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  1. Still has minor text error about D9's MG151ammo amont,in text is 140 rounds each, but in aircraft setting information it's 250 rounds each (500 totally). Which one is right?
  2. Right click il2.exe, property, compatibility, tickon "disable the fullscreen optimization". Thats it. no thanks.
  3. I got the same experience as yours, low altitude over Belgorod city is a terrible performance killer, could eat your fps from 60 to 0... and having many areas with flickering trees and terrian,this map really needs further optimization and debugging.
  4. I got terrible performance drop and flickering trees and terrain when flying at low altitude somewhere on this map.
  5. Flying an aircraft at low altitude over the small village, very very unstable performance... Yep it's a Tank map, but now our group training server has already taken this map as aircombat training as well.
  6. Tried a fly over MP JG5 server's tank map, did anyone get a terrible fps drop somewhere when flying over the small village on this map?very terrible... only 10-20fps...1070ti 9700K with 1080p screen.
  7. Did u get a terrible fps drop somewhere over the small village on this server map?very terrible... only 10-20fps...
  8. Why the D9's fuselage length is 9.73 m? All other data can be found on the media is 10.2 m.
  9. righr click il2.exe, property ,compatibility , tick on disable the fullscreen optimization. have a try!
  10. Problem solved by new 3.007 update or not? Anyone have tried? Did you try the new update? the MP stuttering problem solved or not?
  11. You can write a feedback to ask devs to do more performance optimizations before 16th this month, I have done this already.
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