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  1. Another build today! Mk.1f4-NT is now live! Bunch of bugs got fixed on this one - simulation feels lots more cromulent! Game is still free, so please keep telling people about it so that one day this may become a real thing that I can make a living from... I wouldn't have the gall to charge for it until more game-making features (like things to shoot at and get shot by) are in - Until then, it's all about spreading the word. I've explained all this before, haven't I? I'm following the same business model as KSP in its very ea
  2. I had done this same stunt once before on CloD - Didn't think it'd be possible in GB as well, but whadda you know! Seems the Spitty has a sweet spot where the propeller forces kinda balance out the wings new "arrangement". Then if you carefully work the plane into that state, it's actually possible to nurse it back to at least crash somewhere less inconvenient... I wouldn't think it'd work if you had lost the wing on the other side - At least when I did it, I knew it only worked because I lost the right wing, same as here. Someone flying with me then took a
  3. Now with constant-speed propellers! https://www.motorwings.net/updates Still free for now! Only cost is please tell everyone who will listen (or can be held in place with rope or something) about it so that we can build up a proper playerbase. Enjoy! Now hear this:I will grant players who make videos showcasing the game, it's concept and potential, the title "Media Partner" and with it, a free copy with all updates and future expansion packs when it becomes a commercial product.This offer stands as long as it takes to make it popul
  4. Elevons are definitely possible on the very next build! In fact, they're in it already! The flight model has also been significantly evolved, It turned out necessary to do this so that more unusual designs may work properly. Notice the curving streamlines over some of the wing sections: All airfoil parts actually have this going on (they're all the same code, really) - The image above shows only a few of them because of the Debug Declutter setting I've worked in so that drawing all those lines wouldn't lag the game down too hard. It also makes it
  5. You betcha! The day I made machinegun-pod parts and set them up to fire in sequence, with muzzle flashes and a lovely .50cal-esque "Boomsh" sound (even if shooting only blanks for now) was one of those days spent in a more or less continuous state of manic giggling and occasional outright cackling like a super-villain on the warpath. There's something about making things go "BOOM" which appeals at a very much fundamental level. Deep stuff, man.... I also had always suspected that at least half of the original CS aircraft designs should be fairly airworthy, if so
  6. Anyways, a few more parts added today: Also gave the old runway a good revamp, with an overlay arrangement for much sharper textures This should be in the next build, but for now there isn't enough new stuff to be worth doing a whole release just yet. Gonna make some more new parts first
  7. A couple of unedited screens from last week and today (V-Tails just added) This stuff should be in the next build of MotorWings
  8. We all loved Crimson Skies, didn't we? And wonder of all surprise, the Hughes Aviation P21-JMK11 Devastator turns out not only to be a fully airworthy design, but actually a fantastically stable and maneuverable design within the near-realistic MotorWings flight model! It tends to be nasty only after going into a full spin, then it's quite hard to recover - But it takes some doing for it to depart like that in the first place. The elevators tend to "mush down" and gently lower the nose before it actually stalls out. Quite a gentle ride, at least until
  9. Did I mention that the build is up there? Anyways, it is. Now you can retract your landing gears! Next one should have more useful cockpits, I think - After that we can start adding guns and stuff to shoot at Cheers!
  10. Now with 100% more weather! Here's what's new: https://www.motorwings.net/updates Enjoy!
  11. What? We don't need no helicopter - Hang on and watch this!
  12. Ah yes, that's how that episode happened. Thanks for clearing up my muddled recollections! Who can ever say history doesn't have its "LOL" moments?
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