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  1. Had the same feeling since day 1. Even old il2 planes seems somewhat 'heavier'. Not mentioning DCS.
  2. I'm having similiar problem with looking down in BOS, DCS, CloD. Using hattrack and opentrack. I had to rework pitch up and down axis. Up axis is linear, down axis linear but very very steep. Besides that I had to set some deadzone for all other axis, cause looking down seems to be processed a bit wrong to the open track. What is more, same options set in Opentrack works differently for every game.
  3. Take it easy dude. I'm just sharing my opinions based on observations. U don't need to make a scientific report to notice that there is a difference, nailing bf109 with 20s from dead 6 o'clock (and fw190 being able to take more than 109) and try do the same vs russian planes, just play some Quick missions Beside it's not my effin job to do this. I'm a customer not a developer, my options are either to play the game, or not, and eventually share some opinions on forums. As for the FM and armament - I don't have problems with it. The point about "UFO" is that the plane feels so easy to fly, in comparison to La-5, Lagg, P-40, Fw190 and even F4, that it is almost an offence to players in others planes. But hey, if that's how it was - No problem with that.
  4. The plane is very easy to fly - high speed, high g turns, hard to stall, and if so - easy to recover. Good guns, though rate of fire makes it a little bit harder to hit while doing rapid maneuvers. Combine it with favorable damage model and it feels like an UFO, being able to demolish a plane or pilot kill in one burst or being able to cope with 3 bursts (1st - no visual damage, 2nd - white smoke, 3rd-black smoke - still able to dogfight) Just fix the damage model on russian planes and it will be ok. And before anyone start to call me luftwhiner, I just recently started to fly LW - flew red all the time since June. Have to admit that those 'Luftwhiners' had good reason here and there.
  5. Since I bought the game somewhere in June i flew RED almost exclusively. Few days ago I decided it's time to check other half of the product and I switched to LW. Now I have to admit, that russian planes can take more punishment vs 20mm, than german vs Shvak. Ofc it is all subjective but it's more harder to kill a russian plane, and I'm not tallking about aiming, because that's different story. I'm talking about scored hits. It's almost like the HE rounds exploding behind the plane, same as the sound is lagging behind (that's why we hear hits on plane in our sight). Dunno maybe it's about ping or sth, but the general feeling is like either german cannon is underpowered or russian planes are too sturdy (in comparison with shvak vs 109).
  6. In my opinion sound design is messed up in this game. -Engine sounds from flybies by other aircraft while you're on the ground with canopy open - too quiet. -Gun sounds - too loud, bad samples, too clear -Being hit - most often inaudible -Scoring hits close quarters - very audible
  7. Can someone please check attached file if I understand it correctly?
  8. Switching sides was possible on previous campaigns. You would have to change your nickname on il2.sturmovik.com and register it on TAW. Changing nicknames from one to another depending which side you want to play. I guess it is kind of necessary to abandon one's commitment to the one side in purpose of increasing balance.
  9. Can somebody give conclusions from this video?
  10. IMO there is something wrong with the damage model especially in regarding to hitting fuselage. Looks like russian planes can take more damage than german. If you hit the engine effect is more or less the same, but if you're hitting wings, fuselage it's in favor of russians Maybe german HE rounds are modeled differently and are exploding before hitting the target, or too late after it penetrates through?
  11. Is it by anychance me in PE-2? I recall similiar hammering by you, just don't sure if 109 just disengaged instead of being shot. And yes it was hilarious. Although from my perspective there was less audible shots hit than puffs in your video. But I admit it was too much. I even managed to land.
  12. Ooooh, now I know what you mean. You're talking about our newly elected stupid government, which is even worse than previous one. Oh yes, in that case: Devs, just be warned - with this much of stupidity within our government, it could be considered a threat. Hell, I would imagine that it could even be in daily news on national TV to back up some anti-russian propaganda.
  13. Well, then you're wrong. I may be against an ideology/system but never against a nation by itself, especially if it was also a victim of said ideology. Nowadays you would actually consider me a pro-russian (within our own country) & very doubtful about our actual allies. But let's just not go into this kind of discussion
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