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  1. Comrade Virtual aviators, The venerable Mig 3: In Soviet Russia, 20mm SHVAK cannons make big bang-bang, Yes? Has anybody else noticed this: 20mm SHVAK cannons. No cannon sound? Admittedly I only flew a quick mission in Moscow battles, not career mode before coming out to work, but definitely not sounding like the devastating SHVAK aka Stalin's Hammer. Still did it's job pulverizing a pair of fascist Me110s bombing my airfield, but very quietly. SHVAKs seem okay on other aircraft so far, like the I16 Devs: Very Well Done. Everything is a little smoother so far, clouds look great and my trackhat works better too. Damage model seems better, with more debris flying off enemies. Collect keys from Comrade Stalin's secretary for the Black Sea Dacha and ZIL motor car as reward from a grateful virtual motherland.
  2. When I work out how to do download skins, I'll enjoy this. Thanks very much. Reggie
  3. But look at the marketing opportunities! IL2 Thermos Flask IL2 Lunch Box To keep you sustained during those 8 hour+ missions!!
  4. It happened again... And your solution worked perfectly. Thanks
  5. How about: IL2: The War of the Bombers, 1942-45 Allies play as 8th AF in Liberators and Fortresses with escort P38, P47 and P51 Axis as LW with Fw190D9, (Ta152?) Me 109G & K models, Me410, Me163, Me262. Several of these aircraft are already complete too. If possible also a night war between Lancasters and Halifax bombers using chaff, Window and other ECM like H2S, MONICA and ARCHIE vs LW night fighters using SN2 Lichtenstein and FuG 227 radars and SCHRAGE MUSIK cannon. Logical as this is the only drawback is : Considering this is a Russian company, what's in it for the Russian/VDV enthusiast? Although a flyable TB3 and Pe8 would be awesome! But then again, we have CLOD, we are talking Pacific Battles now, so....
  6. Thanks, I knew it was in there somewhere. Most flight sims use the same or similar key commands, but I was getting nothing while trying with Trackhat/Freeview 2.0 running. I'll try this tonight. (BTW Panp suggested deletion of the default snap views. I wouldn't have had a clue about this until yesterday) Thanks again. I am really liking the I16. The It's a character all right, tiny and difficult to hit, easy to fly, can turn on a kopek and packs a good punch. First career mission out I surprised and bagged two Emils in quick succession. Certainly not the inferior plane many historians claimed it to be.
  7. Thanks, but the problem has gone away now, after downloading Kuban and Moscow. The Me109F2/4 cockpits probably reset their snap views. But this is useful to know if it happens again. Question: Do either of you now how to change cockpit field of view (FOV) and raise/lower the eyepoint. I'd like to be able to see both the instruments and the reflector gunsight in the I-16 cockpit without painful neck contortions. RSVP Tovarisches...
  8. Was this the 'courtesy Yak'? The one they gave you when yours was in for a service...
  9. VVS mostly. Their aircraft seem more intuitive to me. The Me109 is nice enough, especially the F4, but I don't like the instrumentation and the cockpit is too cramped. The cockpit is the clincher for me. So it's Yak1 or Mig3. I also like to be able to open the canopy for a good clear look around and see past the nose on approach and landing. The I16 is my favourite although I am having difficulty with my eyepoint position and FOV. Not that it's too much of a problem as I fly it head out of the cockpit anyway like a WW1 ace! The FW190A is over-rated in my opinion. I'll see how I like the Dora when I can get Bodenplatte for a decent price.
  10. I voted for Berlin, but Spain would be a close second choice. Or how about something a bit more specific: Year of the Jets Campaign missions from April 1944 to VE Day Ar234 Blitz Me262 Schwalbe He162 Salamander Only a few units flew these aircraft, like Commando Nowotny and the sole He162 unit that surrendered at Leck in 1945 (only 1 confirmed kill, a Tempest or was it a Mosquito?) Thinking on, perhaps some more of the less well known roles, Westland Lysander SOE ops. Air sea rescue Walrus, Catalina. Did Po2s ever do rescue missions or partisan supply? Now that's a lot of development work...
  11. Can anyone recommend a third party controller for tank play. Quite happy to shop on amazon or eBay but what's excellent, adequate and to be avoided? TYIA
  12. X52 Pro. I use the centre 8-way HAT on the joystick. Before the update I used the mouse type rotary wheel on the throttle, but after v3.201 that didn't work anymore. The HAT is better though.
  13. I can't believe people are having this daft conversation. With so many games with bodycounts in the hundreds we are pretty benign. I think Soviet pilots were instructed to kill pilots on chutes over enemy held territory but not over Soviet held territory. A captured pilot has an intelligence value. But a dead pilot is harder to replace than the aircraft he bailed out of. German pilots# on the other hand didn't need to be told to kill Soviet pilots dangling on the end of a chute. They had been indoctrinated by nazism to see slavs and bolsheviks as sub human anyway. The penetration of Nazi ideology was at it's highest in the Luftwaffe aside from the SS. The Eastern front was a war without pity. Neither side respected the Geneva convention, which specifically states that descending paratroopers can be fired upon, but bailing out aircrew cannot be fired upon.
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