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  1. The Soviet 3-colour scheme was very effective, but does not seem to be have that widely used. It looks utterly spot on.
  2. Love that reptilian/sharklike MiG3 and the de-spatted-horns-of-Jericho Stuka.
  3. Again, the geometry of the cockpit is different from our IL2 model and the side profile. Were there many more differences?
  4. I think that was an earlier variant, pre Type 69. Maybe production or quality control problems led to the hardtop design. The Soviets did have problems with plexiglass production and quality until DuPont helped them out with plant and raw materials IIRC
  5. Notice the rear canopy differences. Nice if that was an option.
  6. https://smirs.com/en/russian-watches/umnyashov/illustrated-dial/mig-3/ $368USD for a Vostok movement? (not dissing Vostok. I own two and they are inexpensive bombproof beauties)
  7. In my opinion the MiG-3 is the most handsome single-engined aircraft in the game. It looks good from every angle.
  8. Ditto. I'd particularly like a solid yellow with generic soviet markings and red spinner. That would look awesome on a MiG-3 too.
  9. I read somewhere that a solar eclipse in 1942 or 43 is modelled in game, and if you are in a mission on that date/time/latitude it goes dark for several minutes. Is this true and does anyone know the details? Cheers for the link. I'll give it a try later. Thanks, that is very useful. Do you have times for the quick mission season maps?
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