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  1. Sorry for the inconvenience, the funds for paying for the server have run out. Wait, coming soon!
  2. You have violated server rules (teamkill). There were complaints about you. https://imgur.com/a/CDbGK5P https://imgur.com/jmk43kn
  3. there is such a clause in the rules. Show evidence of such a player who regularly comes out losing the advantage. We will punish him
  4. Attention! On the server changes. The aircraft was divided into the Western and Eastern fronts, zones. Haul aircraft from one zone to another is prohibited by the rules for this ban without warning, please be careful. Translate
  5. I have only BOS, BOM, BOK. And this is not the list, there is no complete list of weapons. But I tried to open fashion, сheck. And made aircraft flying circus on 30% fuel
  6. To unlock I need a list of list of weapons. Yet from the developers there is no list, waiting.
  7. Specify here the nicknames of the players that surpass planes from another area to another, with evidence (tracks, screen, video). These will ruthlessly ban permanent. In the area of the flying circuses view with fuel. I have no such aircraft, so I can not compare the weight of the fuel.
  8. The rules are written. Haul aircraft from one area to another is prohibited. Can't. Appearances need to monitor the duelists.
  9. Added a separate zone for the flying circus. And added aircraft flying circus on dueling fildi. Fly by fun!
  10. Attention! For experiment dogfight area is divided into 2 separate. BOS, BOM and BOK BOB separately. Guests are kindly requested to observe the rules of the server don't need to overtake the aircraft from another dogfight zone to another. Banlist works without warning!) Sorry translate!
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