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  1. Hello, I like the Idea to have an App external to plan flights, especially when your fingers are to fat for Missionplanner on a tablet . But i might have some issues. I can't login and because of that i can't synchronize my flight with my mates. I get a error message: "Error:Server error", also i can't create a Account, tells me that it already exists. I installed it on my Phone too, to check for my own mistakes but have the same errors. Also i have a Idea/proposal. It would be nice, if we can synchronize the flightplans etc between your tool and the Missionplan
  2. This hyperaccurate sniper flak is going nuts -.-. 2 Sorties on industry and lost 2 times at 650kph and evasive maneuvers.
  3. But in real live a Tank didn't had a "life bar" to shoot down like a kv1 with 10-15 hits or T34 from 4-6 hits or a t7 with 2-3 hits no? If you remove the amount of hits i could accept the accuracy. Or just make it like 1946.
  4. Did some test with the BF110 BK3,7 yesterday. Now you need 1,3 seconds between each shot to be accurate. Its not the skill of the Pilot anymore it's the RNG jesus where the prayers go. As if ground attacking isn't hard enough -.-
  5. What happened to the BK3,7 on the BF110? It losses a lot of its accuracy without any mention in the Patch.
  6. Woops, solved by itself. They sneaked in a Update without noticing
  7. Hello guys, i don't know if the issue is the latest Win10 Update or the VR update from il2 but Dxtory can't hook on Il2 anymore. I tried on Factorio and it hooks there without problems so i guess its a IL2 issue. Here is the error log from Dxtory, maybe one of you can tell me whats wrong. ========== 2017/04/17 17:50:50 ========== PID:5056 B:\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game\Il-2.exe (x64) PID:5056 TID:10136 TickCount: 3718296 HU_SetHookCode Fail CalcCodeSegment 6 PID:5056 TID:10136 TickCount: 3718296 HookDXGI::Init Fail HOOK_CODE I
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