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    Jedi flak

    Yeah, but if you do that, why not do it to pilots too? It would be asymetric otherwise, with our virtual avatars flying fearless right into a wall of AA fire while the gunners would be suppressed quite easily.
  2. AA guns were efficient IRL because even if they didn't actually hit the targeted airplane, they were impressive enough to deter pilots from diving into an hell of fire and steel. However, given that this psychological effect is absent from our comfy gaming chairs, I'm not really opposed to having ‶supernatural″ AA guns to protect a bit the airfields.
  3. Just for reference, the Axis troops deployed on the Eastern Front outnumbered the Soviets until mid-42.
  4. Well, for quite often being on the receiving end of the 109/190 while flying my Pe-2, I can assure you that they can shoot me down all right. Sure, when there is a novice pilot sticking to my 6 high or some unlucky guy taking a lucky hit while evading I can bring one down with me, but the decent guys who just come in high on my side bring me down easily. And conversely, I quite often had Ju-88/He-111 shooting my coolant/oil circuit with their peashooters while flying a Yak or a P-40 and forcing me to abort the engagement. IME, all of this boil down to a dirty mix of the Pe-2 being sturdy and equipped with a 12.7mm instead of a 7.92/7.54; 109 pilots being quite often overconfident; and all that sprinkled with confirmation bias. And I would really love to know if the blue pilots who complain so much about the Pe-2 being OP have flown regularly it in MP.
  5. I find it dangerous because Pe-2 gunners have 12.7mm UBS. Attacks on the 20mm-equipped He-111 are as deadly IME.
  6. And same for the Il-2 (the use virtually the same engin, Mikulin AM-35/AM-38)
  7. What is the problem with Clostermann? I remember being fond of his book as a child, but I guess I might have missed many mistakes at the time.
  8. Yes. In any way, I used the bombsight many times before both SP and MP, and I didn't have this problem before. So either it's a new bug in the game and/or the server, or I have an input borked somewhere that is constantly trying to reset the sight PoV.
  9. FWIF, I had the same problem with the Pe-2 bombsight: when put in panoramic view mode and moved forward, it spends its time flickering between forward and neutral positions.
  10. It's true I have the gun problem from time to time when playing blue. But one can check the ammo counter before taking off and discovering the bad new in flight; thus reducing the effective impact of the bug.
  11. Could someone please explain me what these new effects mean: How can we see the water overheating? Do we have some kind of oil trail when mixture is too rich at high altitude and that some oil does not burn? Thanks!
  12. Well, it's a sturdy 7 tons plane with over 3000HP, so I'd not be surrised it can do it (when empty, of course).
  13. Are you talking about the Spanish I-16 skin?
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