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  1. @ICDP Ok, thank you for the answer. I just checked the template you send, and I see with the reflection of the sun on the body's plane the inscription Moonbeam McSwine with the victory marks and the Squadron letters HO and the W on the vertical fine. If it is easy to remove can you tell me on which layer did you put this ?
  2. @ICDP Are the current official P-51D skins the only skins available or the devs will bring more official skins later like the Moonbeam McSwine skin you did ?
  3. We use a Discord Channel. Here is the link https://discord.gg/MHd9Zh3 We are waiting for you ! Moonbeam
  4. Hi Benti, Yes we fly on TAW ! However, most of the people who joined us are used to fly with GPS on the map, so I will make a training session next week-end I guess...
  5. Hello everyone ! Welcome to the 6th Fighter Group ! Our community is growing up pretty quickly. This is a very young squadron which has been created few weeks ago, and we are still recruiting pilots ! Take a look of the informations you can learn about the Squadron : - Who can join the squadron ? Everyone can, from the rookies to the confirmed pilots. This is an international squadron. We just want "mature" pilots. - What kind of Squadron is it ? The 6FG is a serious squadron. We try to be coordinated during flights, bombing, escorting and ground attacking missions. And, to be coordinated during these missions, you will learn our tactics, to handle different types of planes and learn their characteristics and more... - In which side do you regularly fly ? And Which pack(s) do you play ? We Allied side as well as Axis side. We play to all packs. From Moscow to Bodenplatte (Except Flying Circus and Tank Crew). - Will I be enforced to buy an extension pack ? Absolutely not ! We never will never enforce you to buy any extension pack. However, if on servers your planes are not available, you will not be able to join us. - If I am a begginer on IL-2 GB or more generally on a flight sim, would I be accepted ? Yes ! However, you will need an instructor to teach you the basical manoeuevers of planes, and how to fly correctly. - What is the official language of the Squadron ? English is the official language. It will be better to communicate between us. - Need I to be very good in english ? Not very much at all ! We will learn you a specific vocabulary to understand and communicate easily during brefing and battle moments. - How can I join the Squadron ? Here is a link of our Discord Channel : https://discord.gg/FXW5eEW You just have to joint it, and send a message in the section "lettre-of-application" in which you explain your motivation(s) to join this squadron, then, we will proceed to your "evaluation" and next, your training. - What kind of missions do you carry out on servers ? Escorting, bombing, ground attack, reconnaissance (hunting) are our main missions we carry out. - If I am a black sheep who don't care about my wingmen and want to shoot down every ennemy I see in the sky, what will happen ? So, at this point, we are not interested by good pilots at shooting ! We want pilots how care about his/her wingmen. We win a mission together ! NOT alone ! - Do you provide a skin ? Yes we do ! At the beggining you will have the official default skin of the squadron (on different airplanes), then if you want to add logos, lettres, different serial number, or even a pin up, you can. If you're not interested by giving a name to your plane, just fly with the default squadron skin. If you're intersted of joining this squadron by seeing the perspective of gameplay that it can offert you to, feel free to join our discord We are waiting for you ! Moonbeam, executive secretary of the 6th FG. Here you can see our Squadron Teaser :
  6. Hi namhee2, As a french guy, I say that It would be very cool to hear some french voices ! And if I can led my voice I would be happy :) By seeing you post, if a french voice is implemented, they will have to creat a Normandie Niemen skin, and more than this... They will have to "link" the french voice to the plane skin. And currently there are two langages in game : Russian and German What do you think about this ?
  7. Hi all ! How can we get the TS3 password of the TAW server ? Thank you in advance
  8. Hi all ! I'm looking for the blueprint of the official "Blue 7" of the bf-109k4 skin and I found nothing (in my folders and in this topic). So could you guid me to find what I'm looking for ? Thank you in advance Cheers ! Moonbeam
  9. WOW !!! You did a great job with the P-47 ! The cockpit looks awesome ! The skins too. I hope you would do the same work for the P-51D Mustang ! Good Job !
  10. Finally, it's nothing if BoBP cannot be in my steam library, If I can launch my steam version and play with additional content bought on your site it's great ! Thank you for answered me ! You do a great job with IL-2 Series ! I just hope the camo of the P-51D Mustang Moonbeam McSwine will be in BoBP ?...
  11. Once and for all, last question : with BoS bought on Steam, can it possible to buy BoBP on the website and play to it on steam Version ? It's just to reassure me ! Thank you in advance Moonbeam
  12. Sneaksie So, If I linked the accounts, I if I buy content on the IL-2 web site (ex : BoK) and if I download and run the standalone client, will I have got all my content (ex : BoK and my BoS Steam Version) ?
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