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  1. I mostly fly Bombers on the Side that is outnumbered if you go high you'll have a harder time ID'ing destroyed Buildings and you're being seen very easily and the useless Armament/Ai of the HE111/Ju88 isn't helping since you can have people climb on your 6 without any issue the best defense is not being spotted at all. The highest chance of Survival that i have is flying inside the Clouds or slightly below the Clouds so the Fighters above it can't see me from above and after you disposed your Bombs best is going low above Trees in a Summer map because it is much harder spotting a Black dot above the trees from above than it is spotting somebody high in the Sky. And if you somehow manage to get an Escort on a Public server it will always be way up and before he reacts or gets close you're long dead, why risk dying after flying halfway 5-10 mins to the Objective when you can try to stay hidden and not having to fight at all, if you get spotted in a level bomber you're dead so the best is to not get spotted at all, some people might have other tactics but that is just what i do, flying high never pays off might have changed since the latest update haven't played for a while.
  2. Hello guys!, I bought a "Trackhat Clip" with a PS3 Camera and sofar i have set it up to work okayish is it normal that it is quite "Jumpy" or is it just my Settings?? i can never manage to follow a Plane with my Head and it's quite hard to get precise Movements and did i do somenthing wrong with when im looking either to the left or right side and then look up i will get like some weird cone effect where it it tries to avoid the middle of the glass and makes a curve around upwards instead of going straight up, also thank you for making such a thread to help people.
  3. ???? ever since such a lock has been installed on "WOL" Allies has been steamrolling every single month just go on their statistics website and compare the months and i can assure you it goes from very close Months to absoloute steamrolling of 90/20 and in the exact same months the lock has been active might be coincidence but it really looks weird. And i'm not talking about the Gunner AI, but the Gun itself since i shoot with it myself. 1 hit is enough to kill a Fighters engine that is chasing you and that is surely not the case with the Heinkels turrets,Ju88 and neither the 110's and i rather take the 1 shot gun over the one that needs quite alot of hits to do engine damage except the H16 and flying the HE111 is a necessary evil to get ahold of the Bombloads even if you're a flying big juicy free target if it's locked i'll just fly like i said the Bf110 instead. And i don't believe in the "Sniper Ai" that it exists it's because when a bot hits he usually hits it just 1-2 time after a while and you notice it against the PE2 well because the PE2 gun is really good and most other guns require more shots. But thats just my opinion and input on the matter and if it happens i'll just adapt.
  4. I feel that the PE-2 87 takes alot more beating than the BF110 E2 and the Engines survive quite alot aswell (didn't test it just my experience) and has a pretty good Gun in the back that takes care of the Fighters that are chasing you, and if i fly the PE2-87 and Gun myself and if i survive i mostly have a fighter kill or more, also had a instance where i managed to kill 2 BF110's 1 BF110 with the Cannons and 1 with the turret. I absoloutely love the PE2 but like i said the Allied side could really use bigger Bombs.
  5. So to get it straight you want the German Bombers to be lowered to the point of having Bomb loads like the Soviets while having larger,slower,and less defensive Planes than the Soviets do? Sorry but in reality will be that if the HE-111 recieves huge locks then simply nobody will fly them and will fly the BF-110 instead since it's much more Agile,Faster and has Guns aswell and is much much more smaller the only thing the Heinkel has it going for itself is the Bombload and i doubt somebody will fly 15-20 minutes to an objective with a gigantic slow plane to just drop a few 250's or 1/2 500kg's (50's don't work in high level bombing) if they can do the same thing with a much faster plane. And i would agree with you 100% IF Germany would have a Plane like a PE2 that is Fast,Agile,Guns,defensive,and an okayish Bombload. However you can balance it out with the Missions by spreading out the Targets or giving AXIS more targets to kill and the Allies less to kill which subconciously is more effective to leave an impact than straight locking things. but that is just my view of a dedicated Bomber pilot for either side. and yes the Soviets are seriously lacking in Bombs.
  6. Yeah it does seem to be toolong. Normally it would take a week or two but you're almost waiting for 3 Weeks now that seems odd, but then people on the Steam Forums also said that their replies take toolong.
  7. Hello Stumble, 1C Game Studios is issuing new Keys to the people who had their Game deactivated please read this Why it happend https://steamcommunity.com/app/307960/discussions/0/2534848731739054718/ The solution Steam Forums: https://steamcommunity.com/app/307960/discussions/0/1709564118760878077/ Il2 Forum: The part you are probably looking for: So, to have your deactivated keys replaced please visit the IL-2 website and log into the IL-2 website and send us a request through our support system. https://il2sturmovik.com/support/request/ All affected users should already have an IL-2 User Account as you made one when you activated your Steam key. By using our request form you will be placed it in our que and we can better help you. Please also attach proof of your deactivated key. Your deactivated key code must be visible for us to replace it. Once we investigate your claim we will email you new keys for your missing content. NOTE: When you submit your proof, please type your key code as well as a screen of your code proof. By adding it in text format it speeds up our research process resulting in providing a new key faster. NOTE: New keys will be sent to the email addresses associated with your IL-2 User Accounts.
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