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  1. Can anyone recommend a third party controller for tank play. Quite happy to shop on amazon or eBay but what's excellent, adequate and to be avoided? TYIA
  2. X52 Pro. I use the centre 8-way HAT on the joystick. Before the update I used the mouse type rotary wheel on the throttle, but after v3.201 that didn't work anymore. The HAT is better though.
  3. I can't believe people are having this daft conversation. With so many games with bodycounts in the hundreds we are pretty benign. I think Soviet pilots were instructed to kill pilots on chutes over enemy held territory but not over Soviet held territory. A captured pilot has an intelligence value. But a dead pilot is harder to replace than the aircraft he bailed out of. German pilots# on the other hand didn't need to be told to kill Soviet pilots dangling on the end of a chute. They had been indoctrinated by nazism to see slavs and bolsheviks as sub human anyway. The penetration of Nazi ideology was at it's highest in the Luftwaffe aside from the SS. The Eastern front was a war without pity. Neither side respected the Geneva convention, which specifically states that descending paratroopers can be fired upon, but bailing out aircrew cannot be fired upon.
  4. The whole point of nav lights is that they CAN be seen at long distance. They are not formation lights. As an observer of aircraft in all weathers and times of day, I think the design have got this right. They are blobs of light at distance but as you get close they reduce to green, red or white and gives an indication of the aircrafts orientation in relation to you the observer. The lights are the best I've seen in any sim.
  5. Centering centers, but when I release the key it goes back the position above. No head tracking at all in the F4 cockpit.
  6. Oh no!. I've lost a contact lens! This is all I get in the F4. config file issue?
  7. Considering what the RAF did in Op. GOMORRAH, the fire bombing of Hamburg (42k killed 70k wounded), Dresden (25k killed) and Op. MEETINGHOUSE, Tokyo (100k killed) it is odd that Op. CHASTISE is considered a war crime, when a small force of bombers sought to bomb dams, not workers asleep in their beds or cowering in air raid shelters
  8. Up or down? The next jet in the game should be the Arado 234
  9. Bf 109F4? It did that with mine 2 days ago. I am running freetrack 2.0 and a Trackhat clip, but the principle is the same. Not having a problem with any other aircraft
  10. I love FSX. FS2020 should be a blast. Challenging runways and piss poor weather, gusting crosswinds and under-powered aircraft with random engine failures mode set to ON, FREQUENT!. Such fun I want to set up a virtual airway called Screaming Terror Airlines. (If you fly with us again, you fly for free)
  11. The dams were repaired 2 weeks after Op. Chastise. Op Chastise was 16-17 May 1943. Op Bodenplatte was 1st January 1945. der Nazis tidied it all up by then.
  12. Because, although some would find it hard to believe but Hollywood has been, since the very beginning of the cold war extensively used to propagate Capitalism Good/Communism bad. And continues to do so today. Sen. McCarthy and his witch hunt sought to drive out anyone who had even a tangential connection to anything or anyone with a left wing or anti-fascist ideology. A film like Grapes of Wrath (1940) would never have been made by 1948. Hollywood saw some of it's best stars, screenwriters and directors get blacklisted. However, in the late 60's early 70's Hollywood produced some of it's most searing social dramas, because the politically the country was having serious doubts about it's course, especially as the Vietnam war raged on out of control and with no end in sight. Also the studios were broke and many of the stars took the parts for a share of box office take. Films like Klute, Midnight Cowboy, The Graduate, Serpico, and two of my all time favourites, Reds and The Great Waldo Pepper. The radical or liberal stance of these movies was often subtle and understated, but it is powerful. It was a brief interlude, and they were soon back to making the usual old formulaic 90 minute shit pellets for idiots. How many Police academy movies did we endure? How many more Fast and Furious Films? Will it ever stop?
  13. Cockpit drills were well researched. I guessed it was a Yak 1 before the external shot too.
  14. Now working. Thanks, but I'm not sure what I did other than keymap a reload command (Ctrl + R) But some guns reload themselves.
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