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  1. There was such a separate zone, there for all the time no one appeared Google translation, sorry
  2. We tried to run on the Kuban map for a long time, but on the Kuban Map there is a frisite, so we decided to return it to the old place Google translation, sorry
  3. Very strange, other players have no such problems. I do not even know how to help. Google translation, sorry
  4. Does this always happen? In other players this is not observed, apparently problems with communication. Ping, or packet loss. What is your ping? If you look here https://il2.flying-barans.ru Google translation, sorry
  5. I know at least 50% of visitors use watching a duel, and 100% duelists. This has already been discussed a hundred times. Google translation, sorry
  6. Appearances can not turn off, they are needed for viewers to duels Google translation, sorry
  7. The map was changed several times, and this map was the most optimal one out of all. In Novosokolniki, the terrain is not at all suitable, many forests and FPS on the contrary sink. We are thinking about this Google translation, sorry
  8. TeamSpeak: il2-berloga.ru password: 1945 Discord: https://discord.gg/6svKSAA The server skin pack can be downloaded here The server has two zones - the duel (on right) and the dogfight (on left). (Please do not fly across multiple zones). THE DUEL ZONE: - 1 vs 1 (the distance between the fields - 7km) - 2 vs 2, 4 vs 4 (the distance between the fields - 10km) The fuel is locked at 30%, there are no locks restricting armament. THE DOGFIGHT ZONES: - Two air starts with the distance 10km at a 1000m altitude - Aircraft have two modes with 120 and 260 litres of fuel - No locks on armament with the exception of bombs There are two additional dogfight zones for the 1941 and the Flying Circus aircraft.lying Circus There is a field for spectators and free flying. A spectator can switch between duels by pressing F12(Default), there is no need to start on a field every time. The server rules: Donations are welcome at
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