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  1. Made a drawing of this a few years back Great work!
  2. Got them looking okish! Would love 4k versions to though. Will se if I give it a go or maybe someone better.
  3. Thank you J2_Trupobaw!
  4. So sitting here looking at my old rof files for the historical jasta 5 fokker d.vii. Leicht Böhm Schmidt Vollbracht Mai. Put a lot of effort in to there few skins back in the day, and like them more than my work on the albs. They use the right right lozenge and details depending of factory witch build them and so on. What changes do I need to make to make them look ok for FC? Used to skin a lot of planes for rof. Just thinking is I can use anything from the old files in FC.
  5. S! No much flying for me yet. Enjoying VR but waiting for immersion with maps and the ALBATROS... no flying without that. In the maean time I hope my work will lighten up so I can fly a bit of Rof with Jasta 5 again! J5_Rumey
  6. My guess is that this game might draw some of the crowd from World of warplanes and other titles like it, where flying in 3rd person arcade mode useing a pad is actiually superior to first and a joystick. Hope some make the move, get themselfs a joystick, because flyinga combat sim against others is the best player versus player you can have in my opinion.
  7. Also usually with people wanting these rules like "not shooting while already out of fight or in parachute" behaviour and so on, the funny thing it does not seem to apply to themselves. Lets face it it is just a way for them to keep their streak and being able to discredit anyone shooting them down making them loose their streak. Online game: no real damage done except to inflated egos
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