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  1. Other: nav lights and tracers that can be seen in broad daylight from miles away, very much unlike real life. "If ambientlight > xxx lums then navlight/tracers visible from 300m and not further" (could be more accurate, but that'll do, thanks) can't require a phd or 300 workdays to code this ?
  2. So no thermal turbulence, but wind turbulence is a thing. No cloud turbulence either, without wind. More options when Truesky is implemented. Edit: read answer in other thread
  3. Thanks you, I had seen another link with some of these but not everything. It says: So I'm starting to worry there's no way to get turbulence, unless it has been implemented since 4.312. 😪
  4. Hi there, I found in single missions a mission called freehunt, flying a Bf110. There was no sign of any thermal turbulence. I went into the files and found Free Hunt.mis Here's a section of it: [MAIN] MAP Land$English_Channel_1940 BattleArea 25000 10000 300000 300000 50000 TIME 9 WeatherIndex 0 CloudsHeight 1000 BreezeActivity 100 ThermalActivity 10 player BoB_LW_ZG26_Stab.000 I edited it to ThermalActivity 1000 and played the mission again, and again no sign of any thermal turbulence. I t
  5. Indeed, despite having cumulus I plowed into joyfully, I didn't experience any turbulence. Is turbulence even modelled in game ? I can't remember playing any missions that had any, but then I didn't play this much.
  6. Thanks for callsign, are you thinking of implementing a less calm air in the desert too some day ?
  7. 46 inches is far beyond the yellow arc, and 2800 is also above the yellow mark, no wonder I can't follow within yellow parameters then. I wonder the use of these yellow parameters if not for climb ? I tried in a 109F to see how it works in the dynmis, and I was able to follow , but only with full throttle. Thankfully engine doesn't cook as fast in a 109. By the way if I try to select any Axis squadron on el alamein pursuit, dynmis crashes, so I had to choose another campaign instead, to be able to fly axis. Also, I don't kno if it's C
  8. Radiator fully open, Trimmed for stick centered. If I stay in the yellow band of throttle/rpm AI pulls away fast. If I go full forward I burn the engine. If the DCG sets climb speed lower, won't the AI pull away vertically then, with their never-overheats engine ? Having AI that doesn't overheat, especialy in the desert is ..... a serious disadvantage to player. Could it be compensated by giving AI only 90% of engine power, while waiting for a more elegant way ?
  9. I had this with 4 SAAF squadron in alamein pursuit, with lead and n°2 returning shortly after take off. This is maybe not entirely related to your missions but my Tomahawk flies like it's on rails. I'd expect some turbulence in the desert at least at low altitude, when the sun burns those sand dunes. At sunrise and/or in winter steady air is all right, but after 10AM in spring/summer ? I'm not entirely sure, being an irregular clodo flyer, but turbulence does exist in this game, doesn't it ? Also my squadron usually pulls away during climb, I t
  10. Well you gotta be fair, until very recently blackouts were pretty phony. Today in my limited experience of RL aerobatics (I know Faucon's is quite the expert here), they're pretty spot on. Game is far from flawless, but blackouts are the best I ever experienced in a sim.
  11. No mods yet, I may have a look, thanks 😉
  12. Alas I already have the highest settings (Ultra as base/extreme for clouds) but thanks for suggestion. 😀
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