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  1. Seems to be right... as my wild estimation of 65% fuel load - feels like appropriate compensation in combat speed & climb... Thanks mate for your calculation 🙄!
  2. I normally try to attack a.s.a.p. in the right moment and predicting the direction of Spit ! I never try following a Spit if it starts it's famous turns and dance... not with FW-190. But when they receive a serious hit of 4x20mm guns, they often tend to " get lost " in fast direct flight or climb. So, sharp turns and side effects ( of heavy armament ) were not the reason of my question. I just want to have fun with a "heavy punch", both in initial chase and following the damaged fighter. For the time being ( in a quick missions ) seems that 60% of fuel does the job of compensation... I just hoped that somebody knows or estimates what should be the right %...
  3. I am not talking about pylons, but canons inside the A5 wings. Just to "take away the weight I am gaining"..."" as you proposed - I have a problem as fuel is expressed in % and canons weight in kg. I am not talking about a pure dogfight, I am not such a rookie to try to dogfight Spitfire MkIX with a 4 canons FW-190... I prefer to wait the right moment to catch him in a gunsight as ""energy fighter"... but when I need to ""finish him off"" with the second burst: my additional weight prevents me to follow / maintain the distance with a runaway modern allied fighter - in a strait flight or climb escape, what is not a huge problem with basic 2 canons version... Also there is an issue of regaining altitude, and many other weight issues... so the question/estimation remains ?
  4. Well, I have a question for FW-190 A5 fans ( or developers ) : If I want to dogfight with 4 20mm guns, instead of basic 2... i.e. + 2 additional wing mounted MG FF/M (180 rounds ) - how much fuel load ( in percentage % ) should be decreased from 100% : to compensate the additional weight... to approx. preserve default A5 weight, climb, speed... etc ? All estimations and opinions are welcome...
  5. As a fan of quick missions, I would like to know : Is it possible to be the 4. plane in chosen formation, instead of default 1st ? Is such a mod possible ? … or it is "hard coded" by development team ?
  6. There are no pulling up at all, they simply crash in a straight flight... kamikaze style ☹️
  7. Well, it cold certainly happen, but it should be isolated incident - instead of regular event... You are right, it needs some tweaking.
  8. After the latest patch, I was very glad to see improved new behavior of AI fighters, in my favorite quick missions, where enemy fighters tend to preserve their altitude, energy and speed... but one thing is disturbing: in a dogfight ( as Bf109-G6 vs Spit Mk IX starting at 4000 m altitude, for example... ) very often AI enemy, that I am chasing, goes into dive but after a noticeable dive - instead of turning up, they simply continue their dive till they hit the ground (?) - without any visible inflicted damage. ( I remember the similar bug in CoD where enemy fighters would simply hit the channel without any visible reason, as the AI planes don't fell the sea/ground level ?) Did anybody noticed that - or it is just my experience ?
  9. Just plug and play... i.e. let the windows recognize it. You will be delighted with precise Axes x / y / z ! And try to be as gentle as possible with your Z axes ( rudder ) hoping that it could twist and last 8-9 months instead of 6... Rudder potentiometer is rubbish, unbelievable crap in otherwise great joystick of mid class hardware !
  10. Never heard of tension adjustment at base ? ...Is there any video link or something ? ( Springs are very soft - so how can you adjust the tension ? )
  11. esk_pedja

    [MOD] Icons

    Hey Ptk, Is it possible to make a mod with decreased font of airplanes (smaller letters) ? I think that many people who use plane signs in combat would be delighted 😳! ...or is it possible to make it a bit more transparent ?
  12. There is very simple fix ( probably temporary ) but it fixed my rudder problem ! ( I googled a bit, it is not my discovery...) For the right handed: First remove the rubber on the right side and remove the screw . Then lift the rubber on the left side (thumb). It gives access to a black screw. Unscrew this screw slightly to release the pressure on the handle. The problem of the z axis disappeared after that. At the end, give it some noise filter ( 0.35 or more ). It seems that releasing the pressure on pot frame could be the way to go.
  13. As I can hardly find a servicing guru with a passion for flight experiments and calibration, I am closer and closer to ordering 2 x spare vanilla CTS 251B12T104A2NB, ...service guys have only patience to disassemble the stick and make three solders to replace potentiometer in existing frames. ☹️ ( if that is the cause of problem... )
  14. you mean these ? https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=1324LUAT&_sacat=0
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