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  1. Yep, it will depend on mission maker. But IL-2 is "all in one", so you can use whatever you want. The only "problem" is that a lot of mission maker use historic accuracy, so a lot of tank will "not be available". For now I really hope that they will release M4A2, firstly I'm a Sherman tank lover, and because it was used on soviet front and could be use in BoB, M4A2 was used by commonwealth forces and some USA forces when tank number became critical. And when they'll release Battle of Midway or Pacific or Corail, we could use M4A2 too because it was used by US Marines.
  2. So if they fix it... It's dead 😭
  3. The problem if there is no update today why we cannot still loggin
  4. Don't say that, praise the sun ! \o/
  5. look older update: usaually it's wednesay, but there was also monday, tuesday and thursday πŸ™‚
  6. OH MY I'M freaking. I wan't the Jug sdkpodksdpoksdpdslds Hoping to day is the day, of the day moeskpks
  7. Well first, still no P47D 😭 Secondly very nice job on this german pilot ! Thirdly, nice to see works on M4A2, sure it is not THE russian tank, but it was used a lot by soviet, and it was also used by english and canadians (Sherman III), so we should use it on BoB, like Pz4G too ! 😊 Thirdly, I wait more on Flying Circus but actually job looks great ! Hope to see P47D released next week, but still go on ! 😘
  8. They surely wait to finish the germans plane to release the P-47D and it's boring. Allies need plane before germans, germans have a lot of plane, allies has only Spitfire Mk IX, german has 2 planes, common, focus only on P47 and release it when finish and don't care about german planes !
  9. General rule is that APCR or Hartkern or HVAP munitions is useless around 1000 meters, after that range standard AP is more useful, and is only useful on heavy armored target. For example on german side, PzG. 40 will be useless in Tiger ausf H1, because the most soviet heavy armoured target will be the KV-1S, a tank that you can easily perforate with PzG. 39. About HEAT shell, do not use it. They "were not used" at this time because generally penetrate less than KE projectile and they always ricochet or not explode on impact, because they were fired at high velocity and their fuze in projectile head generally broke when impacting armor. Simple rule: - AP, APC, APBC, APCBC and their variant with filled HE are for armoured vehicle: tank, self propelled gun, self propelled artillery. - APCR (HVAP), APCNR, APDS: heavy armoured tank, in fact those you can't perforate with standard ammo. - HE: trucks, infantry, fortified fighting position, artillery, building, fragile armoured vehicle's part (tracks, wheel, gun, low protection compartment) - MG: infantry, trucks.
  10. Praising the sun for a P-47 this week πŸ€—
  11. For the moment, after BoB Pacific theater should be great change. But, I hope to see air campaign/career on tank crew maps: Kursk is not only a great ground battle, it's also a great air battle, and of course, I hope to as a second Tank Crew game, Tank Crew : Battle of Normandy. One of the biggest battle and important battle of WW2, with a lots ground change compare to Clash at Prokhorovka, but it should be "easy" to make. Ground forces, like trucks, tanks, AAA, etc will be here thank's to Battle of Bodenplatte, and plane will be here too thank's to the same game. They can clearly make great stuff when improving relations between tank crew and IL-2. Tank Crew: Battle of Normandy should this tank list: American M4A3 with 75mm American M4A1 with 76mm American M10 with 3-inches American M5 British M4 or M4 Composite/hybrid with 75mm British M4A4 Sherman VC 17 pounder British Cromwell with 6 pounder British Achilles with 17 pounder British Churchill Mk VII with 75mm German Panzer 4 H German Panzer V ausf A Panther German Panzer VI ausf E Tiger German Sd.Kfz 234/2 Puma German StuG III ausf G German Jagdpanzer V Jagdpanther German Panzer VII Tiger II One cool feature is that british and americans used the same vehicles, and also gave them to their allied: France, Poland, Canada, Belgium etc, so development and use of allied vehicle should be easy. One other feature is that its should be easy to put modification: for example, M10 Tank destroyer was used by american and british, british also make rearm version with a 17 pounder gun, so with a modification "Achilles" we can reduce amount of vehicle. Same for sherman, we can make M4A3, M4A1, M4A4 and create 76mm gun turret or 17 pounder firefly modification. We can make the same with Cromwell and Churchill wich used a lot of different weapons, 90mm Close Support, 6 pounder, 75mm, 290mm AVRE, etc... In the same time they should add some other plane, for examples for Kursk, maybe YaK 9, even if it is not one of the best soviet plane, but too early for YaK 3. Same for Battle for Normandy, they can add B26 Marauder, Typhoon, Arado. They can also add DC3 Douglas for paradrop and transport, Short Stirling for bombing, transport and paradrop and why not even add Glider to the game. For example you take your DC3, add the modification "Glider", and and the IA or a player, like bomber machine gunner, will go to glider plane and pilot it.
  12. really don't care of bf 109 K4 actually, we've got a lot of german planes and a lot of Bf 109, they should focus on allies plane, in priority P47 and Tempest, because they was used either fighter bomber and fighter.
  13. They should put B26 Marauder because Allied Forces will lack of a bomber plane, when german players will be available to use He-111 H6/H16 or Ju88 if mission makers make it available, and secondly because sure that player love to play bomber plane, and maybe they want to play an US/UK bomber career, even if it is not 100% historical accuracy. But there is one huge thing that need to be made before on bomber plane: actually only plane's pilot can take control of bomber sight and bombs' control, they should make it available to front gunner, because it should be more interesting to have one pilot who fly his plane, and one guy doing his job on bomber sight.
  14. On the P-51 you need to put your stick neutral to lock the wheel, and put stick left if I remember well to reduce torque effect. I like the 190 way, because you need to block your stick back to lock tailwheel, no error, and around 120-150 KpH you push the stick and no worry of tailwheel. On the P51, you must have a neutral stick, so you can easily make a mistake if you push stick left or right. It is just my think by the way πŸ™‚
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