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  1. Friction our domain name was disabled long ago, connect by IP
  2. Весь перечень вариантов вооружения самолетов обновлен, если вдруг найдете ошибки напишите - исправим. На западном догфайте оставили самолеты только из Боденплатте и Нормандии, так должно быть интереснее.На догфайт зоне убрал 2 варианта с топлами, самолетов стало много, список слишком длинный и неудобный. Потому сделал всем по 200л. Должно быть удобнее в наборе. GOOGLE TRANSLATE: The entire list of aircraft armament options has been updated, if you suddenly find errors, write - we will fix it. Only planes from Bodenplatte and Normandy were left on the western dogfight, so it sh
  3. Crisis guys, sorry. How will it turn out so right away
  4. Сервер поднят. Извините за неудобство что долго не поднимали, не было возможности, связи и доступа посмотреть работу сервера. (The server is up. Sorry for the inconvenience that you didn’t pick it up for a long time, there was no possibility, connection and access to see the server work). К сожалению сайт где был донат не работает уже. Теперь это можно сделать по прямым сылкам: PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.me/doydu YANDEX: https://money.yandex.ru/to/410014155928416 Unfortunately, the site where the donation was not working already. Now this can be done
  5. We are working again! He added new Yak9 and Yak9T aircraft on the map, and by popular demand added P38 to duel fields.
  6. Ok, the ban is removed from JG300_Faucon As for the P38, let's think
  7. Sorry for the inconvenience, the funds for paying for the server have run out. Wait, coming soon!
  8. You have violated server rules (teamkill). There were complaints about you. https://imgur.com/a/CDbGK5P https://imgur.com/jmk43kn
  9. there is such a clause in the rules. Show evidence of such a player who regularly comes out losing the advantage. We will punish him
  10. Attention! On the server changes. The aircraft was divided into the Western and Eastern fronts, zones. Haul aircraft from one zone to another is prohibited by the rules for this ban without warning, please be careful. Translate
  11. I have only BOS, BOM, BOK. And this is not the list, there is no complete list of weapons. But I tried to open fashion, сheck. And made aircraft flying circus on 30% fuel
  12. To unlock I need a list of list of weapons. Yet from the developers there is no list, waiting.
  13. Specify here the nicknames of the players that surpass planes from another area to another, with evidence (tracks, screen, video). These will ruthlessly ban permanent. In the area of the flying circuses view with fuel. I have no such aircraft, so I can not compare the weight of the fuel.
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