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  1. i got my stick in today and im having issues setting it up
  2. i will me downloading BOS soon as my flight stick arrives and ill be back here, asking more questions. ~S~ VMF/214_AUTO
  3. Ok guys i used to fly il2 1946 in hyperlobby with the vmf/214 ... ive been away for awhile, so what is everyone flying now days? i got on hyperlobby just to find out it was dead. and with there being COD and BOS.. which one is everyone flying now days.. ive installed cod and i should recieve my flight stick in the mail in a few days.. ~S~ AUTO
  4. hey guys.. . this is AUTO.. I used to fly with the blacksheep back in 2012 or so.... we had a facebook page and everything lol... what are yall flying now and where can i link up with yall. in installed hyperlobby and there was hardly anyone online?. ill check back with yall or you can email me mog_auto@msn.com hope to see yall soon
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