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  1. I'm using 1080 and with AV OFF I can't spot contacts further than ~9km away. They do not render. I set up a quick mission like this: bandits at 10km distance, directly ahead of me, head to head, and a few hundred meters higher than me. Clear weather. Zoomed all the way in and there was just empty sky. After a few seconds they started to pop up from the thin air. Pre-patch behaviour. Another thing when having AV OFF and Distant objects (buildings) ON: some buildings disappear/reappear when I look in their direction and turn my head slightly. And I'm a lot closer to them than 10km (I'd say something like 3-5km tops). If I look directly at them, they're invisible. When I turn my head slightly away from them, they pop into view. (I'll post video later.)
  2. Tried that in a Dolphin, it'll shed its wings instead. At least I can very consciously scream until lawn darting.
  3. Sincere condolences to his family and friends, Lucas... πŸ˜”
  4. Yes. But let's not be hysterical about this here as I've seen people going nuts about it in different parts of this forum. This will probably take some more tweaking, but for start it's nice to be able to spot objects further than 8,5km away. I knew there's something odd about it!
  5. Spawn a few AI planes and let them fly some routines ([escorted] recon, ground attack, line patrol, ...) Something to shoot at for lone seeding fighter jocks. Perhaps remove that star wars mg's from trains until a proper gun is delivered. (Again, something to shoot at with our own mg's.) That ground attack spots from BS where good indeed! How about scattered MG's shooting at each other along both frontlines? I find that AAA in the middle of the otherwise deserted NML a little odd. Maybe move it a bit behind the hypothetical MG's? ^^
  6. Yes, I did, but it seems I'm beating a dead horse there (well, it's more just like an occasional prod with a stick)... Plus, since we don't have our own bug section, we get overrun by WW2 bugs and the post quickly vanishes in the vast wastelands of page 2 and further.
  7. Downloading, will test it for sure! Aaaaand it's not been addressed. Problem persists. Overheats after 5 minutes on Stalingrad summer map. (A little longer on Arras.)
  8. I use non-steam install and I didn't have such problem. Tried a few airplanes from BoX/FC and all worked so far...
  9. Yes, after a quick test I second that. I've put a few B25's into QMB and observed them from a distance of 8km+. Fully zoomed out, they appeared a bit bigger than fully zoomed in.
  10. Yes. Or be nice, say please, upload the picture, specify skin you want it to be added into and wait until someone of the community does it for you. --- edit --- I know what you mean. Easily upload a picture and let the application do the rest for you. It'd be nice, yes. But the current approach encourages creativity and will to learn something new... --- /edit --- Which ones do you want to compare?
  11. The fame always goes together with the A2A kill-count. πŸ˜‰
  12. Yes it was indeed! Looking forward to next year's FC Bloody April... πŸ˜™πŸ€ž
  13. Luckily there's (Sir?) Patrick Wilson. πŸ˜‰ And awesome online dynamic campaign system waiting to be tweaked for WW1 purposes, once the map arrives.
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