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  1. Steam says '25 Files failed to validate and will be re-acquired' Looks good...👍. and a quick test... Cheers. All sorted. You're a genius.
  2. Yes. Only that plane so far. I noticed an unusually long load time when I uploaded the new scripted campaign for that aircraft for the first time. ZOTAC AMP Extreme II Graphics card. Drivers.. Err... Nvidia? What would a full re-install involve? I've downloaded loads of skins and other content. Would I lose them? I run off the Steam server
  3. Yak-1s69 home after a evening patrol. Stalingrad, August 1942 A perfect 3 pointer.
  4. Whilst flying the Tempest MkV, I am getting these 'rays' It only occurs in this aircraft. On any map, in any player mode. Is this a matter of deleting a dump/settings file? Had a similar problem with a Me109F4, where the cockpit view just pivoted immediately down to the floor and would not move. I am using Trackhat v1.2p7 Opentrack Any suggestions? Anyone else had this problem? RSVP
  5. Don't fancy its chances much up against a Yak.😄 Moving swiftly on... I see the Narwhal had a strengthened nosewheel. No doubt necessitated by the extra weight out front of the 50mm cannon. Never noticed that before. This would make an interesting modification in game although I don't think it would be any more effective than 4x30mm cannons. I think the LW wanted something that allowed them to open fire from outside the effective range of the bomber's .50MG, but found it was no better than the R4M or the 30mm and still required the pilot to close to the same range as before to be effective. It also affected the performance and handling negatively and made the aircraft a bit of a 'one trick pony' which went against LW policy and doctrine of all new types and variants being multi-role.
  6. Stalingrad Patrol. Yak7 foreground, Yak1s127 following Evening Flight, Kuban. Yak9T Evening, Kuban. Yak9T Yak1s69, finals, Stalingrad. La5s8, Stalingrad, January 1943
  7. The Rebel scum deserve to lose when they make people like this idiot Generals in their armed forces.
  8. Is anyone finding the Lightning is a bit of a disappointment?
  9. All planes glide engine out. It's the sink rate that is not very 'glider' like. 15-20 to 1-ish for most fighters rather than the preferred 40-50 to 1-ish plus of a sailplane glider. Some airliners glide very well. Look up The Gimli glider for a truly marvellous piece of airmanship. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gimli_Glider
  10. Alexander Deineka, The shot-down ace, 1942 Well, this is an IL-2 forum...
  11. Can anyone help me find this skin to download? TYIA
  12. Absolutely love this pugnacious little Bolshevik beauty. Still my favourite plane, despite its shortcomings in speed and climb. I would love a campaign and map for the Spanish Civil War and Khalkin Gol where this plane was the apex predator or equal to it's opponents.
  13. I landed a Bf109E7 with the top part of its rudder missing and didn't know it was missing until I hit F2 after landing!! I thought my rudder authority was a bit weak, but it was zero wind landing.
  14. Lovely. Can I get a download please?
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