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  1. I have the opposite problem. Worked perfectly out of the box with BoS, but is a nightmare to bind to CloD, and even when done, is utter crap. Like a boxer with Parkinson's disease.
  2. Who needs Photobucket anyway? It only sprang up from a time when computer storage was measured in Megabytes. Now that 2Tb is the starting point for most PCs who really needs it? Unless you have libraries of archived photos, keep them on your PC and do a backup.
  3. Throughout much of the second world war there was a shortage of paper in many combatant nations, and toilet paper was no exception. I have read many accounts of Soviet wartime life on the front and that is mentioned from the start to the end. They were often short of other toiletries too, such as razor blades, toothpaste and soap. Women in the Red Army had to improvise their own sanitary items. If the USSR and it's Army was able to defeat the largest invasion in human history and throw back the German invader from the gates of Moscow all the way to Berlin, I think the UK can hunker down for a few weeks in isolation without comfy bum... (EDIT: I've just had a thought. Why not do a propaganda leaflet raid? Free toilet paper for the other side?)
  4. Senior Lieutenant Demyan Bragin has only flown 16 sorties and has 22 kills consisting of 20 fighters and 2 heavy bombers and 36 ground kills consisting of 25 transport vehicles and 11 heavy weapons. He is stationed at Khimki and flies a MiG-3 for the 27th IAP. Hurrah for Comrade Bragin. S/Lt Bragin told our reporter 'I serve the Soviet Union. death to the fascist invader' [Virtual Red Army News, 6/12/1941] And it's only a small fraction of the missions done. By the end of the Moscow campaign, he'll be looking like this guy\/\/\/
  5. I went to that museum twice last year as I was working not far away in Folkestone. It gets some absolutely shocking weather, even in the summer. On my first visit, the storm blew a door off it's hinges! It's lucky it is made of stainless steel as it would be ruined pretty quickly up there on the cliff if it were made of anything else. The museum is only a short drive from what remains of RAF Hawkinge, now an industrial/shopping estate and new housing development. On there, there is a Lidl store and both an Audi and BMW dealership!
  6. I think they believe that since it was derived from a high performance trainer it will be inferior to the the Yak 1s69 or 127, but it really isn't. It's handling is better than the other Yaks. Its undercarriage is much more rugged and taxiing is easier as it is noticeably lower to the ground too. It packs a good punch with a 20mm and a pair of 12.7s, all with a high cyclic rate and velocity. It also can carry more fuel, so fly with only 50-60% and the handling is better still and you will still have the range and duration you need. I've been getting into it several times during this lockdown. It looks the rubbish chute in my flats. I half expect a black bin bag to come falling out of it!😆
  7. What impresses me is you downing an Me262 in a MiG3. The MiG is much underrated, but that Schwalbe must have been landing/taking off?
  8. Debris has hit me in sim battles too. Usually bends the prop.
  9. Oooh la la! Where can I download that please?
  10. The French flew Focke-Wulf aircraft after the war (as the NC900, some were built in France during and after WW2 IIRC) How about a French skin for the D9 or A5/8? Or both?
  11. I always F2 (external view) to be sure my gear is down and intact on finals. I do this in other sims too.
  12. A bugger to land empty. Just like it's real counterpart, that was criticised by USAAC for having a too high landing speed. There are many good aircraft in the game. I-16 Yak 1 s69 Spitfire MkIXe Tempest V Fw190D9 Me109K4 The very best though... Me262. Try it in the anti-shipping role. Slamming SC500s with a 1s delay into the side of a freighter at 750kph is such fun! (especially when you have to dodge a bit of flak)
  13. Look at the starboard u/c door. It has bullet holes in it. You can see the light reflected off the flap through them. Now look at the u/c door from the inside. No bullet holes! No biggy, but the purists and perfectionists will love it. I think this plane is awesome. so much power, good Jabo performer, excellent visibility and a very detailed cockpit (poorly designed by Hawker, but most Brit cockpits are a bit shoite) Never understood why the Spitfire got all the love. This is a better plane IMO.
  14. Red things do go faster... The second best mount in the game...
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