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  1. Excellent idea. I've never actually had an opportunity to fly the Thursday Night Fly-in, as it's too late. Nâpe. 24pt bold letters visible all the time throughout the mission please. 😁
  2. I know, I know... I don't feel offended or anything, just that there are certain forum rules and certain people enforcing them... I like how you played that, sir! πŸ˜†
  3. @1PL-Husar-1Esk Achtung, you may want to make a spoiler out of that image... Police will be here shortly... 😁
  4. I fly without comms majority of my time in MP. Mostly out of courtesy to family members sharing the same room. I still find it very enjoyable to fly with my squad mates this way. Seldom taking off together, it is pleasant to be able to find and recognize them by their "uniforms" and stick together for the rest of the sortie. Challenging, but fun. I loved flying with @-IRRE-Genius back then in RoF. He even used hand signals, what a guy! πŸ‘Œ --- edit --- As others have said, it is completely out-of-control on regular servers. No-comms closed events are the only way to do this and even then it's all about trusting the people not to use them.
  5. Not magically temporarily knock people out. Death. So if they'd substituted "KO" with "Dead", you wouldn't be whining about it here...? I think they're not making up physics restrictions solely for the FC module. They apply changes to the whole and all modules benefit (in good or bad way) from it. I wouldn't also use the term "nerf" here. Have you noticed how prolonged dogfighting is affecting your G tolerance in FC? I'd sure as hell like to see similar stuff in FC. (I believe the compass bug has been reported [together with many others], just not yet addressed.) But the pilot physiology is a very good thing IMO and it's one of the few things that make FC much more realistic than RoF. I've spent quite some time flying FC, both offline and online. There definitely are hits that will KO you, but not every hit does that. Several times I got hit and didn't lose consciousness. Also, my plane was hit many times and unless it is virtual engine/pilot hit, it's just punching holes in canvas/plywood. No erratic plane behaviour (as in RoF) after couple of hits in the wings.
  6. Hahaha, yeah, this was the first thing I tried after the latest update as well - to go into QMB and select a random entente plane as opposition. A PE2's appeared. Don't know if it's reported yet, but definitely a bug. But I don't know if it was there before the last patch, as I've not tried this option before. Will try the Ctrl+F2. It used to work fine for me, I don't recall any issues there. Gun triggers used to be controlled separately in early versions of RoF (before I've picked that up). Don't know why they changed that, but it's not that big a deal.
  7. Voted. 1. Yes (it certainly could add interesting gameplay limitations, but it can't just be everywhere as it is now) 2. Yes (per default. Give this option to mission designers, so they can use it where they see fit) 3. No (in Spring you wouldn't land anywhere on any field but you could do that in Summer? Seems unplausible, unless you pick a freshly ploughed field...)
  8. And now from the other side of this coin. When you follow Dicta Boelcke and position yourself in such a way that you have the sun behind your back when performing an attack, it actually makes you blind. Because there's no shadow your body/head would cast, the sun glares directly on the windshield in front of you. And it's so bad you can not see practically anything in front of the windshield. Better use one of those iron gunsights, so the damn windshield doesn't get in the way. Mind you, the hand itself doesn't cast any shadow as well. So if they actually do anything about it, which I doubt, I would like to have both sides of the coin addressed.
  9. Just when I was going to have a quick fight before going to bed, the update had arrived. Checked the settings quickly, selected extreme clouds. Fired up the QMB. Allright, just gimme some random Entente plane to fight close to Amiens (so I have something nice to look at while my enemies spiral down out of control). What's that Entente twin-engine mono-plane incoming? Oh, a PE-2! 😲 πŸ˜† From the announcement: "In addition, we plan to closely monitor your messages in order to improve the quality of the project as much as we can in the last part of 2019." Guess we'll need to add some bump messages into bug reports and keep fingers crossed. (Mine are already deformed and I feel strong spasm.)
  10. I've never played anything in VR (yet), so I can't give any advice there. πŸ˜•
  11. After some time spent on the "expert" visibility setting and experimenting with my graphics settings, I found it quite bearable. On my 1080p monitor, that is. I found that if I tick the "sharpen" checkbox combined with landscape filter set to "blurred", I can see quite a lot. For everything above medium distance, I need to use good dose of zoom to see anything against the ground. Planes above the horizon are visible pretty well (and with full zoom even at very long distances). Reflections make airplanes very easy to see in appropriate lighting conditions. Are you using VR or monitor (and in case of the latter - what resolution?)
  12. It means that you can download this 3rd party application called PWCG (Pat Wilson's Campaign Generator) and use it to fly Career in FC. BTW - one of the key successes of Rise of Flight, its Career, came out way after the original game was released as well.
  13. If there's enough people with similar mindset, the future of this WW1 sim is ensured. πŸ˜‰ I haven't done so myself yet (for FC), but if you're into campaign, download here: http://www.pwcampaignmanager.com/pwcgbos/web/PWCGBoS.php Keep in mind that FC is still WIP, the map was released just recently and has its flaws, as well as PWCG-FC. But it's getting polished continually...
  14. Failed to update. Executing the il2.exe directly works for me and I can log in online. But the launcher is bugged.
  15. That music... πŸ€— I've observed a number of exploding Dolphins and Camels mid-air too... Dolphin likes to go on fire/explode when the fuel is already leaking.
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