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  1. Boundaries are not needed for a game where you are seated. Just skip them.
  2. I had my heart set on a Reverb but I'm thinking Rift S now after closer examination and evaluation of overall satisfaction if you have less than top end HW to drive it... Agree? I've never done VR before and I'm assuming I'll be very pleased even with the Rift S. Thoughts?
  3. Per subject... I want Win7 install on one SSD and the other SSD to be Win10 with the ability to boot into either and play from whichever OS I want for that day... Will this work? Also what files should I port across to the new Win 10 install? I assume a joystick file at least...
  4. What do you mean "hash"? Did you have the 8fps issue?
  5. Eager to try the update when the issue is fixed... I've got a 970 GTX with the issue... Driver is stable before this update and stable in my other sims. I'm not eager to shotgun with a new driver which may introduce other issues. Can you give a read on a hotfix?
  6. Hey guys! I have a GTX 970... Just wanted to know what drivers work best for BOS?
  7. That's another upgrade I hope to do for those times I'm not doing VR or I'm playing something without VR... Something between 32" and 40" monitor would be amazing... I'm at 1920 x 1080 on a 24" monitor... I'd think going up to 32" with a very much increased pixel density would be a sweet spot where I could drop any AA, etc... and still have a razor sharp IQ.
  8. Thanks for the response... Yeah, I've tried VR via the Samsung VR using an S7 and it is amazing so I can only imagine it for a flight sim being incredible... I'm thinking of waiting until next gen stuff rolls out later this year and get a 1080Ti (or something faster if avail) and the fastest CPU avail then. Perhaps in as few as a few months the first foveated rendering HMDs will be sold to consumers as well and be ready to go...
  9. I have a 4770k , 16GB RAM, and a 970 GTX. What kind of experience can I expect in this sim with VR? Is it adequate to experience the love?
  10. Great work. I've been waiting a long time for these shots... Would love to see a few landscape shots with each development update. The mountains are fantastic already and will really add so much atmosphere to that map. Really looking forward to it. Great job - I really love how "balanced" the sim is with respect to all the various disciplines that make it shine from cockpits to landscape to physics to AI... I love the fact that you folks are constantly seeing improvements from all areas... The 64 Bit enhancement, DX11, etc... The constant DDs... Carry on!
  11. Would like to discuss the merits of each API... I suppose the best thing DX9 has to offer is compatibility with old video cards, though certainly 99% of the folks that think about flight simulation will have a DX11 compatible card these days... So... What does DX11 (and 12) offer in terms of graphics? I've always thought what the team has done with DX9 was pretty amazing and I'm excited to see how well they can do with DX11. What kinds of things can be expected/enhanced?
  12. Nvm... Turns out I missed a section of the spinner!
  13. I have painted the entire spinner red, but when the engine is running the front part of the spinner is green. What am I missing?
  14. Still can't find the spinner though...
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