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  1. No Albatrosses were harmed during the event. There were some problems in communication on Entente side though. AAA personell was not informed about this temporary suspension of hostilities and the fact resulted in loss of rather fat wings on one of the newer Fokker machines.
  2. The stronger top wing and its position in the cockpit view is why I dislike the PD3. Always have a feeling I don't know where I'm going. The gap is too narrow - once the enemy starts turning, he gets obscured by that top wing immediately.
  3. From the other side, we "saw" invisible Brisfits, cloaking & decloaking without any gunfire assistance, as described above in the case of the Albatros.
  4. 22:42:57 was damaged - 1.3% Adler_Blau S.E.5a 22:42:57 was damaged - 0.2% Adler_Blau S.E.5a 22:42:57 was damaged - 0.9% Adler_Blau S.E.5a 22:42:57 was damaged - 0.1% Adler_Blau S.E.5a ... ... ... 22:54:21 was damaged - 0.4% -332FG-REDMAN Bristol F2B (F.II) 22:54:21 was damaged - 0.2% -332FG-REDMAN Bristol F2B (F.II) 22:54:27 was damaged - 0.4% -332FG-REDMAN Bristol F2B (F.II) 22:54:27 was damaged - 96.1% -332FG-REDMAN Bristol F2B (F.II) 22:54:27 WAS SHOTDOWN -332FG-REDMAN Bristol F2B (F.II) Practically the same thing.
  5. Yes, we tested this a few weeks ago. Cocking the guns did not de-cloak, only pistol/MG shots did.
  6. Bug... Similarly, I had Random Entente aircraft selected as AI and a PE2 spawned.
  7. --- DISCLAIMER --- Jasta Boelcke is very grateful to @Adam for providing us with his 5-colour Lozenge camouflage. Hopefully I have not screwed up his work completely and the final versions are plausible. All J2 skins (D7's and D7F's), that do not use the default 4-colour Lozenge camo, use Adam's 5-colour Lozenge. (Not that it would matter, because you won't see them anyway, but still...) Thank you, Adam! S! Jakob
  8. No. They didn't dive all the way to the deck to do so. They stayed at ~1000 meters. I was watching them circle in this altitude while the AA/AAA was shooting at them. When my flight got closer, the AA/AAA stopped (was not shooting at my flight and was not shooting at Pfalzes either), Pfalzes still circled for a while and then flew straight East. As if 1000m was their hard deck. I was diving very steeply on the baloon, saw all the gun placements right below me, no gunfire.
  9. Half-way through. On the 2nd mission, we were supposed to be covering a group of three volunteers, while they destroy an observation baloon. We got into a dogfight over the NML on our way there. The fight took about 5 minutes, while the Pfalzes continued on their way. Then my Dr1s re-grouped and headed after the trio. We found them close to the baloon, but only saw them flying around it in wide circles at about 1000m, the baloon dragged down to about 500m. After 5 more minutes or so, they decided to RTB, without even trying to attack it. So I dove in and destroyed the bloody baloon myself. When we were approaching the baloon, I saw flak and AA shooting at the Pfalzes, but suddenly it stopped, while they were still circling. When I dove in, there was no gunfire to fend me off at all. Otherwise it's very good, the sunrise in 3rd mission was epic. 🙂
  10. Hi skinners, this is a little Python script I've just made. All it does is the boring stuff we need to do everytime we make changes to skins. It flattens the image, adds mask based on the (custom) alpha channel and exports to DDS format with pre-defined settings. It will prompt only for the resulting filename that the user has to input. The default value is J2_test.dds. Pre-requisites: GIMP with Python support installed How to install the plug-in: First we need to tell GIMP where to look for such scripts. (Edit -> Preferences -> Folders -> Plug-ins -> add a folder, or use existing) I have created a folder C:\Users\jcb\.gimp\scripts. Make a new file in this folder and name it make_DDS.py. (Maybe the name itself does not matter, I'm not sure.) Copy the code in the end of this post and paste it into the make_DDS.py file. !!! Make corrections to the file based on your environment !!! = adjust the path variable to suit your needs - this is where it will try to export your DDS. This folder must exist prior exporting. (Keep in mind the double backslashes.) path = "c:\\users\\jcb\\Desktop\\skins\\dds\\" + filename <<< MODIFY THIS. THE SCRIPT WILL SPIT OUT THE DDS IN THIS FOLDER. Save the file. Restart GIMP. Now, in the main menu, you should see Image -> Make DDS! (the very last item under Image menu) How to use the plug-in: Let's say you have modified the template and it's ready for export. First, go into channels and locate the channel you want to use for mask. Re-name this channel to "Matte" (and save the template). The script will look for alpha channel called "Matte". If it doesn't find it, it will crash. (The script was made with WW1 airplanes in mind first and foremost.) Click Image -> Make DDS! Input name for new DDS file and hit OK. After export, hit Ctrl+Z a few times (four times), to get all layers back. make_DDS.py: #!/usr/bin/python from gimpfu import * def plugin_main(timg, tdrawable, filename): image = timg layer = pdb.gimp_image_flatten(image) channel = pdb.gimp_image_get_channel_by_name(image, "Matte") pdb.gimp_image_select_item(image,CHANNEL_OP_REPLACE,channel) mask = layer.create_mask(ADD_SELECTION_MASK) pdb.gimp_layer_add_mask(layer, mask) final = pdb.gimp_layer_new_from_visible(image, image, "Final") pdb.gimp_image_insert_layer(image, final, None, 0) layer_for_export = pdb.gimp_image_get_layer_by_name(image, "Final") path = "c:\\users\\jcb\\Desktop\\skins\\dds\\" + filename # (image, drawable, filename, raw_filename, compression_format, mipmaps, savetype, format, transparent_index, mipmap_filter, mipmap_wrap, gamma_correct, srgb, gamma, perceptual_metric, preserve_alpha_coverage, alpha_test_threshold) pdb.file_dds_save(image, layer_for_export, path, filename, 3, 1, 0, 0, 0, 2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0.50) register( "make_DDS", "Flattens the image, adds mask (Alpha channel), exports as DDS", "Flattens the image, adds mask (Alpha channel), exports as DDS", "Jakob", "Jakob", "2020", "<Image>/Image/Make DDS!", "RGB*, GRAY*", [ (PF_TEXT, "filename", "File name", "J2_test.dds") ], [], plugin_main) main() Hopefully it will save you some time and take away the boring routine. S! P.S.: The script is quite dirty, no conditions to make it foolproof. A "Hello world" in Python for me. But it works (at least for me). Feel free to modify it to suit your needs.
  11. S! J2 skinpack has been updated. Some older problematic RoF skins have been re-worked into 4K. Please, download the whole pack (from persistent link in my signature) and overwrite any collisions. We shall now focus on substituting more of the old RoF skins with new ones A.S.A.P. Thank you in advance! Jakob
  12. How do you tell them apart from veterans?
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