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  1. If the new Intel CPUs are so horrible, why do they have better single-core performance than the new Ryzens ? https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html And you pay less for it, too. AMD had a breakthrough because they managed to get 20% more instructions processed per unit of frequency, now Intel beat them at their own game, but they are still getting bad press. I think people's expectations are unrealistic. That and click bait.
  2. I don't know about G2, but for my G1 if I set "reprojection mode on" in Steam-VR-for-WMR config file it is going to lock my framerate to 45fps all the time. So I think you have a similar setting turned on.
  3. I changed to 5800X from i3-8350k at 4.8Ghz and I still get slowdowns in IL-2. My new CPU is only about 10-20% faster by most reviews, so the difference is not large enough to smooth out everything. I guess I can blame the glacial pace of progress in CPU performance these days. The days of Murphy Law are ancient history. And as a "bonus" my system now occasionally freezes when I remote connect to my work computer, which never happened with my overclocked-to-death el-cheapo Intel.
  4. If you want ground fire you need to play a standard Career mode (the one that comes with the game) with "Ground Density" set to "Medium" or higher. And this will result in ground fire from some, but not all airfields.
  5. Fly with "realistic physiology" turned off and turn like hell in your Yak, because it is better at turning than all Germans. Make an aerodynamically smooth turn (google "stay on the ball") to minimize inevitable speed loss.
  6. MIG-3 800kph with perfectly safe landing (slow, no overturning). Replay attached. MIG-3_800kph.zip
  7. What qualifies as "successful landing" ? If your plane ends-up in pieces between trees, but the pilot is still alive, does it count ? My opinion is that the plane should be in one piece except for control surfaces, canopy and gear.
  8. I think in one of recent patches they improved gunnery accuracy for AI, which was previously spraying without hitting anything, which looked unrealistic. As a side effect it is much harder for me to score any kills in hard career mode, because AI can now hit me at ridiculous deflection angles. I think only shooting accuracy has improved, because my AI wingmen still cannot obey the simplest of commands such as "patrol for air targets", instead preferring to follow me. In my opinion AI shooting accuracy should be dialed down, so it is between now and what was before, or a new "ext
  9. AI can be good, but can also be sitting-ducks, even in Hard mode. My MIG-3 was shot down yesterday by a lone BF-109 which I couldn't shake off. I was hit multiple times by its deflection shots, which previously would just harmlessly pass me by. So something must have been done to ramp-up the skill level of AI, or at least its gunnery accuracy (I think the latter is more likely). On the other hand a couple days ago I had a turkey shoot, with E-7s playing a role of turkeys. Same career, same difficulty settings. Maybe those E-7s were crewed by demoted Stuka pilots ?
  10. Are those added to career mode too ? If so it may be a short career.
  11. I just want to add that I also enjoy using my T-Rudders for a physics-based car driving sim: BeamNG. And the fact they are rudders, means I can brake much faster than with a conventional setup, because I don't have to lift my right-foot, slide it over and then press. Al I need to do is press on the rudder leftside which is dedicated to braking, while the rightside-press is for acceleration. I can even threshold brake with relative ease because of high precision of these rudders.
  12. If A-6 is just another version of A-5 nothing wrong with that. It is my favourite 190, but I admit I may be partial because it reminds me of my Bimmer (Airspeed on the left and the Tachometer on the right).
  13. Yes and no. A single prototype example possibly flew a recon mission over North Italy to try to intercept AR-234 which was then untouchable. That's close enough for me.
  14. I see no difference between ground roughness set to "High" or set to "Off". Also I ran a benchmark (version-6 with IL2s flying) which returned identical fps for both cases. Am I getting blind ? Can anybody explain how graphics get affected by this setting ?
  15. Do you have V-Sync turned on in the sim, and also have a monitor without Freesync or G-Sync with a standard refreshrate of 60Hz ? If the answer is yes to both questions then it might be the monitor's fault, because such a regular monitor will chop your framerate in half if it is fed anything less than 60fps (so if it is fed 59fps by the GPU it will effectively display 30fps). Needless to say that's a major problem. The solutions is to disable V-Sync (so you will have image tearing), or buy an inexpensive Freesync monitor, and then configure it properly. I just bough a freesync m
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