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  1. das ausbuchtung ! Ist bumpen schnitzelburgheroffenbachenhoven !
  2. arbeiten, bis Sie fallen und dann spielen!
  3. I think I had a stroke while reading this Rest easy. The Hanriot to which he refers must be the invisible version surely .... otherwise I just can't see it. Sorry.
  4. Jeepers, I would never use the ping limiter. Do you think I'm crazy? As it is, my ping pongs like a heap o' steamin' .... oh f#ck it now you've reminded me. Thanks .....
  5. "This video is not available"! WHAT'S GOING ON BAEUMER!
  7. Yeah I'm sorry bender. A momentary lapse of reason. I'd welcome her onboard if the D7 was removed from the plane set. But then 80% of online players would disappear. It's a paradoxical conundrum. I don't know the answer to that. But hopefully they'll do things dirty and get FC2 RELEASED BEFORE I DIE !!
  8. Sweet Gordon Bennett ! Haven't we got enough duds on the Entente side! I want the Pup! With the Bentley BR2 230 hp, twin Vickers and structurally re-engineered. As a feature mod. Or maybe just the Snipe then.
  9. Danke. Guten Abend. Zeit zum Abfeuern von AC/DC.
  10. Nein, es nacht hier. Bitte mithalten.
  11. Lol. We've all been there .... or seriously considered it. My Saitek pedals are still working okay after much abuse and little care. And long periods of neglect and dust collecting. I have no idea how good or bad they are compared to the expensive stuff, but as a relatively casual player I'll say this, they are much better than a twist stick!
  12. You're welcome Chunko. The blue max looks good on you. And by all reports (secret British intel, cannot divulge sources, but may be a woman), well deserved.
  13. Who is this man? Is he a spectre, a phantom in human form? They whisper his name in the mess, the latrines and down by the river with fear and respect. With stiff upper lips and pipes firmly clenched .... his name is barely heard .... it travels across the gentle zephyr to the cringing Ack Emmas. His name is ..... CHUNKO!
  14. I find that wording ambiguous, so could someone from the company clarify exactly what it means? Hmmm. Nice work Al. Always the hard questions, damn it man! Perhaps they plan to sell it as DLC for those who don't wish to upgrade to FCII and the new DM? I wonder if it comes with soggy ground?
  15. Now they look like proud boys. But thank God that'll never happen again.
  16. Quite rightly. But we're not here to talk about electrical bananas. This is a serious topic and I regard @Chill31 with the greatest respect. And one hell of a lucky guy doing what he does. So please carry on with the camel/dr1 discussion. I was merely having a senior moment.
  17. Oh man. This is getting way too heavy. I'm gonna cook up a vat of lentils with pumpkin. I'm just mad about saffron.
  18. What I don't understand is why you let Larner back in the first place ?
  19. That's not good shaver. I think it took me 4-5 hours to download FC about 16 months ago. And I think it was 13 gb's or something back then. At the time I was on satellite and I thought that was bad. Now I'm on superfast cable with download speeds of 37 mbps ROFLOL. But about 4 mbps from the 1C server? But you win hands down.
  20. Ah I see. Canadian is easier to understand. Thank you Thommo.
  21. Sage advice shaver. It's well to remember the prudence of one who knows .... Ah f*ck I keep forgetting that.
  22. Would you mind awfully translating to English old chap. I have such a beastly time understanding German.
  23. Yeah, well you know what they say about big noses .... . I'm sorry I'm not aware of such comfort devices so I am of no help at all. Perhaps Pimax should consider an adjustable Durante version? I wish you luck ....
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