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  1. It was more like a Marvel comic kids story. The Nazis were all stereotypical aryan boxheads in a way that if Black airmen had been depicted that way, everyone would lose their shit and scream 'racist cracker' etc; There was a made-for-TV film in the 90s that was much better, and re-iterated that the hardest battles the 'red tails' fought were with their own air force and government and not only the Luftwaffe and the Nazis. Doubly brave airmen, all of them. I'm nicking this:
  2. @ShamrockOneFiveChecked DIMMs - Ok (Corsair 2x 8gb DDR4 2133mhz) @SoilworkerUninstalled and re-installed and integrity check via steam, and disc clean up and defrag - Still won't launch. Removed files 'connect' from the data folder - Still won't launch Using task manager, force closed 'running' IL2BoS - still won't launch beyond the black splash screen AV software has already been told to leave BoS alone by me. Won't open in administrator role (not even an option on the dropdown/r click menus Turned it on and off again etc;; @VoyagerI'd rather have a virus than use Norton. On my old Win7 machine it used to take 80-90 mins to load FSX Acceleration because it didn't like .air files! I am using Bullguard until it runs out in 45 days. Then I will install Kaspersky. That always works well GPU needing new drivers? (ZOTAC GeForce 108Ti 8gb GDDR5)
  3. I've put a ticket in describing the problem to the Developer, 1C Studios support. Funny how other games work well. As for DIMM sticks of memory not being seated, would my system still say 16 (15.9)gb if a DIMM wasn't properly seated? Coz I have one that looks a little bit out, but only a tiny amount
  4. Does anybody know how I get Trackhat to work with '46? I did it about a year ago, but I can't remember how I did it or find any understandable instruction on how to do it. I don't understand tech instructions unless they are specific and exact. The last thing I read talked of .txt files, copying them into .ini or .cfg files and putting them in folders or directories. But where? In trackhat directory or the game directory? Or the PC? I have a legal mind. Not technical
  5. My Steam download of BoS won't load at all. Tried the Steam forum and no definite solutions there either. Nothing has changed and the integrity of my files has been verified. Everything else is okay. I am considering uninstall and reinstall at C:/games/BoS instead of the usual default windows x86 and steam directory path. Q. Will steam let me uninstall and reinstall or do I have to pay again?
  6. I think Eric 'Winkle' Brown flew a captured 262 in 1945 and he tested it's assymetric thrust and said he didn't find it impossible to control, but he was an exceptionally experienced pilot.
  7. I did a campaign on '46 with 'der schwalbe' Can't remember what it was called but it might have been a retreat, 'From the Bug to the Oder' 72 kills in 13 sorties! Mostly TU2s, Peshkas and IL2s, but a few fighters like La5s and Yak3s An absolute killer plane. In one sortie I had the entire port engine nacelle shot off during a head on pass with an La5! Still carried on with one engine to knock down an IL2 and a Pe2 and return to base landing on just the starboard engine. Assymetric thrust is not as much of a problem as you might think, but its not easy either.
  8. Today I got a 'Loading Please wait' on a black screen with the IL2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad Logo on it and a thin red loading bar line below, which is all the way to the right. But it never loads. It's hanging up/freezing. I have to restart my PC. None of my other steam games are doing it. Give up? Delete and download again? I have changed nothing on my PC or my Steam account, but going in to Steam I was aked to verify using a code sent to my email address, which I did. It was working so well yesterday, and I was in the final stages of tweeks, and ready for campaigns and careers. BoM is on hold. Steam just directs me to a series of FAQs of no use at all. I have heard of this fault mentioned on other forums. Steam don't seem to care though.
  9. Because after 2 weeks of tinkering with it, I've only just got my stick set up, and badly, control is poor, and I still cant get Trackhat to work. .ini files seem to get corrupted or lost or Freetrack suddenly wont recognise them After nearly a decade, they have improved it. My original copy wouldn't even launch. Now my IL2 BoS won't launch because of some Steam problem. I ve checked the integrity of the files, but that hasn't helped. I spend more time setting up, repairing, resetting, recalibrating than actual flying these days, and I am going off this hobby a little bit every day.
  10. Hello virtual comrade aviators, Long time lurker, but due to being busy elsewhere I've drifted out of the air combat sim community. However I recently got a new gaming PC and bought CloD and BoS. CloD is still a disappointment but BoS was great right out the box. However, there was one or two little disappointments in the hangar in the Soviet hangar. Where is my I16 Type 24? Where is my MiG 3? I bought the Deluxe edition from Steam, because it offered the La5 and the FW190A8, but I'm not particularly impressed with either. Does the I16 and MiG3 'unlock' at some point So far, I've only done quick missions, to get a feel of the game and the environment. Any advice?
  11. Hello Simmers, Newbie here. I've watched a lot of YouTube vids and I want to try this game. When I google BoS I get several offers for downloads for the game from £12-15. Steam want £40+. Why? Is there download better?. Are the others unpatched or unsupported? What am I getting for more money? Are there cheaper servers? What are the downsides? And If I get a disc copy or from another server can I register it with steam for the updates/patches etc? RSVP
  12. Exactly. Its tasteless and slightly offensive, even if this is only a game.
  13. Did we ever send new aircraft? I dont think the Soviets were too impressed with the worn out Spits and Hurricanes we sent them, lacking spares or manuals in Russian. Many had to be modified in the field before combat use, and were found to be unsuitable for rough field conditions and the Russian climate. As for the Hampden, they must have been very disappointed with that 'flying suitcase'
  14. Thanks. Its taken a long time to find that out.
  15. This is my first post, so hello to all. About 2 years ago I stopped play IL21946 and I miss it. Other things took me away from my games and my PC got so full of malware it nearly seized up completely. I loved the early jets like the He162 and Me262, but my favourite prop jobs were I-16 Type 24 and P40C. Ill be getting my gaming PC serviced soon and will rejoin the fray, and want to fly the I-16 again, as it was my favourite for attacking He111s and stukas and the occasional Me110. Sensibly I avoided the Me109s, but would set up battles with Fiat G50s or CR42s which were always desperately fought. The Italian AI aircraft always seemed much more difficult to shoot down. My question, which I have asked on more than one forum, is: Q. What are those numbers along the cockpit coaming on the I-16? Obviously it is in degrees, but to what purpose? I also understand that above it was some sort of tube, made of glass or plastic which had fluid and an indicator ball in it. What insrument function did that serve? RSVP
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