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  1. Please try to explain it to me: how can a retired (and by assumption: older) fella like you be proficient in VR ? Doesn't it require whiz-kid's dexterity and muscle memory to BLINDLY operate dozens and dozens of HOTAS key combinations ? Accordingly I would assume that VR should remain an exclusive domain of 15-25 year old's who were practically raised by Nintendo, but I see a number of retired guys being able to master VR somehow. I still mess-up my controls occasionally, despite clearly and logically labelled buttons on my VKB joystick, so I cannot even imagine making a leap to VR.
  2. How do you operate your keyboard in VR ? And don't tell me I cannot and instead have to muscle-memorize ~100 buttons on throttle and joystick to replicate all those keys in VR. Maybe that's one of the main reasons people shy away from VR in IL2 ? (as opposed to DCS where you can at least click in the cockpit which I would assume makes VR more palatable).
  3. Me too in QMB, not sure if this is introduced by this new update because there was always too much repeating radio chatter in this game as far as I remember.
  4. I have setup Me262 as my wingmen (1 or 2 planes) in QMB and I am disappointed how their AI performs: it circles aimlessly despite targets flying nearby, it is unable to gain altitude resulting in crashing into trees (with minimum weight), it performs a loop and flames out at the top because of insufficient speed, it lowers a landing gear but then raises it back up and circles around again ad-nauseum etc: Maybe AI finally responds to player's commands and also returns to base when it runs out of ammo, but personally I saw no improvements in AI as it pertains to Me262. Hopefully the AI can handle other aircraft better.
  5. New 4k skin on A-8 looks great: Some Schwalbe pics:
  6. It is too early to tell (I flew only one mission) but so far those steps resulted in no screen-flashing in CTRL+F1 view, I also got a nice fps boost: 1) Download latest NVidia drivers, check-off "clean installation", install only the drivers In Nvidia Control Panel: 1) Set Vsync to Adaptive (as a bonus this produces better fps (when the game's fps falls below monitor's max refresh rate) compared to Vsync-on, and no tearing compared to Vsync-off) 2) Set maximum pre-rendered frames to 1 3) Set power to "maximum" In game 1) Set VSync to off 2) Set maximum fps cap to off
  7. You only have 2 gears in FW190's supercharger (as in most other planes) so it cannot keep constant manifold pressure as altitude changes, only BF109's unique variable-speed supercharger can do that.
  8. I agree, and as a bonus it will look more authentic because some historical skins don't even have a swastica on a rudder.
  9. I don't think the devs want to even touch it because there has been no communication from them. It looks like a tough problem to solve and they cannot even fix much simpler problems (like double-loading aircraft skins in replays or airfield buildings still popping-up into existence on take-off). I suspect the devs don't fully understand the software code they inherited because its long and tortuous past resulted in immense "technical debt" that's difficult to overcome even for math and programming geniuses like them. How else to explain lack of relatively simple fixes that I alluded to ? That's not a slight against the devs, it is just a that a technical legacy they have to deal with is probably enormous. I hope that Me 262 will be a resounding success which will bring many new customers into the community resulting in cash infusion which can then be redirecting into fixing those annoying bugs, chief among them the flickering cockpit view.
  10. 20mm cannons sound much better if they fire alone without machine guns (for example if you choose an option to remove all machine guns from 190 A-8 or press secondary fire button in any BF 109). If you fire MGs and 20mms simultaneously, the sound they produce is muffled for some reason.
  11. I couldn't agree more, at certain point it is imperative to fix a creaky foundations before adding more and more stuff on top of it. If you don't, then the contrast between visual and physics bugs and state-of-the-art graphics becomes all the more jarring. And as a result the entire product suffers which turns away potential buyers, many of whom are rivet-counting aircraft enthusiasts, who by nature cannot suffer any of the simulation's glaring defects. I really hope IL2 doesn't fall into the same DCS trap of adding more and more content at the expense of dedicating time and resources to fixing long-standing bugs.
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