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  1. Odd numbers were pressurised cockpits for high altitude work. While of course that tends to be a good combination with GM-1, what I've read suggests that they were definitely not the only aircraft to recieve it necessarily.
  2. From what I've read, GM-1 was mostly used for high altitude recon aircraft, or interception of enemy high altitude recon aircraft. After april/may 44 most if not all G-6/U2 were converted to MW50 instead of GM-1, and new U2 were produced that way as well. Only a few G-5/U2 were retained. Makes sense if you ask me. MW50 is more useful overall to get to, and to fight at the altitudes they were fighting at at that point, especially with the new AS engines as well.
  3. MW50 provides some (although not as much) performance increase above the rated altitude as well.
  4. Well on this topic.... My understanding is the only G-6s with MW50 were converted U2s (excluding reconnaisance airplanes like the U3 which aren't really relevant for il-2). Looking between various production figures I've seen anything between ~40 G-6/U2 produced to ~250 (priens book)produced/converted between late 43 and early 44.... Some of which were U2/AS....? Plus maybe some amount of G-5/U2. Looking at Bestandsmeldungen on ww2.dk however the only unit with a substantial amount of U2 aircraft was III./JG1in July 44. If there indeed were so many G-6/U2 does anyone know which uni
  5. Not to nitpick, but do you have a source on this? I've been trying to find info on when exactly MW-50 started showing up in numbers for a while and haven't found much other than the same people arguing about it in different forums over and over and random references from books which talk generally about "late" G-6s and "Early-Mid 44". Ive heard about Retrofit kits being approved in early 44, and 250 of them ordered in may..... But otherwise all I can find points to MW-50 not really showing up in numbers till the G-14 does? Also U2 is a GM-1 upgrade but could be converte
  6. Worked perfectly. Can't believe I hadn't found this till now. Thanks for the hint this has bothered me for a while 😄
  7. Well that's pretty much how it is in DCS. At high speeds and altitudes (higher Mach Numbers) the P-51 will beat the 109, but at low speeds the K-4 has the advantage. Even then if you put in some flaps in the mustang you can outturn at least 95% of people flying the 109 in DCS. A comparable fuel level helps as well, 30-40% is good, but ive done it with full wing tanks as well. Same goes the other way, if you fly the K-4 well in DCS, as long as you can get the fight slow, no mustang will outturn you.
  8. Ill try that out tomorrow thanks. Never came across that before after many a google search.
  9. I understood there wasn't one? I haven't found it if its in the graphics options. And the OR_IPD in the startup.cfg gets reset everytime/is read out of steamvr anyway. Tried read only but didnt seem to do anything.
  10. So if Im understanding correctly theres no way to do this with opencomposite atm? The german aircraft look cartoonishly small for me at the standard scale. Rudder pedals are about where my knees are IRL.
  11. At the risk of being a bit cynical, this guy has been posting pictures of prototypes, renders and cool stories about his stuff for years and years on the ED forum.... A production run has been just around the corner for a long time. So while these do look pretty cool, Id be careful buying anything just yet.
  12. Its planned for tomorrow, they mentioned it in some of the livestreams/discord.
  13. Weren't those both made by Belsimtek, which was a 3rd Party at the time.....
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