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  1. I've had this for a while now.... for some reason at seemingly random times on longer flights IL-2 will just decide that I am not allowed to interact with the game anymore stops recognising inputs of any kind. The controls stay still where they are, the plane keeps flying and the game continues to run, but the camera starts slowly moving by itself towards some random location maybe towards the back of the cockpit and the keyboard isnt recognised either. The only way to end it is to alt f-4, and even then Steam still thinks the game is running, until i force steam to shutdown. Happens in all game modes, seemingly without cause or warning. I played like 2 hours of Quick missions without problems this morning, then when I flew one campaign mission this evening it locked up (bye bye Ironman campaign). I play with a sidewinder FFB and Rift CV1. Is it possible that BOS doesnt like this combo? I know that FFB is very buggy on the whole and doesnt play well with trackir, or sometimes there is no or double FFB effects and the game likes to crash when playing with FFB settings.......
  2. Ok... Thanks for the clarification. Ill play around with it. Great mod btw. Really improves IL-2 in VR IMO.
  3. I read through that, but its not entirely clear to me what it is? I guess zoom is VR zoom obviously but IPD convergence is world scale?
  4. Does this still work? I cant find any x6= in the file of the Migoto mod? Do I have to add the line myself?
  5. The fact that you feel the need to tell other people how to drink their whisky is actually not that bad of a metaphor for how silly this is.
  6. Ok I went back and crunched some numbers myself and if you compare a "mean weight" Tempest at 10700lbs and a Pony at what I would consider a Normal combat weight for the Mustang in the context of a flight sim ~40% fuel and the Tempest does come out with a not insignificant edge. As I said it will all depend on how some of this stuff is implemented in game though.
  7. Absolutely agree. Those stories are definitely quite interesting as well. Like I said we will have to wait and see how it turns out in game. Numbers wise it should theoretically have a somewhat higher wing loading and a little less HP/weight than a mustang, and with a similar NACA 6 wing it probably wont quite turn as well but will be slightly faster. The other thing that might make a difference is that the 2 might turn very similarly without flaps, but the Mustangs flaps should theoretically be more suited for use in a dogfight. Once again that all depends on how the flaps end up implemented in game though, which doesnt seem to always be as intuitive as one might think.
  8. Maybe I worded that a bit poorly. From just looking at the aircraft generally, numbers wise and how its designed, I agree that similarity to the mustang seems more plausible. Im sure it was a very capable aircraft. I think the comparison the P-47 may have been more along the lines of what the best way to use it is... From wikipedia "During 1944, several veteran USAAF pilots flew the Tempest in mock combat exercises held over the south of England; the consensus from these operations was that it was roughly akin to the American Republic P-47 Thunderbolt."
  9. Ive read somewhere that it turned roughyl similar to a Mustang. Also heard somewhere recently that after trials between the RAF and USAAF over south england somewhere that it was considered to be generally similar to the P-47 performance wise (although maybe Im confusing this with the Typhoon?). It will depend on how it ends up modeled in IL-2 I guess, and whether the flaps do alot or not so much. Either way Im very interested to see how this one pans out. Was never a huge fan of the spitfire but I could see myself becoming friends with this one 😄
  10. That story is told from several of the Mustang pilots perspectives in the book "The Fight in the Clouds".
  11. Just record the replays on a monitor?
  12. You can unlink it and control it on a separate axis. All under engine controls.
  13. If you look at Blacksixs post that I linked above you'll see they already found USAAF P-51B/Cs still in units during the Bodenplatte timeframe. The majority at that time were Ds though.
  14. Totally unrealistic for any plane to gain advantage from using that much flaps.....
  15. I would love to see a B/C Mustang! There were some still around at the time of Bodenplatte, but I think by that time the majority had been replaced with Ds. They are quite similar, but there are some subtle differences other than just the canopy. The wing (and its internal structure) were changed as well as a few other minor things. I don't know too much about the K. I was under the impression it was just a D-NT with an Aeroproducts prop instead of a Hamilton. Apparently they had production shortages with the Hamilton so they built some in Dallas with the Aeroproducts one instead to keep things moving. I watched an interview recently where the pilot claimed the K was a little faster. Only 1-2 mph, but he said his airplane always pulled away from his wingmen when he went to full power. Whatever the difference, it wasn't huge. Apparently the Aeroproducts props had some vibration issues as well, which were never really resolved....
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