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  1. Gotta keep in mind that most PC gaming adepts don't normally get their gear out of store shelves anymore. Most of this stuff comes straight off the internets these days... Anyways, as a PC game developer myself, I strongly believe that until something truly better comes along, the PC will never die. Even if a replacement ever comes up - It'll have to be, by definition, just a more advanced kind of PC. Any computer device which cannot be used exactly as a PC, with all the flexibility it entails, will never become a viable replacement for the old desktop. Media types love to blurt out the latest "revolution" that's gonna be "how everyone does things from now on" -- Yet I cannot think of any one case in history where such a claim was actually proven right when the "future" then came along. --- There is also the crucial fact that, as we all know, the maistream gaming industry has followed Disney down the path of corporate decrepitude. Most big-budget publishers have little to no clue of what real players actually want in a game, and instead shove billions of bucks into advertisement to try and convince them they got something. Most often, they really don't... That's why anyone who gives a damn about the games they play, (not just play games to pass the time when not doing something else) chooses the PC as the natural platform. Since it's much easier and cheaper to develop for desktop, that's where you find the games made by people who don't have to kowtow to some boss from a sales department. Also, I don't think PC game sales has ever actually dropped - It may have become proportionally smaller compared to modern consoles, but that's no real indication of player preferences, merely a symptom of what's being offered. Most big-budget game companies seem to be ran by the kind of people who decide their investments based on "trends" they apparently read about in airline magazines. If some pundit goes around spouting prophecy that "this is the new big whoop" - Then all the big money goes into that, and the PC gets left for "old news". I reckon this is an aftershock of the ".com boom" - when enough instant-millionaires made it big that now a whole generation thinks the only way to do business is to constantly try and outguess the next upcoming revolution... Seems they forget that people also expect things they buy to actually be any good.
  2. Hey, everyone!New build today! Now you can use your joystick(s) to fly your glorious/infamous creations around! It also includes the plane in the picture above, the Hellcaster SovereignAnd I've fixed a bunch of weird bugs that were making the drag model act all weird (basically, induced drag was acting backwards - it's correct now)Get it while it's hot!
  3. The plan is to follow the same pattern from KSP or Minecraft, that is, the earlier you buy it, the better deal you get. If no investors or publishers can be found, considering how "ungood" I am at doing this whole people business bit, I'll probably set it up for crowdfunding sometime soon. Gotta have some good footage to catch ppls eye for that though, it ain't like it used to be - Feels to me like everybody out there and their dogs have one or more games they made and are trying to sell... Makes it real hard when you're working all by yourself. If/when I set up a Kickstarter or some such, I had thought of offering (besides the game itself and all subsequent updates) perks such as acknowledgements on the credits and actually naming locations and items in the game after people who help out. Anyhow, the Pre-Order run will probably the best bang for buck anyone can get - Basically the price will scale in proportion to completion, as I've detailed on the website's Feature Gallery page. All updates are free from then on, until we wrap up that "cycle" and start on a new major DLC (which would then be a full-sized expansion pack. With game-changing new features, not just a "more stuff" release) And there will always be a free demo available as well, probably a stripped-down version with only the local area to fly around and such... Can't elaborate on that just now. Even though I got a business plan all laid out, when it comes down to practicalities, I'm basically making this up as I go along (the Indiana Jones method of planning) I could use some videos anyways, if anyone wants to help me out - Making videos takes a long time, which I'd rather spend developing... Enjoy, and Cheers!
  4. Ok, new stuff just in! https://www.motorwings.net/ Here's the news: Updated Map Generator; Performance improvements, better position tracking for detail. Improved Terrain Texturing and Elevation Generators. Added Tweakable System to Parts. Added Part Selection Highlighting and Preview Effects. Added Part Reshaping Capability, aka: AeroMorphing (a complex, yet very flexible system, meant to be addon-friendly) Wing Sections may now be reshaped via Tweakables Interface when selected. Wing Section shape changes affect their flight characteristics. Wing Sections can now have their control surfaces assigned as Ailerons, Flaps or Disabled. Added Flap Controls. (defaults F: Raise, V: Lower) Drag Model Overhauled, More realistic handling across various airspeeds. Added Crash Camera behavior for much improved crashing experience and explosion appreciation. Crash and Stress Damage (fatigue) tolerances readjusted. Engines May now be turned on and off. (press I key) Wing Sections form into grouped spans, sharing tweakable values across several parts. Span Sections Can be Set to Straight or Break, allowing tweak discontinuities at any selected part. Hold Ctrl while attaching a Wing Section to install it as a separate span group for independent tweaking. Control Surfaces now affect Wing Section Drag according to their angle of deflection. (realistically causes adverse yaw) Open Attachment Points proportionally increase part drag according to each point's drag coverage value. Reworked default controls to a WSAD-and-Mouse friendly configuration Mouse Back thumb button causes main flight controls to operate respective trims. Mouse Forward thumb button prevents main flight controls recentering to trimmed position until released. Made lots of unseen progress on the soon-to-come user addon SDK. Added Ctrl+Z (undo) Functionality to Hangar Added Ctrl+Y (redo) Functionality to Hangar for undoing inadvertent undos Hangar deck (floor) now fades out smoothly as camera crosses underneath. Parts can no longer mode below Hangar Deck while camera is positioned above it. Parts attached to tweakable parts should move in response to aeromorph displacement of their attachment points. Wingtip Vortices and Downwash logic improved. Various other small tweaks and assorted bug fixes. Added Splash Screen Logo and Program Icon. Free undiscovered bugs. (let me know in the forums if you find anything new and weird)
  5. If the antenna/antlers contraption (TrackIR) attached to our headsets hasn't already driven that point firmly home.... 😁
  6. would it be rude to point out the basic physics problem that prevents this from being actually possible? if you surround yourself with an airtight bag, then pump out all the air from it, the result will be that you'll experience ambient pressure, as it pushes against the other side of the empty bag.... you can't pump in a vacuum πŸ€”
  7. Never mind that, I've gone and added all of VRock to GTA 5's "Self Radio" - best of both worlds curiously enough, I have also added that exact model helicopter to that very game as a mod - and have treated it not much differently as far as landing sites go.... and THEN I found this thread, which I hadn't read before
  8. Crimson Skies! An oldie, but it's never been satisfactorily replaced.... It still runs well enough on Windows 10, requiring only an easily downloadable patch and running it in XP compatibility mode. Once that's worked out, it runs straight up like it's the early 2000's. I have it on my laptop, and fly with a PS3 controller (which was far trickier to setup than the comparatively ancient game)
  9. New version just out! https://www.motorwings.net/updates
  10. Good pilots can make a decent landing even from a bad approach. Real pilots, go around.
  11. Coming as soon as I can afford buying one
  12. Build Mk1c is now available! See changes and download here.
  13. New build (Mk.1d) Just Uploaded! See latest post for details! ----- original OP ---- This is what I've been working on since last year: I've found it to be most efficiently described simply as: "Kerbal Space Program + Crimson Skies" It is an early access venture, with emphasis on early, since this is the first generally presentable state I have managed to achieve since starting out on it. Though to be fair, even though I "officially" started mid last year, the larger half of that time was spent cobbling together a PC to work from, plus a myriad unrelated, yet delaysome troubles that had to be worked either out or around.... Long story. Anyways. Now it is in a state where showing it to people is possible without them having to also be programmers in order to understand what's going on. It is naturally, still all very rough, as is to be expected of all such ongoing developments. The project is still so "young" that new updates can be released in a matter of every few weeks, or even days sometimes. In the other hand, the "to-do" list remains considerably longer than the post-it sized one marked "done" For the time being, the game is offered free. This because right now, it is more important to get people involved with the project than anything. Even if our budget is only so vast as the amount of loose pennies found under my seat cushions. Soon, a Pre-Order option will be available, and as per the usual early-access development model, that'll be the best possible cost-benefit deal for anyone buying the game, as free updates will follow the one-time purchase all the way until completion. The plan is to incorporate and set up shop as a proper game dev studio in the near future. This cannot be afforded in my present situation, even though some rather unusual conditions allow me to work on the game as a full time occupation, if only by myself. Moving on to full-scale production will require either a gradual build-up of Pre-Orders as a crowd funding effort, or finding someone willing to invest as a business partner while the opportunity is still up for grabs. Either option or combination thereof should be workable, however the latter would certainly allow for things to happen far more quickly. Anyways. That's my game. Our game, really. This is all about the player community, and the invaluable support that can be gained that way. Enjoy!
  14. Well, I'm working on a new Make-your-own-plane flight simulator - it's something like KSP + Crimson Skies, basically. It's called "MotorWings" Totally early access, of course - I'm pretty much just started on it last year (which was mostly spent cobbling together a PC to actually work from... long story) Everything in it right now is placeholder, though the flight dynamics are quite well advanced for such an early stage. May as well check it out - It's free to download and play in these very early versions.... I should probably make a thread about it
  15. Move your mouse, or better, add a second mouse for your left hand. My setup has a trackball on the left, so I can click around cockpits in FSX and stuff - It could be also used for view control in IL2, If I didn't have TrackIR for that... I use it this way on KSP though, it works better than relying solely on the joystick hat. If you must have head tracking, you may try FaceTrackNoIR - It's free and requires nothing but a webcam. But then again, it is also only as good as your webcam setup allows it to be. Works best with very strong light against your face, but I gather your piloting may not be top notch in those same conditions...
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