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    Oh lots! I'm only human after all. But WW1 aviation has a special place in my heart. Since I was a wee kid!

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  1. Fantastico! Excellente! It's a little ripper mate! 5 stars
  2. Yeah I remember Tony Iommi with Paranoid and such in Sabbath's heyday in the early 70's. The early 70's British rock scene was a great period. Missed out on Randy later on. Life. I'd moved on. Lol what I meant is you're so busy working through the issues with buttkicker that you're leaving your wife alone which she may appreciate. But she sounds like a most accommodating lady and you are indeed a lucky guy.
  3. AND what exactly is wrong with THAT mister! I'd never heard of Randy Rhoads until now. Born in my year. He must have been pretty cool then. I like David Gilmour myself. Not fast or showy, but every note counts. I was on Flugpark last night about this time and saw sweet FA. No bots, no humans (although 4-5 guys were on). I need a bigger screen. 22" ain't cutting it. Or my eyes. Otherwise, I don't know how you guys do it? Now about that buttkicker .... hmmm .... on the bright side at least you're not annoying your wife ....
  4. Oh man who cares about the buttkicker when we're talking Hendrix! Are you guys familiar with the instrumental "Pali Gap" off the posthumous Rainbow Bridge? One of the best pieces of music he made I reckon. Better when you're in a chilled state of mind. If he had lived who knows what stuff he would've done. Maybe explore more of a jazzy groove. I like to hack around on bluesy style guitar. Needs more work. A lot more! And then some ....
  5. It's a good point Al. Perhaps one day I'll consider it.
  6. Common dudes! Yuk. They smell and drop their aitches. We want classy dudes mister. Officers only. None of your NCO types. God forbid!
  7. Yep. The Flugpark events I can't attend because it's mid morning daytime I think (my time). Pity. I did go out of my way a few months back and flew Cuban's Syndicate events on RoF a few times. But it was between 2-6am which just didn't work for me for various reasons. Oh the tyranny of distance between me and them. I THOUGHT COMPUTERS WERE SUPPOSED TO MAKE THINGS EASIER! DAMN IT ALL TO ... Oh well, never mind. And then there's the ever present ping. I think I may be becoming OC about it. And Asian house geckos. But that's another story. Other than that I'm quite level-headed.
  8. I pretty much land exactly like Manfred in his early days. So I have hope yet as a respected and successful fighter pilot with good hair, an insouciant attitude and a penchant for trophies. Kind of like a leader board. Okay, forget the hair. But I didn't realise MvR was American? A well constructed video documentary. Lots of tracks and editing work there. Must have taken some time. Good job. I don't hand out ratings lightly but I liked it. I'm giving this 5 stars.
  9. I have to admit I don't fly campaigns/careers that much .... well, because FC doesn't have a career for starters. That will change when FC2 or 3 does. That will be interesting. In my relatively little experience with bots, my greatest frustration is friendly AI shooting through you when you're target-obsessed forcing you to break quickly before serious damage or death occurs, only to see the bots make a mess of it. It's like you're wonderwoman or something in that stupid invisible plane, without the sexy apparel.
  10. Don't listen to Al. He's just a cynic. But a lovable cynic and a crazy likeable rogue. I agree with what you say although I do love MP also. The problem is (and to add to your list), being in Oz, and with most popular servers being in the US or Europe, I have this terrible ping see. 250+ upward to the 300's. If that's not badenov, I can only fly in the evening/night (Aussie time) when said US/Europe servers are dead. So I'm pretty well screwed. I'm talking FC only here because I don't have any WWII modules. And no Aussie servers do WW1. I'm not besmirching MP flyers at all, but I think they should stop and think that not all are lucky enough to participate due to unavoidable life circumstances. And this is why SP is a vital part of the GB series and should never be dissed by MP flyers as second rate or something equally disdainful. That is just ignorant stupidity.
  11. I think Thomas got tanked on a cache of amphetamines discovered in the hun trenches.
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