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  1. Ok have it up and running feels great, just the guns feels way to much even when setting the gain to 10%. Anyone encounter this?
  2. So can someone walk me trough the setup step by step? I guess I still need voicemeeter right?
  3. Ordered sim shaker wings today waiting of licence key and my buttkicker is at post office ready for pickup. So will join the club hopefully. Will be using with my reverb g2
  4. Or hmm maybe the camel... we don't really need that right? 😉 Boring plane
  5. 11. A damaged Fokker D.VII won't visibly disappear at long distances; Is this some kind of fix?
  6. That would be superb! Thank you!
  7. Cant get around where these weird triangles are in the mapping, they seem to be there on all dvii F skins with closed engine, just not as visible as whole area is same color. But in a striped skins as the one I am working on.. they burn the eyes ☠️💩 Someone help?
  8. Fingers crossed! Would throw myself at something like that!
  9. Looks great, still waiting for some albatros peripherals! 🙃😄
  10. Are you Dietz? Love your work if so! Also painted wwi for as bit mostly fine liner, nothing like your stuff though. Now I make sword scabbards instead. Also ordered and great news!
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