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  1. Can you please do Kubansummer44 during Euro/USA primetime +- 15:00 UTC to 09:00 UTC ? ( thats 18hours a day kubansummer44 only) Anybody else sharing this preference ? Or maybe you can do a poll regarding rotation ? Still appreciate all the effort in facilitating a great server.
  2. “ Tempest V. Messerschmitts: I kept on reminding my pilots to keep their speed above 300 m.p.h., for "109's" could turn better than we could at low speed, and you had to watch out for the 30 mm. cannon in their propeller - it didn't give you a second chance. The best technique was to do a spiral dive, work up to a speed of 450 m.p.h., do a straight climb and then start all over again. The "109's" on the other hand, knowing that we dived faster than they did, tried to get us up to 16,000 feet, where our Tempests were heavy and our engines sluggish. “ http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/tempest/temptest.html Looking forward to the tempest as well, however....... ‘Heavy and sluggish’ :S While 16000+ feet is not a lot to rocket up to in a K4.......
  3. Mark XIV would be the closest adversary imo ! Expect epic battles meeting on equal terms. P51D / P38J / Tempest V will be great adversaries to the K4, however still wont match acceleration and climbrate. Only the mark XIV is in the same league imho. Am i playing a tiny violin here ?
  4. Hello darkness my old friend, ive come to talk with you again........ >>> Mark XIV
  5. Do you have a plan to establish contact with 1CGS to discuss this isssue ?
  6. Agreed, during the actual operation bodenplatte the IX obviously wasn’t ‘obsolete’ as in useless or ineffective. I meant ‘obsolete’ as in ‘out of date’ compared to the top speed, acceleration, climbrate (engine power) of the K4 and XIV. Imho the K4 vs XIV is a closer match.
  7. On account of historical relevance YES. Balance, maybe. 262- K4- D9- VS P51- P38- XIV Does seem fair to me . 70% of my time spend ingame i fly germans btw. Do you think it would be clubbbing K4’s ? I am really not so sure. Wouldnt the K4 out accelerate a XIV by a lot ?
  8. Love the missions for the Bodenplatte aircraft. Great initiative ! However there are at least two major set backs for players on the KOTA server. 1: 20+ attemps to connect to the server 2: Greyed out start button forces reconnect issue again 3: Changed conditions message on start while plenty aircraft are available Do you have a clear strategy ready for tackling these set backs ? If you need funds, would you do a ‘go fund me’ campaign of some sort ? People may be willing to contribute to compensate you for upgrades or it-service. Other than that great server ! Thanks for all your effort so far !
  9. 3 minutes to 15000 feet (5km) on emergency power !
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