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  1. Don't be fooled Cracky. The beautiful old Alby, yeah he gets a bad rap. But I've experienced dogfighting against Zoo baby in his Alby and gosh the moves he did. Lucky for him I was drunk. And is it the J5 guys? They do okay. In fact, their disdain for the D7 is legendary. And commendable.
  2. Interesting. This has recently started to happen to me. Lose all FFB. No problems before. I just quit the game, pretend to fiddle with the MSFFB2 settings in windows and then it works. It's pretty annoying. But the thing is it also happens in RoF so I thought my stick was losing its mojo.
  3. Thanks Dan. I probably will give it a year or two. I've never been an early adopter type anyway. I'm a "let 'em iron out the bugs first, make 'em lighter and more comfortable, and bring the price down" sort of chap.
  4. Hi, trackir user here. Look, I'm intrigued by VR and it must be a great experience. Not dissing it at all. But how do you use keyboard commands or type in chat sort of thing. Do you have a small window of vision under the goggles or do you have to raise the goggles a bit? Does it interfere with sipping a coffee or smoking a cigarette? I do like the greater situational awareness of headtracking where you can shout at the kid to shut up and see the wife's eyeroll. Watch the news even, in the boring bits. I guess I'd have to spend up pretty big to give it a go. New rig and all that. Maybe one day ....
  5. Steady on you two types! The Alb, he is beautiful girl. The Pfalz, he is not so nice girl. 😜
  6. Only one dammit! In quick missions you should be able to adjust the number of balloons, like with EA, so that you can have waves of balloons coming at ya after each is popped! A swarm of balloons on the attack, binoculars blazing!
  7. Wow Collishaw's Camel comes up good. Real good. Nice dude nice!
  8. Dear Lemmy. God rest his soul. I miss him. His microphone technique was second to none. He WAS the "Ace of Spades". A true gentleman.
  9. This is true of a few people here. Thankfully not many. When cornered they resort to insults. When asked for facts to back up their statements, they can't. When challenged, they fold. Or use deflection tactics or more personal insults. If all else fails, they resort to insults. Again. They never admit to being wrong, ever. Keyboard warrior syndrome. Is that a recognised mental illness? It is funny though. Grown men acting like that. Condescending. Some say just ignore them. But they should be brought to account sometimes. It gets them riled. It's a shame the moderators don't step in and stop people who "consistently post in an aggressive, provocative, or antagonistic manner." But they do have a tough job and they can't be everywhere and see everything. I expect to be roasted over these comments from some lol. Insults, name-calling, hissy fits. Or maybe even the dreaded sad face. The works. Too bad.
  10. He has? Jolly good for facebookers. This is what we get. The last known public comment on FC that I know of. Not overly encouraging. Pity he doesn't spread the love a bit. Not hard.
  11. I thought you guys had both agreed to duel on Combat Box? Anyway, never mind. Doesn't matter.
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