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  1. I would have thought bugs clogging up the radiators would have been a greater danger to the aircraft performance.
  2. Herr General,(Adolf Galland), So what you are telling me is that in this Third Reich, that has conquered half of Europe and has 15 million slave labourers, we still can't find anyone to push a lawnmower up and down this airfield?
  3. Maybe. But not with that paint job. I like the bare metal finishes on US aircraft. Was it actually bare? Or was there a coat of dope or lacquer to prevent oxydisation?
  4. But the canopy did have sliding window panels port and starboard.
  5. Well, my Me262 floats off the ground about 3cms. Nazi Anti Gravity Tech, obviously. Now looking at other screenshots, the Me262 doesn't float outside on grass or earth, only in these hangars. This MiG3 is on the ground!
  6. Gott in Himmel! Ich beschitten mein flieger-lederhosen! Hilfe Mütte!
  7. I believe the Russians (and other allies) used to open the cockpits for landing and to improve visibility when landing on poor runways where there was a very serious risk of crashing and burning, maybe upside down with a jammed canopy! Certainly seen pics of Russian aircraft flying with canopy open, and allied pilots too, especially in the Desert Air Forces. I think, additionally, the Russians often patrolled and searched with the canopy open because of the poor quality of their perspex. A problem that was IIRC only remedied when North American Aviation and ICI/Du Pont shared the technology with the Russians about 1943. It is said that Italian aircraft were designed with the ability to fly with canopies either open or closed at at any time during the flight including combat.
  8. Not a real redhead. Collar and cuffs don't match
  9. I am lucky to have fired belt fed machine guns (on a range) so know a bit about the science and the purpose of mounted medium and heavy machine guns. 600m is not a great distance in even rifle calibre MGs. An 18-24in grouping is readily achievable at this range. However, accuracy is not always desired in a MG. They were designed as an area weapon to supress enemy movement and make them take cover whilst troops advance towards them to engage in close combat. But bolt that same machine gun on an aircraft and a lot of other variables come into play that mitigate against accuracy. There are a huge number of problems to overcome or reduce to manageable levels. The aircraft vibrates. Wings flex under load. It is moving at speed. So is the target. The sighting system is at best a good guess (especially gyro stabilised systems) and many pilots got little training in air to air gunnery either. To mitigate this, guns were set to converge at lowest possible range. 600m is effective enough. Personally I like 350m is better, but some go as close as 100m. Of course the risk with shorter ranges is that you increase the effectiveness of the enemies bombers guns and gunners as well as your own. Convergence is of course not a worry with engine and cowl mounted aircraft. Which is why I love the Yak9T and the Bf109G6/14 and K4 for that punchy 30mm Mk108. I can snipe at long range or blast them to bits in a fireball at point blank range. P47s seem to like exploding when you pump a few 30mm HE rounds into them. Ugly aeroplane anyway.
  10. A fictional skin. Goering probably had to issue an order telling his pilots that they must not under any circumstances succumb to the temptation to paint a shark mouth on their Me262!! A missed opportunity. Was there ever an aircraft that was crying out for this paintjob more than 'der Schwalbe'? Willi Messerschmitt even said the design was influenced by the shape of a shark too! Bodenplatte. Cartridge cases look more like .50BMGs. Below is a 30mm Mk108 round and case.
  11. I'd keep the mirror and get rid of the P39...😉
  12. Have you seen my other post on this subject? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/54484-custom-cockpit-photo-made-easy-with-paint/?do=findComment&comment=965310
  13. Cheers Wanderfalke. She kinda looks right in a 'Girl from the collective farm' sort of way in my agricultural-looking Yak9T cockpit.
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