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  1. Very good server with lots of people! Thank you for your work! But please, can you turn off gps completely(not only at weekends) and make targets not so far away from airfields. Thank you!
  2. Hello guys! Unfortunately, have a big fps loss with this mod and coudn't make zoom properly, left and right eye got mixed. After uninstalling the mod the fps loss was practically the same, so I needed to reinstall the whole game. Hope it would help and I gain fps back. I have Lenovo.
  3. Wrote to Jason at 7th March, still no response Dear Jason! The community knows that all your team is very busy with Kuban, but please could you pay attention to one problem here and give us the official feedback. The thing is, the full Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets line(Samsung Odyssey, Lenovo Explorer, Acer, HP, Dell, Asus) work incorrect, namely, use wrong scale inside the game. Due to this, so-called the "giant head" or "RC model" effect arises, when everything around seems to be smaller 2 or 3 times that it should be in real life. The IPD parameter(virtual pilot interpupillary distance set in game) has the main influence on the game scale. Somehow the IPD parameter in Il-2 is strictly based on helm resolution. May be my hunches are wrong, but the fact is - this parameter is locked and equal approx. 13 cm instead of 6.8cm. This is more concrete post on the forum https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32232-samsung-odyssey/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-544631 The VR support was brought into Il-2 at 11 April 2017, so all WMR VR helm line wasn't in sale yet and Il-2 developers attached to Oculus and HTC resolution, but now in WMR line it is higher in 1.5-2 times. I tested other games and aviasimulators - everything was correct there with scale. Seems it is just needed to deattach or unblock the IPD parameter in the game, because changing from 0.13 to 0.068 "or_ipd" in "startup.cfg" file now changes nothing unfortunately. I bought helm specially for Il-2 and I don't play any other games - I am very dissapointed that it doen't work properly after month helm delivery waiting. I see such great work to implement and realise VR experience into this game - graphics, flying sensation, real cockpit presence effect and cannot fly due to the engine goes out from my nose and wings from my ears. This problem isn't being solved for practically half a year(from November). And the tech support doesn't give a proper answer. Many people don't know to sell their helm or to wait. I even can give my helm for tests, but unfortunately I am from Saint-Petersburg and developers are from Moscow. I'm looking forward to hearing from you, best regards! Skv_Gunner
  4. Hey guys! The tech support answered to me due to scaling problem finally. I have Lenovo, but still the issue is the same. "Be sure that your helm is fully based on OpenVP protocol. If your helm is using another protocol, may be its support will be added in the game later. In this case follow the site's news." So OpenVP I think is misspelling OpenVR, so who knows, does SteamVR include OpenVR? I thought something like this. But now went google and understood nothing. Please help.
  5. I am from RU sector, I also try to connect with devs with this problem. Unfortunately, they failed with Kuban terms, all other VR except HTC and Oculus is also fail. And they just don't answer properly I am sure that this problem is solved easily unblocking this IPD in game, that's all. Don't know what to do. Wait or sell it.
  6. Of course. The thing is, that u have a giant head due to startup.cfg or_ipd = 0,13(13cm between eyes) instead of 0.068(6,8 cm). And u can't change it, because it is locked in game.
  7. Very sorry, that this mod doesn't solve the WMR IPD problem(
  8. What do u mean by faulty? Is it concrete your exemplar or all Lenovo in IL-2? Thank you for answer.
  9. Hello! Does Lenovo has the same IPD issues as Odyssey? And can they be solved by this mod? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30556-3dmigoto-mod-vr/page-1
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