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  1. Hope you're right Shark. But the statement below is a little vague regarding timing ... if it is indeed referring to the Nieuport? Hopefully Jason clocks in .... And absolutely no mention of the Hanriot! Jason said "We also continue to make new airplanes and other models that will be incorporated into the sim this year and beyond"
  2. Any idea when the Nieuport 28 will be completed? She's gorgeous and I'm looking forward to getting my dirty mitts on her very much!
  3. Spin recovery in this game is just plain weird and, dare I say it, unrealistic. The above Pfalz DIII procedure is similar to the Camel yet these aircraft are worlds apart in almost every respect apart from the ability to fly.
  4. That's pretty amazing Chill. How on earth did you find that? Bet it cost a pretty penny. I wonder if we could fit a virtual copy onto FC's Se5a to correct the bleeding revs issue? I presume you will be using this on your Se5a Viper build? Can't wait for that one! Me too.
  5. Oh for God's sake, Jason please just give him the Hanriot.
  6. Propellers are expertly handcrafted, hard to get, enormously expensive and vital for the air services. And you broke yours! A typical novice error. Maybe you need wheel skids and clipped wings until you become competent? 1 star ....
  7. The story of Belgium and waffles is a truly fascinating and inspired tale worthy of its rightful place in the great moments of time and human endeavour. Are you telling me it's all fiction !?
  8. Thank you IL-2. If not for you, these people would be out on the streets scaring the children.
  9. Well, you'd expect that of uncivilised convicts and uncouth criminals with no idea of fair play and chivalry like the Oxford rowing eight and Lord Dudley.
  10. Chill Talby. If you were more like Biggles and played a straight bat you wouldn't have to quit. He never committed any crimes. Well, except the threesomes with Algy and Ginger. But they were different times.
  11. The Se5a. Loses revs rapidly in anything but level flight or a dive thus seriously affecting all combat manoeuvres apart from BnZ. But she's still a looker ! That's looker with an L.
  12. I'm prepared to overlook that Dutch and am looking forward to its imminent release. Mind you, I don't have a VR headset anyway ....
  13. Lol. Birds have extraordinary vision and knew all along. The cat thought he was being sneaky but no cigar this time mister!
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