order. As a bonus to the additional knobs (one black, one red), I will include two black lever clips. I'd ask for EUR 70 plus shipping. As always, I'm open to sensible offers. I'd prefer to sell and ship within the EU. 🎅
  6. Picchio

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    I see you've got a different sky/lighting right there... Looks intriguing, what sorcery is that? (If it's a mod, do you mind sharing it?)
  7. Picchio

    [MOD] Damage decals

    Nice one. If only all aircraft's internal structure was modeled equally well!
  8. Picchio

    The cat just cost me £50...

    The cat commands respect. I couldn't resist its sweet presence (she was just a month old, then) and it chewed every cable available. It left bite marks everywhere (TrackIR included, yeah) but for some reason never snapped a cable. Luckily, she only did that when I was there, so I could stop her... real primadonna.
  9. Picchio

    [MOD] Adjust turbulence in Career

    I'd like to make a request! Would it be possible to extend the Career missions' hour? So that they can happen earlier at dawn, or later at dusk and night?
  10. Picchio

    DCS news

    Similar accidents could spice up the flight and if Jester was actually this acute it would definitely make for some interesting in-cockpit Human & AI soap operas.
  11. Picchio

    DCS news

    I don't know why, but despite the fact that I feel an insane admiration for the work Heatblur puts into recreating the digital image of its aircraft (including the MiG-21), and that I love the way the Tomcat looks, I find it somewhat wrong to be "not alone" in the cockpit. For me, there's a component of solitude that is essential to the experience of combat flight (simulated, even). For this reason I'm struggling between the Hornet and the future Tomcat... does any of you have a similar impression? Any advice? (This would in turn influence whether I decide to wait for VKB to release their Tomcat grip, or to leave it and buy the MCG, but that's another story)
  12. Picchio

    [MOD] HD textures grass

    I seem to be encountering an issue, the grass I see is very transparent (Kuban, autumn). Is anyone experiencing this?
  13. Picchio

    [MOD] 4k textures for trees (Kuban map)

    Some autumn trees color shows a bit of exaggerated change, when LODs switch. They go from yellow (far) to deep orange (close).
  14. Picchio

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here