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  1. 2./JG3 1940 Bf109-E7_4k_2_JG3_1940.zip < 13 Serialled Aircraft. *** HISTORICALLY CORRECT INSIGNIA *** Cheers,
  2. 3./JG52 1940 Bf109-E7_4k_3_JG52.zip < 13 Serialled Aircraft. *** HISTORICALLY CORRECT INSIGNIA *** Cheers,
  3. KG 53 "Legion Condor" 1940 HE111H6_4K_KG53_1940_PACK1.zip <27 Serialled Aircraft *** HISTORICALLY CORRECT INSIGNIA *** Cheers,
  4. So glad that decals are being added! It is so tedious creating individual aircraft skins for mundane squadron identification codes. I just hope that there is forethought that the decal area is adequate in size and resolution to accommodate an area for the many many adaptions of identification. A huge step in the right direction...
  5. I have been collecting references to study these squadrons. I would like to tackle them but there is so much I would like to do, but there is so little time. Normandy will be another flood gate of possible skins to do.
  6. 4th FG 336th FS. 1943 I have been able to verify all serials issued except for VF-Z. There is one serial not allocated to a squadron airframe which I can only attribute to the missing VF-Z. Every single other airframe tallies. I do have one photo of VF-Z in the background unfortunately it is the starboard side (No noseart) and blurred that the serial cannot be resolved. If anyone has info to clarify the mystery Z airframe it would be greatly appreciated if they could they could post or PM me with the missing details. THANKS! PACK ONE x16
  7. See this discussion for fix. My Hub texture Iocations;
  8. II. /JG 1 5. Holland 1942 FW190a5_4K_JG1_II_5_1942.zip< 13 Serialled Aircraft. *** HISTORICALLY CORRECT INSIGNIA *** Includes Dietrich Wickop - Black 1. Max Bucholz - Black 5. Cheers,
  9. 88, 107, 226 Squadrons. RAF. December 1942. A20B_4k_88_Squadron_1942.zip < x13 Serialised. A20B_4K_107_Squadron_1942.zip < x12 Serialised. A20B_4K_226_Squadron_1942.zip < x13 Serialised. For a brilliant recreation of the famous Operation Oyster mission I thoroughly recommend the one created by Hamaha15 here Cheers,
  10. II. /JG 1 6. Holland 1942 FW190a_4K_JG1_II_6_1942.zip < 13 Serialled Aircraft. *** HISTORICALLY CORRECT INSIGNIA *** Includes Rudolf Rauhaus Yellow 3. Cheers,
  11. I am able to apply decals to maps to build up a town in the mission editor. All looks good. Base Properties Name: New Emmasingle North Factory Layer: 0 Defaul: Decal Appearance Opacity: 1 Texture: factory_zone_01.dds Normals: factory_zone_01_nm.dds Aux1 Tex: Terrain Decal: Tick Split by terrain: Unticked Decal Size X: 250 Size Z: 500 Tile X: 0.5 Tile Z: 1 However when I run the mission in game the decals do not show up. What needs to be done for them to show up in game?
  12. IL-2_GB_SE5a_4K_2AFC_PreMay1918.zip < x18 Serialled. - A photo of A Flight shows they have very dark aircraft codes painted under the port lower wing. - B Flight identification codes painted under the port lower wing are not dark like A Flight but appear to be the same b&w tone of the roundel blue/red. I have opted for blue. A photo of B flight shows only the 6 underwing while others are obscured. I've assumed that the coding was standard procedures considering A flight identification. Also three machines in the same photo from the same flight have what app
  13. Agreed about being short, but how do you embed category sorting? Plus unfortunately they might fully display properly in the simulator window if they are too long.
  14. Totally agree about getting some format to the filenaming so that skin lists are displayed in some sort of alphabetical and logical order. This is applicable to all skins no matter what the simulator is. However the files still need to be dropped into the appropriate simulator directory, it would be too specific to include that sort of information into the skin filename. I have been trying to go along the lines of a universal sort order. To be easily manipulated by a database there must be a common text separator designated. For me the underscore is most compatible with filenaming
  15. Thanks GCF! An invaluable service you are providing.
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