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  1. I have i3-8350k at 4.6, 32GB RAM at 3200 and RTX2080TI. The system is stable and runs well without VR, however with HP Reverb I cannot maintain 90fps without re-projection at Ultra shadows and High clouds (sorry but both are a must for me). So I hover around 60-68fps at those settings even in QMB, the career is significantly slower. I am thinking about building a new system around i5-10600K to hopefully address my relatively weak CPU.
  2. I think my near eyesight has gotten worse after using HP Reverb for an hour or so (with frequent breaks). I suppose it might have been caused by "accommodation/convergence" conflict where your eyes focus on an object which appears distant in your mind but in reality that object is only a few centimeters in front of you. Anyway I am mostly staying away from my Reverb now because of that eyesight-degradation-fear and also because the performance and gameplay is subpar/limited.
  3. I think that in two-years a 500-pound gorilla otherwise known as Microsoft will squash all competitors by adapting their next-gen FlightSimulator engine to WW2 genre. I suspect Microsoft will have disappointing Flight Simulator sales which will force them to branch off into more flashy and accessible WW2 air combat game as an "easy" way to recoup some of their enormous development costs.
  4. I have HP Reverb, 2080Ti, i3-8350k at 4.6, and 32GB RAM at 3200. Unlike some (many ?) personally I didn't notice any performance improvement in VR with the newest IL2 engine, but I admit I didn't test thoroughly because I kindof gave up on VR at least for now. I realized how hard it is for any flight-simulator to drive 2 separate 2K monitors at 90fps each, which is required to provide smooth experience with HP Reverb. To reach that fps target for me would require an enormous and unrealistic leap in performance (basically a jump from my current ~60fps to a solid 90fps). And unlike some I am not willing to drastically degrade my graphics quality in an attempt to reach the desired fps, because even with the Reverb the virtual world looks much blurrier and low-res compared to my current 4k monitor.
  5. He can use PassMark Performance Test (I think it is free) and run each of its benchmarks for: CPU, Video Card, Hard Drive and RAM. It should at least narrow it down. Additionally he can also run FurMark for the GPU and "Intel Extreme Tuning Utility" and Prime95 for the CPU.
  6. Try my settings, I am using them right now (the key to minimize shimmer and flicker is to supersample to at least 150% of what your monitor supports):
  7. I think I found a good combination to minimize flickering & shimmering and still retain good framerates. It is ready to use as is except you need to change "Screen resolution" to match your monitor. I know the below settings just elevated my enjoyment of this sim to new levels during early-morning Kuban JABO mission in 190A-5, therefore I wanted to share.
  8. With reprojection off, in career mode, with ultra shadows and high clouds ? Impossible. On the other hand if somebody is happy with minimal/primitive graphics settings, then yes I guess you can barely pull it off, but be aware that in VR the graphics render in real scale (ie. they are vastly enlarged) which results in glaringly obvious amplification of those primitive graphics. It can get really jarring, like a video game from 1980s, especially close to the ground. On a positive note: the cockpits look marvellous (I saw details I never noticed in 2d) and the feeling of "being there" is uncomparable. As an owner of HP Reverb, I speak from personal experience and I wish my negativity to be proven wrong by rapid advancements in software (reprojection 2.0 ?) and hardware.
  9. Too bad it will take at least 2 years for other computer hardware to catch up so it can reliably generate 180fps at 4k resolution to properly feed this thing while running IL2 or DCS (or to be specific: 2 x 2k at 90fps each which is actually worse because it draws two separate images).
  10. When flying over Kuban there are lots of rivers which shimmer and antialias badly on the horizon (BTW: It seems this has gotten worse after the switch to a new renderer). This is what gave me best results to mitigate this: 1) In NVIDIA Control Panel: set "DSR - Factors" to 1.50x 2) In IL2 Graphics menu: a) set resolution to 150% of what your monitor supports b) set "Antialiasing type" to FXAA c) set "Landscape filter" to Blur e) adjust other settings depending on your preferences and/or desired fps
  11. I believe some planes don't have it, fore example I couldn't see any gauges reflections on Yak-7B, while they were clearly visible in Yak-1b, LAGG-5FN and Tempest. I will have another look tonight to make absolutely sure. I found that flying directly at the sun and shifting your head side-to-side makes those gauges reflections really pop.
  12. Weird, I didn't notice any VR improvement (I have HP Reverb and 2080Ti and still cannot get a smooth 90fps experience without turning-on reprojection which introduces graphical errors). Also, some planes (like Yak-7B) don't have cockpit gauges reflections, but I chalk it up to work-in-progress. IMHO despite all that it is still a good patch because I maintain same performance as before with nicer graphics and sounds (I hear ground explosions now).
  13. Deferred rendered update as shown in the last Youtube video ? That would be fantastic news.
  14. WheelwrightPL

    Future for VR

    I agree, when IL2 first started it was possible to write a new graphics engine relatively quickly from scratch, but now due to exponential increase in complexity it is no longer possible with limited resources available in this niche simulation genre (and I quote this memorable quote: "I have one developer and he wears many hats"). If despite the odds they still attempt such a monumental undertaking, the resulting engine will be at least 10-15 years behind Unreal Engine 4, and the comparison with UE5 will be utterly laughable. Even Star Citizen with their wheelbarrows of money rolling-in wisely decided not to build a graphics engine in-house. The licensing terms for Unreal Engine has now changed and became very enticing, so I really wish 1C Studios give it a very serious look, instead of building floor after floor on sinking foundations.
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