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  1. Did you choose this intentionally ?
  2. The contrast of upper and lower fuselage colors - between original photo and digital reconstruction are absolutely not adjusted. There is clear difference of upper cammo darkness and bottom "sky" lightness - that is messed up in digital "reconstruction"
  3. I am talking about this sim. The latest eastern scenery/title was Battle of Kuban... which was well finished in 1944. If we got Poland, Slovakia or Romania, just remind me.. ( by the way, even in Romania the main point was defense of Ploesti, the last serious source of natural fuel, that was attacked by B-24 ) Bailing out from topic
  4. 70-80% of roles the luftwaffe needed in 1944 was related to Reich defense in one or the other way, talking of Western needs... it certainly was not returning the control of French or Belgium skies air superiority... or pushing back allied offensive back to Atlantic
  5. A8 was not intended for dogfight in mind as A3... It main task was desperate attempt to inflict a serious damage to endless formation of monsters B17 / B24, in a fast and short approach - or even head to head "pass by" with frontal attack ( one second lasting punch in the face ) ...hoping that it won't end up blasted by heavy bombers machine gunners - or with a Jug or Mustang on a tail. We are comparing fighting falcon with a battle train. ( many members are not aware of this... due to missing heavies B-17 and B-24 in the sim. Unfortunately this generation of CPU / RAM
  6. Oh, I almost forgot this post... Thanks mate ! Besides my mixing and dust cover on new versions, it is likely that somebody recognizes some pieces that were used as start point... so if somebody is disturbed by it's parts used, I will cancel the post immediately. ( I have a tons of "Frankestein" skins and sincerely can't remember the origin of every bit and pieces that might be present... in blending and mixes ) Fw -190 A5 : https://www.mediafire.com/file/lhb7xdtk9im5z8r/Black9_FW190-A5.dds/file Fw-190 A8 : http://www.mediafire.com/file/5z641
  7. No rush mate, let the people do they work in peace... I personally did my job already anyway, ... by mixing and repainting few old Julian57 skins into my imagined skin...
  8. 15 min draft in Photoshop... To get a more analytical approach - try to improve your Spanish... 😄
  9. Wellcome to the club, ...I have 6 tons of Frankenstein skins that I keep for myself
  10. " The main work has been the retexturing of ground files to replicate the look of something similar to Tunisia/Libya landscapes. " Any wide view screenshots ?
  11. If there is one certain thing about WW2 - it is fact that Luftwaffe did not have a uniformed or consistent cammo pattern ( ...beside the mess of color pallet application ) I personally never set 2 brush settings above 30 percent... with 50% I lose control of final outcome.
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