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    Can a plane fly and manouver without the tail fin?

    Sioux city showed that THIS Dc10, with THIS payload and initial conditions, could be flown with engines only. The sheer talent of crew made it possible to manage a not 100% fatal crash landing, but I can guarantee that most crews won't be able to achieve that much, talented or not, due to initial conditions of failure. It's basically the same for OP question. It is possible, yes, for sure. But most pilots will possibly crash, at landing or earlier, depending on initial conditions.
  2. KGM_Roll

    Can a plane fly and manouver without the tail fin?

    It' more the loss of all flight controls (inc, crucially, elevator) than the loss of stab that caused the crash of japan air 123, if that's the one you think of.
  3. KGM_Roll


    Clostermann was a flight lieutenant, and while he boasted being squadron leader (acting) and wing commander (acting), french historian claims he never was. Whatever he wrote and did, what cannot be disputed is that he fought a dangerous war, shot some planes and ground targets, survived and wrote great books about it. Discussing what is really true is irrelevant, as in Desmoulins' , Rudel, Galland and many others' cases.
  4. KGM_Roll

    Any here know how to do a combat landing in a he-111?

    To slow down you can also try to cross controls, apply full rudder to one side and ailerons to the other.
  5. KGM_Roll

    Any here know how to do a combat landing in a he-111?

    This won't work on a tail dragger, if it's modelled accurately.
  6. KGM_Roll

    Ground Attacker Handbook

    Just started to read, looks like I'll get very useful infos in there, thanks a lot for sharing 👏
  7. KGM_Roll

    Any here know how to do a combat landing in a he-111?

    What you're dong wrong for a landing:too high speed, too steep dive. But then again I understand you do this because you want no delay from your starting high position until landing, in order not to be shot down while approaching at the right speed and correct flight path. Easy fix: imagine a runway that would be nearer from you when you land. Let's say it would be roughly at 2 runways lenght closer to you. Do the same manoeuvers you do, but in relation to this imaginary runwayinsted of the real one. When you flare over this imaginary runway, hold your trusty heinkel a few meters above the ground with engines idle and let the speed drop. You should then touch down at approximately 120/140km/h on the real runway, with a fast slow down at very low altitude which gives any lurking vulcher little time to shoot you down, and you can always crash from low alt with high chances of survival.
  8. KGM_Roll

    Coop Is it working .

    That's indeed very bad news. At its peak (more like 8 years ago)46 on HL had 1500 players logged in at the same time, with 1000+ playing. Happy days gone by.
  9. I'm pretty sure it must have been mentioned already but let me insist: 1/Typhoon will be badly missing, since tempest didn't deliver ground armament (except their guns, ofc) until very late, and bombs only IIRC. 2/lack of flyable bomber is reallly sad, we have it on russian front, why not on western ? I suggest B-26 and a late He111 version (less work probably) or a Ju88-C (more work but more original) as opposition. Can be premium planes. 3/B-25 as AI bomber seems strange to me, most intercepted med bombers seem to have been B-26s, even if B-25 were still there, B-26 is more iconic imo. Otoh B-25s are suitable for later pacific BOX and russian front. 4/we need at least one AI 4 engines, be it either B24 or B17, and a C-47, they're iconic of the era.
  10. Hi all, dear devs, Mig-3, as most if not all airplanes in the game, has this phosphorescent green color on needles and numbers of most important instruments at night. On the RPM indicator though, only the needle is phosphorescent, numbers are invisible at night, unless cockpit lighting is switched on. I can't search for "rpm" word with current forum search (4 letter words at minimum) so I don't know if this has been reported yet. Have a nice day.
  11. KGM_Roll

    WOW, wow and Wow!!!!

    Thanks for all these, fascinating subject indeed Thing is, in game there's 0% damage after a loop with fully loaded 111, I don't necessarily expect wings to come off, but some hinder to flight characteristics would be more realistic, I once flew a bent aerobatics aircraft and it handled... not exactly well.
  12. KGM_Roll

    WOW, wow and Wow!!!!

    Thanks, I have read the same kind of account on a B17, but it didn't mention aircraft as still loaded. However, this Lanc got "help" with an explosion to complete the loop, and "has amazed both RAF and production expert". Any "in control" loop ?
  13. KGM_Roll

    WOW, wow and Wow!!!!

    You got my interest, any url for these several reports ?
  14. KGM_Roll

    WOW, wow and Wow!!!!

    I wonder why they didn't use the looping as standard ? 500ft alt diff', 30° course change, pretty violent for a Lancaster, still far from a loop. http://www.lancaster-archive.com/lanc_corkscrew.htm
  15. KGM_Roll

    WOW, wow and Wow!!!!

    Especially with a fully loaded medium bomber like the He111, a pure aerobatic plane