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  1. Cramming my ample frame into a Spitfire would probably be less productive than putting me to work on the Manhattan project or rocketry research to be honest. I imagine most sim pilots would have an advantage over the average rookie, but not all that dramatic of one.
  2. Thanks! The manual option will be necessary - I need the button available at least for other games (DCS).
  3. I recently switched to a Virpil MT50 CM2 grip from a TM Warthog, which has mostly been great. One issue I'm having is with binding the wheel brake in IL2 - the lever on the front of the grip is an analogue axis but also registers a button press halfway through the travel of the lever. In DCS that's not a problem as axis/button bindings are done separately, but with IL2 it effectively means I can't bind the axis, only the button, as the software registers the button press as the input and ignores the continuing motion of the axis. Is there a way around this? The control files for IL2 don't seem to be in a readily editable format so I'm not sure how to go about doing it that way either.
  4. The X-Plane 11 UI handles it well and a similar approach would probably be good for IL2. You set up any number of control binding profiles which you individually name, then there's a list of all available aircraft with a dropdown for which profile each uses. That's probably the best solution given how many aircraft there are, especially given that number will only continue to grow. So broadly what you were suggesting Seb, just a slightly different layout.
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