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  1. from my point of view we should have naval warfare first because it is most easy for the devs and it will introduce carrier tech, so Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Midway and Santa Cruz should be good for a first IL2 Pacific. After that they shall work on amphibious assault and infantry tech and we can jump on other operations
  2. the problem is know: when you get *Failed to update*, close the launcher, go to the IL2 Data file and delete the *Updates* directory. Re-launch the game, it will re dl the update. It's the only way here know to do, problem it looks like it doesn't work, I tried it 2 times here it's my third and last time. We are not alone to have that problem, many people have it too...
  3. Yeah same here, 2 times happened. I'll try again a last time. After that If the only way is to reinstall the complete game, IL2 will just loose a player.
  4. I did it 2 times, nothing happens. Here the problem
  5. New update release, I downloaded 2 times the 2,14Go for nothing, only *update error message*, close the launcher and when I relaunch it I have to download 2 Go again. IL2 IS VERY DISAPOINTING ME on those updater problem, 2 time it happened on this game. Fix that ASAP !
  6. Yep, it will depend on mission maker. But IL-2 is "all in one", so you can use whatever you want. The only "problem" is that a lot of mission maker use historic accuracy, so a lot of tank will "not be available". For now I really hope that they will release M4A2, firstly I'm a Sherman tank lover, and because it was used on soviet front and could be use in BoB, M4A2 was used by commonwealth forces and some USA forces when tank number became critical. And when they'll release Battle of Midway or Pacific or Corail, we could use M4A2 too because it was used by US Marines.
  7. So if they fix it... It's dead 😭
  8. The problem if there is no update today why we cannot still loggin
  9. Don't say that, praise the sun ! \o/
  10. look older update: usaually it's wednesay, but there was also monday, tuesday and thursday πŸ™‚
  11. OH MY I'M freaking. I wan't the Jug sdkpodksdpoksdpdslds Hoping to day is the day, of the day moeskpks
  12. Well first, still no P47D 😭 Secondly very nice job on this german pilot ! Thirdly, nice to see works on M4A2, sure it is not THE russian tank, but it was used a lot by soviet, and it was also used by english and canadians (Sherman III), so we should use it on BoB, like Pz4G too ! 😊 Thirdly, I wait more on Flying Circus but actually job looks great ! Hope to see P47D released next week, but still go on ! 😘
  13. They surely wait to finish the germans plane to release the P-47D and it's boring. Allies need plane before germans, germans have a lot of plane, allies has only Spitfire Mk IX, german has 2 planes, common, focus only on P47 and release it when finish and don't care about german planes !
  14. General rule is that APCR or Hartkern or HVAP munitions is useless around 1000 meters, after that range standard AP is more useful, and is only useful on heavy armored target. For example on german side, PzG. 40 will be useless in Tiger ausf H1, because the most soviet heavy armoured target will be the KV-1S, a tank that you can easily perforate with PzG. 39. About HEAT shell, do not use it. They "were not used" at this time because generally penetrate less than KE projectile and they always ricochet or not explode on impact, because they were fired at high velocity and their fuze in projectile head generally broke when impacting armor. Simple rule: - AP, APC, APBC, APCBC and their variant with filled HE are for armoured vehicle: tank, self propelled gun, self propelled artillery. - APCR (HVAP), APCNR, APDS: heavy armoured tank, in fact those you can't perforate with standard ammo. - HE: trucks, infantry, fortified fighting position, artillery, building, fragile armoured vehicle's part (tracks, wheel, gun, low protection compartment) - MG: infantry, trucks.
  15. Praising the sun for a P-47 this week πŸ€—
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