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  1. Couple Issues I've found so far: -Setting the dogfight game mode to Axis or Allied still lets people join the opposite side -checking the "Forward air spawn" option causes the generator to fail to generate the mission. If I could make one suggestion, maybe instead of (or in addition to?) selecting how many ambient aircraft, being able to select how many flights. When I select say, 10 ambient planes I was envisioning multiple small flights on each side, but I ended up with 2 big flights of 5 per side. Also, how will the AI activity tab work going forward? I se
  2. Meh. my 2060 Super runs IL-2 in VR at close to max settings, looks great in my headset. DCS stutters on the lowest and is still barely playable, looks like garbage and spotting aircraft is nearly impossible through the jaggy mess of pixels. DCS will claim its "BuIlT fOr FuTuRe HaRdWaRe" but yet 5 years from now they'll have added even more useless eye candy that will still bring current hardware to its knees. If you've been playing DCS since the old 1.2 days you'll know this is true. Still the same lifeless, boring game with broken multiplayer it was in 2008 but now with pretty cl
  3. This would be nice, especially for us VR users! I can't say I've done much night flying in the sim, but when I do I'm usually blinded by the map! lol
  4. Seems like the P-51 Payload discharge effect doesn't seem to be working. Everything else in the P-51 feels ok, and the other planes I tested have all their payload effects. Not sure if this is a bug with IL-2 or Simshaker (I'm guessing IL-2) But I wasn't sure where to post this.
  5. Ease of use is a HUGE thing that doesn't get brought up nearly often enough, something that is really overlooked especially in a game like IL-2 with simplified systems and controls (not to mention the fact we're sitting at our desks with hotas', not in the real cockpit), and also something that American designers have excelled at since ww2 all the way up to today. Cockpit layouts, ergonomics, Automatization of systems, Hell, even the way the landing gear is laid out to make taxiing easier, things of that nature.
  6. Kinda disappointed this thread just turned into a spitfire post, I was really excited to hear about all the other planes people hate! haha. I mainly wanted to hear other people talk about how much they also hate Yaks.
  7. I'll bite on this one! I can't stand Yaks, any of them. Russian planes in general I usually only tolerate, but god do I hate the Yak in particular. I hate the way it looks, I hate the cockpit layout, I hate the pilot workload, I hate the way it flies. And it seems like this thread has already beaten that horse to death, but I'll just go ahead and say I don't like Spitfires either! lol.
  8. New update seems to have fixed the Iconic missions! Super excited to mess with that. Any chance of having a coop option for the indivudual missions? I've actually thought that PWCG would make a really good individual mission generator, something along the lines of the Easy Mission Generator but with a bit more mission variety. Would something like that ever be feasible? I'd imagine it'd be a TON of work.
  9. The new iconic missions tab doesn't seem to be working for me, I only get an option to finish along with some "Iconic missions:" text. I redownloaded PWCG and tried it without my old User folder to see if either of those were causing errors. Is there some setup that I need to do? Maybe run a campaign during that event for the tool to recognize it?
  10. Really excellent post! After messing with the .50 cal dispersion mod, I think the proper convergence settings is something that would really improve the feel of .50s in this game. I'd also really like the tracers at end of belts, but as far as the tracers/no tracers loadouts, I could go either way. it'd be fun to try out for sure.
  11. Thanks Jade Monkey! I'm enjoying trying out the La-5! Seems like one of the few Soviet Planes I actually like flying so far!
  12. Mtnbiker1998

    Weapons Mod

    Great to hear! I'm super excited to see this mod evolve.
  13. La-5 Series 8 Its hard to pick a #1 favorite, but I'd say P-51 and P-47 for the Allied side, 51 being the favorite fighter and 47 being my favorite for A2G. On the Axis Side I'd go for the 109G-6 and the 190-A5. The G-6 is a really fun fighter with the 13mms, and the A-5 is a great fighter bomber than can still hold its own as a fighter. I haven't found a Soviet plane that really speaks to me, so while I've always been curious about the LA-5 I haven't been willing to invest money into it. If I like the LA-5 I'll probably buy the FN!
  14. Mtnbiker1998

    Weapons Mod

    Been using this on and off since it came out (back when it was still just the .50 cal mod! lol), between switching back to vanilla guns with the (quite excellent) .50 dispersion mod by Cass, I find a like a lot of things about this mod compared to vanilla, particularly the German 13mms feel just right. However, it feels like this mod overdoes .50s quite a bit. It feels like the lightest touch anywhere near an engine, cockpit, or even wing root NEAR the cockpit will instantly kill or set fire to anything. While the occasional "lucky hit" should absolutely be doing that, it shouldn't
  15. Figured I'd jump onto this bandwagon, I enjoyed the TF mod for Clod back in the day, but since going to VR I can't go back. Trackir's accelerated janky movement is too unatural anymore, and I ended up giving it to a buddy for him to get into Flight sims so even if I wanted to go back to a flat screen I couldn't. Waiting to purchase Desert Wings until VR drops. For those who still think VR is a "Useless Gimmick" Check out the Steam Hardware Survey, (https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/Steam-Hardware-Software-Survey-Welcome-to-Steam) Nearly a quarter of all Steam users have a V
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