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  1. Are you sure that the canopy is wright one ? I'd like to see further skins from your side... 👍
  2. Julian57, there are rumors from Berlin that you'll be transferred to G6-Late department ?
  3. I really don't understand what is so funny about having another model of Bf-109 series ? The fact of life is that Bf-109 series represented Luftwaffe fighter force from 1939 - 1945... assisted by FW-190 in the "second half" of the game. It represented Luftwaffe in Early wars, Scandinavia, Channel & Atlantic coast, North Africa, Italy, Eastern front in 3 directions, Reich defense... Luftwaffe was Bf-109 series and Bf-109 series was Luftwaffe... Germany did not have the whole "zoo garden" - of birds of prey : Hurricane, Spitfire, Mig, Polikarpov, Yak, La, F4F, P-38, P-39, P-40, P-47, P-51, Tempest, Typhoon... If G6 Late does not fit in French sky and 3 Eastern skies, I don't know what plane does ??? Did you expect F-16 Falcon or Su-27 Flanker ? ...or developers should invent an alternative version of history ? My genuine support to devs team for implementing G6-Late - as important part of realism and history...
  4. Repainted camouflage ( and dark red font ) of Julian57 16/Jg5 base skin... Non historic, of course...
  5. According to book testimony, I red ages ago, you also wouldn't want to be a RAF pilot, when the flock of FW-190 "joins such a party"... P.S. Julian57, "lazy bug" are you sleeping ?
  6. "Eismeer" skins will soon be needed... to protect Kriegsmarine in Norway : https://youtu.be/KCMSBwwFJw4
  7. Eastern front style skin... made from 4-5 various skin parts edited, adjusted and re-camouflaged... Another mixture editing:
  8. This is a thrill for me... Ages ago, we had a custom music track of player's choice at take off or enemy contact ( Oleg Maddox or Silent hunter 3 )... This was a "piece of cake" 12-15 years ago... Why it is not an option left by devs in these modern sims ? ( Just as "user friendly" mission creator or editor - by Oleg Maddox ...compared to "university degree" to be achieved for mission creator in GB... )
  9. What does it mean "from Sakai" ? Can't see any connection between your name or Jg54 with Saburo Sakai... I'm very glad to see the new "skinner" in community 👍 ...but you better cover those tail rudders before moderators wake up in the morning.
  10. Belleza simple ...at the end you will stop the Mighty 8th !
  11. Hi Rob, Did you consider releasing 2 options : "light" version with a landscape,..etc. and "hardcore" version with skins installation... ? Many casual users of desert landscape - already have overloaded MODS and JGSME... and sufficient custom skins, for their casual visits of desert.
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