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    IL-2 UE confusion...

    Hi, Blue352 I have a very similar flight sim history to you, and "recently" re-found il2 again. iL-2 Ultimate Edition is a name for the DVD release incorporating Team Daidalos patches to bring il2:1946 up to v4.11.1m. But the game is now up to v4.13.4m. However some modders plane and graphics packages only work with earlier versions of the game as they are kind of code cracks of the game code to work! This site http://www.derrierloisirs.fr/il2/bdd2012/ has the best summary of il2 mods (can use Google translate as its in French), Il2 mods are complex to understand, some difficult to install and some HUGE like 50GB! i have only used HSFX as its quite an easy install and only a 6GB download. Does your joystick work in other games? Its also possible il2 mod patchs applied over the wrong game version could break the joystick also. Good Luck
  2. taly01

    Midway Discussion

    Yes this is THE question, Carriers with working air operations and ships with proper damage models (destructible AAA mounts at least) is a big deal to do, and old il2:1946 had very basic ship damage models. Does 1C/777 il-2 still use underlying il2 1946 game code, at least it would save some time?
  3. taly01

    Midway Discussion

    Arrggh.... 3 new titles and none related at all to Pacific as "promised". Not even a teaser title? Only A6M2 and F4F-4 were needed in high fidelity to sell. Thousands of documents needed to be translated !?! A billionity-gigaplex-millionity times exaggerated i think.
  4. taly01

    Battle of Okinawa

    What a shock announcement for IL2 development going to Europe 1945, WW1 RoF upgrade, and Tank simulator! its saddening to Pacific fans Any WW2 Pacific title would have brought some new buyers/players, and with much smaller projects than the new plans........ #1 Far Southern Solomon Islands - Guadacanal ~10/1942 , (using a 'warp' for japanese planes to get travel to/from Rabaul airfield). No carriers needed but anti-shipping missions are there. Minimum plane set is A6M2, G4M1 vs F4F-4, P-39D(400), SBD-3, TBF-1. #2 South East New Guinea ~6/1942, basically Lae to Port Moresby, Minimum plane set A6M2, G4M1 vs P-40E, P-39D(400), B-26B. #3 China/Burma/India border triangle Loiwing/Myitkyina/Imphal, incredible set of aircraft served here 1940-45 from Brewster Buffalo, Ki-27, AVG P-40 to P-51D, Spitfire VIII and Ki-84.
  5. taly01

    Opposing Fleets at Midway

    The book "Shattered Sword" pretty well nails down what the carrier task forces and air strikes were during Midway. The actual carrier "battle-fleets" were small, the Japanese carriers were spaced 8km apart and the US about 5km as standard battle formation, no wonder attack planes got through, this was in mid 1942 before much experience was known. Having the 7 unique carriers for Midway is a BIG feature to the game, I would give up alot of other ships for these USN models 3 carriers heavy cruiser destroyer submarine PT boat IJN models 4 carriers battleship heavy cruiser destroyer submarine
  6. taly01

    Opposing Fleets at Midway

    Enough ships to do the carrier taskforces is enough as that is where most of the fighting will take place. The list by 216_Cat on Page 4 looks about right. I would much rather have the 7 unique aircraft carriers than a bunch of 2nd line ships.
  7. i love flying the Ki-43 and its telescopic gunsight is a great advantage as it lets you look BELOW your engine cowling which is a great cheat with deflection shooting! If telescopic gunsights were like this in real life they never would have bothered upgrading with reflector sights! There are three concentric rings on the Ki-43 telescopic gunsight then a large area outside the biggest rings, at least the area outside the biggest ring should be blacked out IMHO I guess it is should be something like a typical WW2 HMG/light tank gun sight 1.5x25? Is there any mod or ini file way reduce the FOV with telescopic gunsights?