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  1. Thanks!! That was it. LOL... my default global sampling was at 150%! With the Odyssey I guess that wasn't much of a problem, as the only time I ever dropped below 90 was on Combat Box over a city with a lot of aircraft. Dropped it down to 70 first, and just smooth as silk. And so incredibly beautiful. I love watching the wings peel gracefully off a Camel. FOV is a bit tight, but I notice there's already suggested mods to ditch the provided insert and make your own to get the eyes closer to the lenses. Not going that far, but I'll keep an eye out for after-market inserts for those without glasses to move the lenses closer.
  2. Got mine last week on Wednesday. Upgrading from the Odyssey. Once I got it working, it was amazing. Running an Asus Crosshair VIII with a 3900X, and ran into the same issue many have with 570X boards in general, and Asus in particular - NONE of the USB3 ports would work. Not the C port, nor any of the A ports. Only the front case ports (ribbon cable to MB headers) would partially work, and without sound. HP is working with Asus on the issue. Fortunately running a 2080 Ti (my search for a 3080 has so far been fruitless) and I realized it has a USB3 C port, and that worked perfectly. Finally fired up IL2 today and the Game looked *amazing* on first launch, though the FoV seems noticeably narrower than the Odyssey. Quickly realized my 2080 Ti was getting killed so I'm about to go tweaking. Looks like the default sampling is too high?
  3. I bought one of the very first batch of R3volution pits sent to the States, and I've been very happy with it. Currently running the first gen Slaw pedals (BF109) pictured in the review, and they fit just fine. I'd definitely go for the R3v rather than the Ozone, though to be dead honest - if I had to do it all over again today I'd compare the R3v with a full custom 80/20 setup from one of the many racing pit vendors before buying anything. I'd still probably go with the R3v - Working from home during the pandemic I sit in this pit 12+ hours a day (before it was 4-5), and the ability to have the keyboard and mouse right in perfect position is critical. I've got a pic of the pit in the 'pit pictures' thread on the forums here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/8441-show-us-your-cockpit/?do=findComment&comment=911123 On topic for the review, I've wondered over the last year or so if it would be worth it to sell my gen 1 Slaw pedals for the newest version. I actually prefer the 109 pedals compared to the F-16, but I'd like the soft-center cam drive upgrade.
  4. Definitely still in for a P-38 throttle. I rarely fly the P-38, but all those sliders will be put to good use, replacing my now very ancient CH Quadrant (I use it for sliders, mounted next to a Warthog throttle base - this would replace both.) Question on the above - you reduced the button throw weight due to mil-spec being uncomfortable. Was the video the reduced weight, or the original mil-spec? In most cases I definitely prefer as stiff and realistic a button I can get, but I do worry about keeping the nose on the target when triggering the second stage canons. Keeping the stick perfectly still and not jerking it off target when going for the second stage might be a challenge.
  5. 100% in on the P38 throttle.
  6. Currently running an Odyssey, and am in the wait queue for an Index kit. Been reconsidering whether or not an Index is enough of an upgrade to be worth a grand, and I think this is enough to cancel that order and wait. I don't mind WMR... it had it's bugs early on, but seems pretty much invisible these days. Would be nice, though, if this new product would allow Valve VR to interface directly without another software layer sucking up cycles and frames.
  7. Sim Racing Studio blower kit. Works incredibly well in racing titles, but IL2 doesn't export speed telemetry yet so it has to be used in fixed manual mode. Still an incredible bit of kit for immersion (and keeping the head cool in the HMD), and realistic in the sense that the huge fan in front of the pilot would always be blasting a pretty strong breeze back at him. Nothing like the feeling of wind when in a D7 or Camel, turning and burning above France. Also the cheapest bit of kit in that whole rig, other than the old CH I use for sliders.
  8. Roons, I have a feeling we'll have to move this thread to the Suggestions forum.
  9. Fantastic work... as soon as the wife's work situation becomes clearer I'll order at least the trim box. Do you plan on making something with more than one lever? Right now I'm using a hodgepodge of control boxes - Gunfighter for the stick (incredible kit), Warthog throttle for throttle and button box, and a CH Quadrant for all the sliders - 2 trim, prop pitch, mixture, oil rads, and water rads. The CH box works but is bulky and, well, rather ugly. Your trim box plus something with 3-4 more levers would be perfect.
  10. I have an embarrassing plethora of cables, but cable management when you've got this many toys in a small space is really hard.
  11. I'd actually pay for this enhancement. I'm also running the SRS blower kit, and even in fixed manual mode it's incredible immersion when flying WW1 birds. Having variable speed based on telemetry would be huge. Even using it in WWII closed pit birds would be good, as I use it in iRacing with closed pits and the speed clues provided by the wind is very useful. Also great for keeping that VR HMD enclosed head cool. 😉
  12. I'm running a two channel amp (Dayton Audio BSA 200) with two AuraSound shakers and it's awesome for both iRacing and IL2. For IL2 I use SimShaker Wings, which handles the audio feed out the onboard sound card to the amp. The key is SimShaker Wings.
  13. For the few titles that support it and scale well, SLI is awesome. IL2 (and DCS) aren't one of those titles. I went from SLI 1080s to one 2080 Ti. Most games saw a tremendous improvement. One of the few that didn't was Star Wars Jedi: FO. That game has an SLI implementation that works and scales extremely well. It really shows what's possible if there's developmental will. At some point GPUs may be forced to go wider instead of faster, like CPUs have. GPUs are already architecturally very wide internally, but there's a limit to how big you can make a die and the 2080 Ti pushes that limit for all it's worth. I think we'll see multi-die 'SLI on a card' GPUs before long.
  14. These are grey-market OEM keys. They're perfectly legitimate for the end user that buys them. They will activate, and announce themselves as 'Genuine MS Software'. The only way they won't activate is if the seller had already sold that key and had it activated. The people that are taking a (very slight) chance selling these keys are the resellers, as they're violating the resale agreement. These keys are supposed to be tied to hardware - not necessarily a whole new machine, but either a drive, MB, proc, or some combination. Theoretically MS could sue the sellers that are selling the keys without the hardware, but they haven't done this in ages. They haven't even blacklisted them from getting new keys. My opinion - MS would give away Windows if they could get away with it from an anti-trust perspective. They make their big money on Office, Enterprise, and Cloud. They'd love to have the world on free Windows. They still give away the upgrade if you've got a 7 or 8 key - they just don't advertise this. If you're really worried about it, buy a 7 or 8 full retail, boxed product (they're very, very cheap) and use the key to activate Windows 10. It'll work just fine. This isn't necessarily true. It's very easy to get GPU bound in VR. If you're GPU bound then you can spend whatever you want on a proc/MB/mem upgrade - you won't see any difference.
  15. That's a nice rig, Joe. I'm running an Obutto Revolution, and don't really have the space to set up a second rig for racing so I too just 'swap out', but your system is far more elegant and less time consuming than mine. It looks like you stay back to fly, and slide forward to race? Or do you have to also move the rudder pedals out of the way? I'm also running Sim Racing Studio for the wind sim kit (two Seaflo blowers), but using SimCommander for the shakers (one front, one rear) since I'm already running it for the DD wheel, but I'm just now getting back into IL2 and switching out of iRacing so I'll transition to SRS for the IL2 support. Does the wind sim kit work at all with IL2? It wouldn't make realistic sense for sealed WW2 birds, but would be great for Flying Circus.
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