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  1. Ok thanks for the tips guys. I'll go manual then!
  2. I just flit about using the default auto mixture/radiator which leaves me free to enjoy the feel of flight in these old buses and run away like a coward if threatened by virtual death without having to think too much about engine management. This is in SP only as my internet speeds are pretty crook. Satellite only. Can't even get a strong wireless signal where I am now let alone fibre. But I digress and it is what it is. My questions are …. how many just stick with auto engine management or is there an advantage to controlling it manually and maybe getting better performance? What are the key bindings to manually control mixture and radiator settings? And is there a guide somewhere that indicates best temps for engine health on each kite? For mixture I presume you just fiddle to get the best rpm at whatever height yes? Richer lower down, leaner higher up. Thanks ….
  3. It's a shame Ball had so much influence regarding the overwing lewis. I mean, what a drag. I'm not sure what design changes would have been required to install twin Vickers firing through the prop on the Se5a and the effect on its flying characteristics but what a machine it may have been. I wonder if it was ever tried?
  4. Yes! This is where the priorities must lie and by God I like your enthusiasm Zoo. I'm sure Han is bustin' his bollocks to get his team back into FC and WWI, their true love. I mean WWII is so …. retro.. GAH! Tanks and Typhoons no thanks! Give me wood and wire, a liberal dose of castor oil and the smell of dope anytime. C'mon Han, waddaya say! Make us all happy.
  5. I was wondering what that smell was? Sort of a tart, acrid, oily English channel kind of smell rather than a tits out Pacific smell. I thought it was a virus. It'd be good to have that same smell in FC.😀
  6. Gentlemen, let us not quibble. Rather, let us remember that FC is still on special at $69.99✔️
  7. This is just too weird. I was just listening to Led Zeppelin last night. At volume! Early stuff but. The best. Had a binge see and got a bit tight. Dancing with zeppelins. But of course Hellbender, who can forget the timeless Pink Floyd albums dark side of the zeppelin and wish you were zeppelins. I'm all for zeppelins. But for now, bring on the photo recon and artillery directing. Please devs.
  8. Boom tish. Look I may be going out on a limb here and I'm certainly no expert but I'm calling this out. They are fakes! Sure, they look like the real thing and are rather fetching but fakes nonetheless. Tar and feather me if you must. It is just an educated opinion. I'm sorry for the bad news Rhumba.
  9. Raaadi I like it why you say that! A decease from I feel sad. No, take this heart and rub them. I mean it. But stop me from that. If I help it. 😟 But I congress. Stiff up the lip and jut out like a men. Two men if what is like you. Is all good yes? Remember, it is heavy but we are brothers like that and so on.
  10. LOL. There's money in them dames. Sexy guys. Heroism. Stoicism. CGI everywhere and Woody's hairpiece. Artistic license I think it's called. Been going on since D.W. Griffith.
  11. Blast! My cover has been blown thanks to you Brave guy. So I have to admit it now don't I!. Yes, I am "hardly anyone"!!. "Catchov" is just a pseudonym to hide my true identity. But how did you (or they?) find out? I may have to litigate. Oh never mind. It's too bally late now anyway.
  12. So there I was see …. in my club enjoying a G&T (plural) and some banter with the chaps when this telegram arrives …. from my batman! "Sir, FC has been updated." Gosh! Down the cakehole went the drink, grabbed my swagger stick and off I bolted. Well, more like a stagger really. Must get to my quarters! Hailed a motorised taxicab and informed the driver to "move it chum!" So there we were barrelling down the high street at 12mph making good time. After a few more nips and half an hour I alighted outside my quarters and shouted to my batman "boot the bally pc up Jenkins!" I then proceeded swiftly up the stairs. Well done IL2 chaps! You'll not let us down. FC onward and upward hoorah!
  13. I don't know about circles but It's time I left in an orderly fashion. Although it is taking some time. This is the way out isn't it?
  14. I say! This is rather good news Pat. This should put some life into the old girl ehl! Not mine, FC I mean. Although ….. hmmmm. Anyway, I look forward to it … and much quicker than I expected. Good show.
  15. Yeah 3.201b update works for me. Thanks for the ticket Harmer and Trupobaw for notifying the beta forum and to the devs for fixing it! Better get onto the ack emma's to roll out the old Se5a, remove the mothballs, adjust the rigging, rearm and refuel while I have a cup o' tea and get a bit of sun. 😎
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