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  1. Cigar bonus: +1 dmg per gun Cigar drawback: high risk of fire in cockpit under heavy positive G's. High risk of getting blinded under heavy negative G's.
  2. J2_Jakob


    Among the recent news there was a mention of a new AI programmer available for the team. So... 🀞
  3. Been doing my first steps at skinning with the FC templates just recently. This is what it looked like (even on WW1 kites) when I was not doing anything with the default Alpha channel. After following advice given in Skins and Templates I was able to get rid of these reflections, or at least tone it down to plausible level.
  4. J2_Jakob


    @pa4tim Agreed, there are a lot of things that could be more user-friendly. I've spent a few hours scrolling through key bindings myself. πŸ˜„ Furthermore, the Specs for FC planes are pure copy/paste from RoF, where they hadn't yet adopted the BoX style of at least pointing out distinct aircraft features.
  5. When you have enemy on your six, all your badges and their colours are insignificant. Luckily it works vice versa; if you have enemy in your sights, his badge collection won't help him.
  6. J2_Jakob


    And they did that. Load a quick mission and then press "O" to display the briefing/map screen. There you should see a table on the right side with two tabs (if it's hidden, you'll find an arrow icon on the right side of the screen, that will display this tab if clicked). The first tab provides some historical information about the selected aircraft, second tab called "Specification" goes through all the controls and technical specs of that aircraft. There you can get all the information you need, ie. if it has manually controlled radiator, mixture etc. (The Specification tab is available also just before you hit "Start" on the hangar screen, where you can make last-minute adjustmens in case you forgot to set up anything like mods/fuel/skin etc.) You just won't see the actual key bindings that you need. But it should give you a good idea what to look for in the Settings.
  7. J2_Jakob


    Been there, done that. πŸ˜„ Then I discovered RoF and flew there for some years, but since FC was released, I haven't looked back. ATM without proper map there is no serious MP server for FC. Also, two-seaters have arrived only a while ago. So there's only a few servers for quick fun or practice. (Give J5's server a go... Even when it's empty, there's some AI flying and perhaps you will attract attention and more people will join... Usually friendly fellows there.) I believe when the map is finally here, we will see proper MP server with realistic scenarios and maybe dynamic MP campaign soon after. (BTW, this Community is incomparable to WoT/WT)
  8. J2_Jakob


    If you're in need of oil on goggles, just take any FC plane, go full throttle, push the nose well down and wait...
  9. Also IRL only one bullet could be enough to incapacitate the gunner/pilot, right? πŸ€”
  10. Any official statement concerning this issue? Is it correct behaviour? Is the In-game temp/technochat mismatch intentional? It didn't behave like that in RoF... S!
  11. They should, if they want to port RoF to BoX "as-is". πŸ™‚ I personally don't care anymore. I've stopped using curves in RoF long time ago; transition into FC was somewhat easier for me.
  12. Because originally the BoX was focused on WW2 aircraft that are already fitted with elevator trim, rendering pitch curve unnecessary.
  13. I've had 2 groups of 4 (Camels + SE5s) against me (alone in group) and 2 Dr1s (my second group). I ended up fighting both enemy wings alone, my Dr1s just circled in the original altitude all the time, oblivious to me fighting 8 enemies 500m lower... Interestingly, this time both enemy groups reacted correctly. 😁
  14. Yes. And not only in MP. The AI is acting weird in SP (QM) too... If you have ie. two flights of AI, flight #1 will usually attack, while flight #2 will fly right away (enemy flight) or circle above the fight without slightest intention to engage in combat (friendly flight). Generally, FC AI doesn't know how to fly the WW1 kites. As soon as you're at their altitude or higher, they lose altitude whenever they can and constantly go into greater and greater disadvantage until they hit the deck and there they use only gentle turn to avoid crashing into the ground. Another bug I found is this: In SP "duel" scenario, the game sometimes registeres perfectly healthy AI as "shot down" and spawns another one. You may very well have 3 or more enemies spawned this way only seconds apart from each other, all going after you. 😁 If the AI is damaged, it will often decide to disengage and RTB. But they handle the WW1 planes as if they were WW2 during landing - the circuit path they take for landing approach could accomodate the 262...
  15. @Sokol1 I was reacting to Bidu regarding the "current.actions" file containing the key mapping. Only corrected that it doesn't have the .cfg extension. Was not talking about "devices.txt" at all. πŸ˜‰
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