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  1. with time it will be like that, remember how it was 20 years ago and how it is now
  2. actually you only need the keys for the collector planes to update to premium, not a whole new premium BoS key
  3. That mindset was establish at the beginning of the war, when Germany was doing it pretty well. The Luftwaffe has no real opponent till they face the RAF, and there actually the RAF in term of numbers and experience was no match for the LW, thankfully Göering was an idiot and used those stupid Tactics... anyways, that's was mainly why Germany focused so blindly in the 109 and the had to accept that they needed the 190, also all the other things mentioned by @ElPerk.
  4. Actually there are so many games that use translucent water, ArmA 3, War Thunder, World of Warships, GTA, Fall out and many others, maybe in the future we can have it too in BoX series, and will be a really needed feature in the pacific theatre where most of the map is water
  5. the water surface needs to be reworked in order we be able to see underwater, a sub a periscope depth is clearly visible from the air
  6. the rain effect is amazing, can also be applied to the exterior of the Plane???
  7. thanks, but didn't help, not all the files there
  8. Hi lads, after reinstal i just [edited] the input folder, can someone hand the default input folder so i can start all over again??? thanks in advance Potz
  9. Hi lads, me and my mates are trying to turn PWCG missions into Multiplayer, we add an "fake airfield" into the generated mission, but when we join the server, everybody seem to join but no one can see each other on the airfield, everybody can select plane, take off, and fly but each in a different reality, my question is "should we modify any other parameter on the generated mission in order to make it playable in MP???" thanks in advance for yer help. Regs Potz
  10. anybody knows what would be the best average for my X52 now???
  11. I can asure that FM changed in last patch
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