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  1. WheelwrightPL

    Is TrackIR best choice?

    I also ordered UTC 2 and also had a great buying experience. However, I sit close to the monitor and for me a basic TrackIR clip works better so now UTC 2 gathers dust.
  2. With a regular joystick I just think that my plane's controls have hydraulic assists, problem solved;) In my opinion what is most important is not force-feedback (although I am sure it is a nice bonus) but a spring resistance decreasing the closer you are to joystick's center (this is the opposite of cheap mainstream joysticks and simulates how real plane's controls work by allowing precise movements close to the center).
  3. WheelwrightPL


    It is a very simple programming job to improve QMB: all we need is more granularity. For example: when I fly HS-129 I want to be able to adjust the type of tanks that were autogenerated on the map. For that purpose a simple "adjust" button could be added to allow me to choose if I want "light", "medium" or "heavy" tanks. As a result: I don't waste time going against IS-2s which are impervious to HS-129 guns.
  4. WheelwrightPL

    MFG Crosswind Pedal Review

    VKB T-Rudders have no toe brakes so what do you mean by "toe action" ? If you mean you were using your toes to press them, then you were doing it wrong because you're supposed to use the ball of your foot to achieve required precision.
  5. WheelwrightPL

    DCS news

    This Friday they moved DCS 2.5 from Beta to a "Stable Release" which includes a big list of improvements ( https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2019-02-08_ReleaseUp ). I am especially intrigued by the Viggen, I like its ruggedness and versatility, its design philosophy reminds me of a WW2 aircraft. Can anybody confirm if the new DCS version is a marked improvement ?
  6. WheelwrightPL

    Favorite ground attack aircraft?

    If you need to climb quickly you have to do three things (you can swap the order of the first two): 1) Turn-on boost (it is a separate button). 2) Turn-off automatic engine governor (this will allow manual propeller pitch control). 3) Start to manually control those propellers in order to rev-up the engines to the ragged edge (I think the max is at 3000rpm). BTW the tachometers are mounted on engine nacelles so that's where you must look. You have one minute until the engines blow up, which should be sufficient for a rapid climb though.
  7. WheelwrightPL

    Favorite ground attack aircraft?

    HS 129 B-2 i s definitely worth a buy. It is extremely easy to fly (no radiators, mixture or engine-governor to worry about in automatic mode). However: once you become more experienced with it you can squeeze some extra performance by manually adjusting propellers' pitch, engine-boost and mixture. Also HS 129 B-2 has overall the best guns for ground attack: in one of previous patches I managed to destroy an entire train in one pass with guns only.
  8. Even FW-190 does this which caught me by surprise because that plane is supposed to be worry-free and fully automated. It isn't, so if you set your manifold pressure to 1.3 ATA combat-power and then descend it can quickly go into 3-minute emergency range (1.4 ATA) which will result in an engine blow-out if you're not monitoring the gauges.
  9. WheelwrightPL

    Some proofs that 3.008 DM model has serious issues

    If you saved the replay files, try submitting them to the developers. Good luck.
  10. WheelwrightPL

    VKB Gunfighter Pro/MCG Pro

    I agree that ergonomics are often neglected yet crucial component of immersive flight sims. You have a very nice "historical" setup with a central joystick and hi-res pedals. However, you can still get a pretty good flight experience with a more modest setup when you design it around sound ergonomic principles. All you need is a chair with an armrest, a joystick which is immobilized (in this case screwed to the desk), and a monitor at proper height. Also a helicopter-style T-rudders are preferred in this more compact setup because unlike other types they take little space and do not cause the chair to wobble. And as a point of interest: modern jets do not use centrally placed joysticks (see for example Rafale cockpit) therefore I don't think it provides much of an objective advantage other than recreating historical context (nothing wrong with that of course).
  11. WheelwrightPL

    Where's my thread about the FM issue collection?

    People have voiced mixed opinions in the banned/hidden thread: there was praise for modeling things correctly, as well as criticism for "arcade" aspects. However it becomes more and more clear to me that only the praise or dry scientific data are tolerated here. Any even mildly colorful language when used in a negative way is blown of of proportion as a personal attack on developers. Are the developers really so incredibly thin-skinned ? I would assume that being math, physics and computer-programming geniuses would insulate them somewhat but I guess I am wrong. So as a result this forum has become an antithesis of free speech. Also: what's wrong with debating things ?
  12. WheelwrightPL

    Stay alive in multiplayer

    If you can reliably beat AI on "ACE" difficulty level you can also beat most human opponents (hint: ACE planes seem to have unlimited energy and often make impossible shots).
  13. WheelwrightPL

    What is your favourite plane

    109 K-4 or G-14 for meteoric climb-rate surpassing even modern military trainer jets like L-39 HS-129 for superior guns: you can destroy an entire train or explode two tanks with a single trigger pull 190 with 6 20mm for unique ability to tangle with 75mm AAA and survive
  14. WheelwrightPL

    Asymmetrical flap damage Me 109

    If that's the case lets hope developers will have a look at this because I would also like it to be more realistic.
  15. WheelwrightPL

    Asymmetrical flap damage Me 109

    It appears 109 has 4 flaps: 2 smaller inner-ones and 2 larger outer-ones. I had one of the larger flaps shot out and the plane was hard to control when landing (at 40 degrees). I am not an expert but I felt that was realistic enough.