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  1. Oh neat I see Boelcke is in the Mod! I actually dont live too far away from the Base of the Boelcke Geschwader today, it is in Nörvenich.
  2. These are some of my Panther Shenanigans I did on Finnish during the closing days of 2020 The only damage the Sherman caused was a Destroyed Drivers Visor
  3. Oh yea that sortie was fun, had to go AFK a couple of times, luckily Leon was there to guide me down the golden path 🤣
  4. Flak-Helferinnen wouldn't fit in the current Gameplay, they mainly filled Non-Combatant Roles such as Operating Listening Stations, Radar Installations and sometimes Spotlights (which was Replaced with Hitler Youth Members in the Later Stages of the War) or Stereoscopic Rangefinders, you wouldn't find a Flak-Helferin on the Back of a Halftrack on the Easter/Western Front manning a Flak Gun. 😄
  5. I think its more about accurately portraying history, historical Authenticity is Key in making someone feel immersed in a Movie or Game, I can completely understand why games usually Censor it like the Swastika for example or the SS Runes, but this is a Mod/Skin after all, a Optional Modification of the game which can or can not be applied if a Person wishes to do so. Some people want more Historical Authenticity than others, which is completely understandable, its well proven fact that the SS committed War Crimes and Horrible atrocities that should never have happened in the first place, but as I said, the point stands that Historical Authenticity is key for a certain group of players, so it should be left to the Individual Player to Decide if he wants it or not, which is done here because its a Mod. And im not Implying that everyone who uses this Mod is a Nazi glorifier or Denying the War Crimes the SS and other Organs did which were related to the Nazi Party during the Second World War, I myself like things to be portrayed Accurately, I myself served in the Bundeswehr and I also don't like it when I see things miss-represented relating to the Bundeswehr. To sum it up, its really down to "Tasters Choice" and it does not warrant such Post as the one you did, you can offer complaint or objection, but do it in a Civilized manner next time please. o7
  6. Thats an Hs 129 somewhere on the eastern front, you can tell by the engine housing and the cannon in the very top of the pic
  7. Yea the Tiger Gunner in question was supposedly Otto Carius' gunner, I got to talk to him in 2009 during a meeting I arranged with him via one of his Relatives for him and my Great Uncle to share their Experiences (my Great Uncle, in the Rank of Oberleutnant and leader of an Anti-Tank Unit, met him on the Eastern Front twice when) and have a re-union, and me and him also had a nice brief talk during that, since I served in the Bundeswehr at the time as a Tank Commander myself. And I asked him if that story was true, that his gunner shot down an IL-2 and he said "It was never confirmed that WE indeed shot it down" he didn't see the plane himself either (go down or get hit) since he was trying to acquire a new target for the gunner to engage, he was only told after the fact by Infantry men who stood near the tank at the time that he supposedly hit a plane, he was confused at first why the gunner fired the gun at such an elevation, he thought it was a negligent discharge. He said they found a wreck of an IL-2 after the Battle, but it couldn't be concluded if it was brought down by his Tiger. He was also nice enough to Sign my Uncles Copy of Tigers in the Mud, and was generally a very pleasant man to talk to, he also told me about his Involvement in the Development of Tanks such as the Leopard 1 and Leopard 2, was quite interesting, I think we talked for like 5 hours. 😄
  8. Yea I already saw that one and tried it, looks spot on, I just wish something like that would make it into the official version.
  9. I feel you on that one, my home town isn't even on the map, it's right below gymnich and to the right of Kerpen to the south west of cologne, even tho it existed during ww2, and even has a massive castle in it
  10. Everytime I play on the Rhineland Map I feel like somethings Missing, and the main thing to me is the Autobahn, which was like one of the Main Transportation ways and the Beating heart of 3rd Reich Logistics, Economy and Automotion and still is to this day in Modern Germany, and seeing all these Pity Little Dirty roads (Sometimes Cobble Stone Roads) on the maps just Ruins the Emersion and Feel for me, so I wanted to hear what you guys think about it ? Should it be Added ? They would Obviously Serve as Dominant land marks for Orientation and Navigation and way to move for Tanks and Ground units, and Key Autobahn Bridges would make Great Mission Targets. I hope to hear your Thoughts and Opinions about it! If you have any other Sources like Map or Pictures just post them, ill be more than happy to take a Look at them!
  11. The Problem with the old one was that the Cursor would move off your Field of View i. e. out of your scope, and then it was difficult to regain sight of it and bring the turret to a stop, i like the new captive circle, and i also like that it shows the circle on every difficulty setting now.
  12. That reminds me of a quote my Hauptfeldwebel said to me in Tankers school: "Das Fla-MG ist, obwohl die Namensgebung es anders vermittelt, Hauptsächlich für das Unterdrücken und Bekämpfen von Bodenzielen ausserhalb des Schwenk bereiches des Koaxial MG's zu Benutzen, da man einen Heutigen Kampfjet damit eh nicht trifft oder wenn man Trifft dann damit kein Wirkung erziehlt, vielleicht schreckt man ihn ab, das ist es dann aber auch" "The AA-MG, even though the Name might imply otherwise, is Mainly used for Suppression or Destruction of Ground targets that are outside of the Elevation of the Coaxial MG, since todays Jets are nearly impossible to hit, and if you hit you do bearly any demage, youll maybe scare the pilot, but thats about it."
  13. Same here, Sometimes I have to press the T Key in order to pull em out, I have that problem quite frequently when i switch from Gunner to Commander.
  14. To be honest, I use it as a Cruise Control, same thing happenes when you press Enter whilst holding W, all you need to do to stop it again is press the same key again.
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