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  1. No, there isn't, if you want to start on the ground. Try starting from the air. I feel your pain: BOBP Campaign travel time seems like forever compared to for example frontline support missions in FW190 A5 in Kuban Campaign. Maybe that was historic, maybe not, but good mission design should have mitigated that at least to some degree (for example by having "red alert" missions with bombers bearing down on your base, so you desperately scramble to intercept them at the last possible moment). In my opinion BOBP in its current state is not worth getting if you want a good Campaign or good quality, smooth-running maps. You buy BOBP because of the amazing planes, multiplayer, and QMB and Custom Missions/Campaigns (in the latter you can tailor how many planes in the air, if you want AAA etc: which may address some performance issues).
  2. Image quality (ie. antialiasing) works better now with clouds. Good job devs. Also, ain't she a beaut ?
  3. Engine could shake and make rough sounds before timer-inflicted self-destruction: good pilots who are attuned to their planes will catch this and throttle back, mediocre pilots won't. And if historically-speaking there were also some gauges which indicated imminent engine-destruction, let's simulate that as well, by all means. IMHO that's all better than a magical message otherwise known as "tech chat".
  4. Does anybody else think 4.001 is not ready and should have "stayed in the oven" longer ? I played Rheinland Careerand on Hard/Medium Density and my main problem is stuttering which is significantly worse than Battle of Kuban. Also parked aircraft can no longer be destroyed, which is a major disappointment to me, because that's how I was raking in most of my kills. I had some good moments in the Rheinland career too, but overall I will wait until it receives much needed polish, and play Stalingrad/Kuban in the meantime.
  5. How do you change it in career-mode ? And why should you have to learn all the complexities of a mission-builder to enjoy the career ? Not everybody is a developer and the mission-builder is a developer's tool.
  6. When are indestructible parked planes going to be fixed ? Is it investigated ? (being such a glaring and immersion-killing bug)
  7. I attach mu full setup as a zip file. I use a slightly different joystick (I have Gladiator Pro Mk 2, which is twist-less). I also use VKB Rudders, TrackIR and SV Mapper program (you need to download it separately to allow Windows to map more than 256 joystick keys, and I use way more than that). I really spent a lot of hours programming my joystick and other input devices, so I hope you can find it at least somewhat helpful. Here is my keys configuration (except obvious stuff such as throttle, flaps, eject and start buttons): - Forward trigger: fire primary gun(s) - Pinky + Forward trigger: fire all guns - Thumb trigger: fire secondary gun(s) - Pinky + Thumb trigger: launch rocket(s) or drop bomb(s) (because I never carry both) - Forward and Back Hat: zoom - Left Hat: reset TrackIR - Right Hat: reset aircraft trim (I hardly use that, I may use it for something else) - Pinky + Forward Hat: trim aircraft pitch up - Pinky + Back Hat: trim aircraft pitch down - Pinky + Left Hat: trim aircraft yaw left - Pinky + Right Hat: trim aircraft yaw right Based on the diagram that Sokol1 displayed above: CYCLIC MODE SWITCH OFF (red LED is visible): 11 BUTTON: toggle between constant speed propeller mode (that's on by default on all aircraft) and manual propeller pitch mode. I suggest you google those terms, because you must understand them to play IL2 realistically. 8 BUTTON: propeller speed up (if in constant speed propeller mode) OR propeller pitch coarser (if in manual propeller pitch mode) 14 BUTTON: propeller speed down (if in constant speed propeller mode) OR propeller pitch finer (if in manual propeller pitch mode) 12 BUTTON: currently unused, but I think I will assign supercharger gear change to it for Tempest Mk V 9 BUTTON: fuel mixture richer 15 BUTTON: fuel mixture leaner 13 BUTTON: currently unused 10 BUTTON: water radiator open (for water-cooled engines) OR outlet cowling flap open (for air-cooled engines) 16 BUTTON: water radiator close (for water-cooled engines) OR outlet cowling flap close (for air-cooled engines) CYCLIC MODE SWITCH ON (green LED is visible): 13 BUTTON: currently unused 10 BUTTON: oil radiator open (you don't need to use this often) 16 BUTTON: oil radiator close (you don't need to use this often) IL2 Current Config.zip
  8. Yes, fly like real men did, without all this fake HUD nonsense. Learn the gauges and engine/performance limitations of each airplane. It is a rewarding learning experience, almost like discovering this game for the first time.
  9. I read somewhere that with Vsync ON, if your framerate dips even slightly below 60fps (for example: 59fps) the ACTUAL framerate will get halved to 30fps due to monitor/video-card synchronization limitations. That's assuming a standard Non GSync/Freesync 60Hz monitor. Is this true ?
  10. I agree that it is not that hard after some practice. I am a lousy gunner, but still was able to shoot down 4 ace B-25s with no major issue. The key is to execute fast slashing attacks from the rear (or the front if you're a real ace). Also be careful not to take-on all the bombers at once in a formation, because of its considerable firepower. Below is my replay-track ( you may put it in your IL2 folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\Tracks ) https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=D8802ECED9241DF8&resid=D8802ECED9241DF8!1728&authkey=AC3TxIGTsKE2hnU
  11. Does anybody else have airstrip buildings popping-up on takeoff ? Is there a way to minimize or fix this ? I include a couple of seconds of Youtube video below so you can see what I mean: Also when I look into the distance using TrackIR, there is more pop-up like that, which is especially jarring with those new Bondenplatte buildings.
  12. Jason, I have 3 questions: 1) Can the terrain generation (which causes buildings to pop-up) be moved to a separate thread, so it doesn't freeze or slowdown the game ? Or, if not, could it be more pre-emptive so the buildings load within a certain radius BEFORE you look at them ? 2) Would re-installing the game improve speed at which buildings are popping-up ? (I mean even without "distant buildings" option turned on). I currently have SSD with 3400MB/s read rate (which is state-of-the-art), but I don't feel it loads assets nowhere fast enough, so would re-installing the game help ? 3) Would adding 16GB to my existing 16GB cause performance improvement, as well ? Thanks for your time.
  13. I can confirm that setting 80-Hz limit in game on my max-60-Hz monitor improved smoothness. However the game is far from smooth when looking at the new BOBP cities because they load and pop into view in segments as you look at them. The game's code needs optimization so all objects load in wide radius BEFORE you look at them. 16GB or 32GB memory should be more than enough to accommodate that. I hope the devs are working on it. I have a TrackIR, 1080Ti, 16MB RAM, 4K non-G-Sync monitor and i3-8350K at 4.2Mhz. Here are my other relevant settings for max smoothness:
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