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  1. WBZ Radio tower in Needham MA. Building microwave radio networks circa 2007, I also programmed & commissioned the sites as well. Back then Corporations paid 3.5k a month to get a 200mb/s PtP beam & most did not even use 20% of the bandwidth they had. _--___----_____------_______--------_________
  2. Upgrading my CPU now would give little benefit to gaming & little to synthetic benchmarks. The 3930k @ 4.7GHz is more than enough horsepower to drive two 980ti's. The DCS engine running DX11 runs fine, 100fps plus.
  3. i7 Sandy Bridge-E, 3930k @ 4.7GHz with 6 cores & 12 threads. My rig is in my sig, it is more than capable to render this game.
  4. How many FPS are you getting? 60Hz? I run 100Hz panel & see dips into the 30s. I guess BoS/BoM hates sli & Sandybridge CPUs.
  5. The game engine is the main problem, I have a six core processor running twelve threads & BoS/BoM runs like shit at 2560x1440p with two GTX 980ti's. At that resolution you would most likely need one more 970 & OC the CPU.
  6. Switching from AMD to Nvidia did not fix any game performance issues. Its not the drivers it is the engine, it is outdated code & they keep trying to feed it. Have you seen how much the DCS world engine has gained in performance since they ditched the DX9.0c API & went with DX11? Old article but the info is still relevent, scroll down & read DX9 limitations. http://m.hardocp.com/article/2006/05/01/directx_10_future_gaming/2#.Vsks22hMEuo
  7. That is because Fallout 4 is a console port and was locked at 60fps when it first came out. BF4 is very graphic intensive & I can get a solid 100fps @ 100Hz Ultra settings. The sad thing is even on low settings the sim performance is crap compaired to how it used to be. Going from 2x 290x's to 2x 980ti's did not help on performance with BoS/ BoM but did help with every other game I play. Maybe the devs need to dev up a benchmark for this sim like the black death bench for BoB.
  8. Not for people using 2560x1440p. What is the deal I tested using a single 980ti & dual 980ti's & the ancient API will hit 30fps 40fps 50fps 70fps, up & down. I even tried 60Hz vsync & it would not even stay within 60fps. I guess I just need to build a less super computer to run this game? See my hardware specs in my sig, it is more than enough to run this game at a solid 60fps with either a single or dual 980ti GPU. Giant sad face! And I still keep thowing this company money & have not been able to enjoy the sim since the beta.
  9. The DN engine has been full capacity since BoS, they can no longer milk the API or their engine based on 10+ yr old code. Hint: The company has enough of a fan base to get funding from the users who support the franchise, hate that word. Better the simulation via the people, 1000+ users with money to support a new engine designed via a newer API. Customers = expansion, especially with their donations. I love this sim but I have not been able to enjoy it since the alpha/ beta phase with my rig. I even bought BoM pre release to support the devs & cough, the company.
  10. Time to bring in the optimization Devs & pay them double time. I have not been able to enjoy this sim I keep throwing money at since many, many moons ago. I even bought new Nvidia GPUs to try & fix the constant issues that keep me from enjoying the game. The only time I get flight time is when testing so called fixes, even then I just set auto pilot on. It is not my computer because every other game installed works fine, this game just hates my hardware for some reason? I am getting ready to abandon ship & go full DCS. :*(
  11. No need to upgrage to Titain, if you do upgrade go with a 980ti. BoS is being held back by the engine they are milking to keep alive. AMD GPUs do offer more grief than Nvidia GPUs when running games that havr been coded with the DX9 API.
  12. Yes, vsync works fine at 60Hz, increase it anymore it does not work. My CPU is more than capable of driving my second GPU, a 3930k @ 4.7GHz is more than enough. Ancient API & engine is the issue with newer tech, as more & more people are getting into panels that are capable of more than 60Hz these days. The beta of DCS world works fine with SLi & vsync @ 100Hz as it uses DX11. Test 60Hz SLI with no vsync please & post the fps you get. Thanks!
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