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  1. You are right... Thanks for warning.😕 I am doing this with "half brain"... just relaxing in Photoshop.
  2. Thanks LW_Pilot777, send me a private message with e-mail if you want, I will send it to you... to use it or upload for other members.
  3. Historic skin ( Jg3 ? )... belly landed plane at field...
  4. You are right Majik and Shamrock, My PC restarted by itself during the quick mission, so my QM specifications were lost as well as homing pointer ! Many thanks !
  5. Can you take one look of your G14 cockpit in Quick Missions ?
  6. Yes, it is G14... and my various Bf-109s are missing far right panel instrument !?
  7. Please help, My far right (gauge and switch) of Me-109 cockpits disappeared ? (Steam sim) My G14 present panel : Don't know what happened ? Anybody, Which file or folder is related to this ? Is it possible to receive a "healthy file or files" and replace it ? Please, every opinion or assistance would be very appreciated ! Thanks in advance...
  8. Some more G14 semi historic...
  9. So..._gen.mission would be enough to copy, after playing particular Quick Mission ? ...or should I copy the whole Missions folder ?
  10. I would like to make a backup of my QuickMissions - as a set of various WW2 stages and theaters... So, which folder/folders contain my current QuickMission ? ( ...to paste it later, in the right game folder and instantly get desired QuickMission ? ) I have a Steam version of sim. Thanks for advices...
  11. Less contrast, added blure (soften cammo), pixelate twice to decrease gloss... to my personal taste. Reich defense style.
  12. Did anyone noticed the nose of FW-A5 in a background hangar, at beginning of video ? Would be nice to download it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6Een3A2ptM
  13. Seems to be right... as my wild estimation of 65% fuel load - feels like appropriate compensation in combat speed & climb... Thanks mate for your calculation 🙄!
  14. I normally try to attack a.s.a.p. in the right moment and predicting the direction of Spit ! I never try following a Spit if it starts it's famous turns and dance... not with FW-190. But when they receive a serious hit of 4x20mm guns, they often tend to " get lost " in fast direct flight or climb. So, sharp turns and side effects ( of heavy armament ) were not the reason of my question. I just want to have fun with a "heavy punch", both in initial chase and following the damaged fighter. For the time being ( in a quick missions ) seems that 60% of fuel does the job of compensation... I just hoped that somebody knows or estimates what should be the right %...
  15. I am not talking about pylons, but canons inside the A5 wings. Just to "take away the weight I am gaining"..."" as you proposed - I have a problem as fuel is expressed in % and canons weight in kg. I am not talking about a pure dogfight, I am not such a rookie to try to dogfight Spitfire MkIX with a 4 canons FW-190... I prefer to wait the right moment to catch him in a gunsight as ""energy fighter"... but when I need to ""finish him off"" with the second burst: my additional weight prevents me to follow / maintain the distance with a runaway modern allied fighter - in a strait flight or climb escape, what is not a huge problem with basic 2 canons version... Also there is an issue of regaining altitude, and many other weight issues... so the question/estimation remains ?
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