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  1. C'mon Jason and Han don't talk about it, do it. We want FC2. Give it to us. End of message.
  2. I was a virgin when I first lobbed here, intact and pure. I blame you guys for becoming a tart! It's a great community full of humour, passion and a deep love of WW1 aviation for many of us. May it long continue and may the newcomers keep coming. So to speak.
  3. Oh yeah, rise and shine Snarlers! Good news Agent. Nostalgic RoF link there. Interesting someone complaining about the "sluggish" D7 lol. How times change. So what are the requirements these days to become a Saint like Nooney?
  4. No it's not normal, for me at least. I have the same stick and don't use a powered usb hub and have no probs. Is it okay if you don't mess with settings in-game? If that's what you meant? Good luck.
  5. Or you can LSHFT+A and go make a nice cup of tea whilst awaiting aerial conflict. This is the auto level command.
  6. Thanks Nooney! I have to say I'm almost emotional despite my stoic, reserved and repressed anglo nature. Of course, only two contestants speaks loudly that both of us are way too good. Scares them off see. And one of us is a Saint. Salute man! You'll never walk alone. Go Liverpool!
  7. Nice guys. I liked the successful low level bombing run! And of course, just mentioning Saint Nooney always makes me lol. And "that song"! Some crazy hair metal thing. Always good for a laugh.
  8. My best for the month. Good to see a few human players mixing it up ….
  9. Better close the June comp pronto Nooney before Zoo gets wind of this. Or anyone else for that matter ….
  10. Despite the controversy over the recent DM changes, I still believe they are a step in the right direction *ducks* …. So I'm wondering if the vociferous complaints over the recent FC DM changes have been taken onboard by the devs? Will they tweak some of the more extreme DM effects? Shooting away control wires is fine but not with a few hits, particularly when 1918 kites had dual wires for this eventuality. of course there's the other angle where we may not be seeing or hearing the actual hits which adds another dilemma. Jammed controls is more interesting and I think more common? Frayed wires and/or debris through relatively few hits could cause this. But how many hits is acceptable for gameplay and enjoyment purposes? So pare this back a bit. As for wing-shedding, it's fair enough that wire-braced wings are more susceptible to catastrophic collapse than cantilever designs but I'm not sure that focussing on the wing spars is the right approach but I guess that's computing limitations. In any case, it would be great if they could increase the strength of wing-shedders a bit, and decrease the strength of the wing-keepers a bit *ducks* …. my apologies to D7 drivers. if it's taught us anything though, when damaged, F16 manoeuvres are out and that's probably a good thing. But just a few tweaks would be nice. Anyway, it's due to be released in the next week or two so we shall see ….
  11. I came across this whilst trolling the internet. Home-made Tripe! No, not the one they nerfed in RoF. Or the Se5a. This is a real one! (I won't even mention the Fokker Triplane 'cause that'll just upset Bender.) Anyway, for those who haven't seen it, I found it very interesting. The guy who built it is amazing.
  12. Cheers Zoo! Man it's quiet here. I guess they're all at Zoo Wings. Including the four that watched the vid. S! man.
  13. I've posted this vid over in the video section but it should be here too.
  14. A lighthearted moving picture promo of a particular Flying Circus MP server. Guess which one?
  15. They don't make 'em like that anymore. Or songs. A lady with talent. Unlike the myriad of tv talent shows which produce …. exactly what? RIP Vera.
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