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  1. Just plug and play... i.e. let the windows recognize it. You will be delighted with precise Axes x / y / z ! And try to be as gentle as possible with your Z axes ( rudder ) hoping that it could twist and last 8-9 months instead of 6... Rudder potentiometer is rubbish, unbelievable crap in otherwise great joystick of mid class hardware !
  2. Never heard of tension adjustment at base ? ...Is there any video link or something ? ( Springs are very soft - so how can you adjust the tension ? )
  3. esk_pedja

    [MOD] Icons

    Hey Ptk, Is it possible to make a mod with decreased font of airplanes (smaller letters) ? I think that many people who use plane signs in combat would be delighted 😳! ...or is it possible to make it a bit more transparent ?
  4. There is very simple fix ( probably temporary ) but it fixed my rudder problem ! ( I googled a bit, it is not my discovery...) For the right handed: First remove the rubber on the right side and remove the screw . Then lift the rubber on the left side (thumb). It gives access to a black screw. Unscrew this screw slightly to release the pressure on the handle. The problem of the z axis disappeared after that. At the end, give it some noise filter ( 0.35 or more ). It seems that releasing the pressure on pot frame could be the way to go.
  5. As I can hardly find a servicing guru with a passion for flight experiments and calibration, I am closer and closer to ordering 2 x spare vanilla CTS 251B12T104A2NB, ...service guys have only patience to disassemble the stick and make three solders to replace potentiometer in existing frames. ☹️ ( if that is the cause of problem... )
  6. you mean these ? https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=1324LUAT&_sacat=0
  7. Is it too soft in axes for WW2 feeling ? How long do you use it ?
  8. Thanks guys, but for ~$220 for rudders I can order 3 new joysticks, one by one... I "switched of" rudder from joystick - to z/x buttons, but no luck... both buttons turn to the right ?!? ( D key return back the rudder ) If I find some joystick-guru, I might replace the potentiometer... with some Sokol1 proposals. I am afraid to do it by myself with my modest servicing skill. I do not know even how to open the stick without causing some trouble. ( Hey Falcon1 one, what do you mean by "make three solders" ? ) Regarding VKB Gladiator , it seems too soft for WW2 feeling : ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhlZHE4ZY-I )
  9. Potentiometer of T.16000M twist rudder causing spikes ? As I said, is there some "cure" or tip to calm down my rudder on T.1600M …? Otherwise, it is great stick for me, but after some 9 months twist rudder went crazy. Now I try to survive in the sky with a noise filter 0.37.... ☹️ Any tip of cure to try to calm the rudder ?
  10. My vote goes to Me 109 G-10 / P-51B ( ...western dogfights)
  11. Soo... What would present B-29 over North-West Europe anyway ??? If developers team remains together, after BP is finished, maybe to take a good rest, and make some Battle for Malta project or Reich defense 1943/1944... or some Asia/Pacific project ?
  12. So what are these small differences between Yak 1B (127) vs Yak 7: - In sea level max speed and rate of climb ? ( I play a lot of quick missions and sooner or later they end up in dogfight at 50-120 m altitude ) Thanks in advance !
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