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  1. What's the best way to trim the 262? Since there are no numbers or a dial on the cockpit control it is difficult to know what settings to use for take off, landings or differing bomb/weapon/armour or fuel loads, or speed. All of which affect c of g and will need to be adjusted. For instance after dropping bombs? Just adjust in level flight? But that is rather tricky...
  2. Nothing is essential. It's a game. I just want it to be exciting as well as realistic. Same reason I would like to see a Dornier 335, Arado 234, He162 and Me163 Komet, even accepting there actual contribution was minor.
  3. I did love an option from IL2 1946... Mistel Composite. Awesome blast radius. Good mission too, LW delivering and Allies intercepting. I believe they were employed on both Eastern and Western fronts in the closing days of the war, desperately trying to knock down bridges over the Vistula and Oder. Most Bomber pilots had been reroled to fighters and LW had a lot of spare Ju88s but few crews to fly them. Wasn't the Ludendorff Bridge brought down by one? Mistel Composite shaped charge Warhead.
  4. I hope it includes Croydon. I'm bombing Croydon. The Council offices specifically. And finishing off virtually what Goering didn't in 1940.
  5. And only if he is a party member! 'What's that Tovarich? You have 3 Hero of the Soviet Union medals, but you didn't attend the last party meeting. Nyetski shoelaces for you...'
  6. Is there any roadmap for career modes? Some seem very slow and have no promotion, especially the LW ones. I would have thought, given their loss rate, they'd be the fastest route to General but I'm still only a Feldwebel in an Me262 squadron, that has now been disbanded and transferred to a Me109K squadron, where I am so junior, I'm still flying a G model! But my Soviet pilot is a Senior Lieutenant with 4 rows of medals and 28,000 rubles prize money!
  7. Is/will the airspace above Moscow be unlocked? Is it available after achieving a certain certain level in career mode? RSVP
  8. Of course what we now need is a female looking pilot figure. And a suitable cockpit picture. Some kittens, maybe?
  9. I hope you find the solution. I am looking to buy this HOTAS setup (or the Saitek x56) The rotary wheels on the Saitek x52pro work for range and wingspan on the gyro sight. Although sensitivity is poor. The slider is even worse though.
  10. How could they NAZI that coming...[SNIGGER]🙄
  11. It took me a while to work out how to use it, but the Ferranti sight is excellent. A real useful tool in getting rounds on target and conserving ammo. The German version is a bit clumsy though. Was it a copy of the Ferranti or K14? Well done to the developers. This brings you up to and beyond DCS standards. Not knocking either sim but DCS is a bit limited in maps and battlespace and DLC is very expensive. For gamers IL2 has the edge. Did any late war Russian aircraft have a gyro sight and can we expect it in the Yak9 onwards?
  12. Show us yer cock pit shots.
  13. Ahh. yes. Thnx Shhhh! It wasn't faked by Stanley Kubrick on a sound stage in area 51. Honest! 🤐 And more screenies. MiG-3 and I16 Type 24
  14. Anyone know what this flap/hatch is for? It only appears on landing in the Spitfire Mk IXe.
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