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    Combat Flight Simulators. USAF Veteran. Saving notes,, need to learn about setting up ports for DServer. Thread : https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21228-port-forward-pain/?tab=comments#comment-700304
  1. AKA_Ramstein

    Cannot get server to work.

    Please, DServer, no manual? server rules? When I try hosting with DServer: I get a message "name violates server rules 4) or 5)". I can host sample missions. But I put in missions that absolutely work if I host them, don't work and give that message if I try to start them with DServer. What are these rules, and how do people fix these problems. Thanx! Ram Also, I have two computers, one to play and another to host. Yes, I have official keys for each.
  2. AKA_Ramstein

    Tips flying P-47

    I have not read al the responses in here.. but has anyone else think the P47 is slow?
  3. AKA_Ramstein

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    @ The risk of being yelled at for trolling,,, the Russians could use Hillary's e-mail servers...
  4. AKA_Ramstein

    40% Off for Victory Promo Codes Launched!

    I see, I just tried and it did not discount at checkout with the code..
  5. AKA_Ramstein

    40% Off for Victory Promo Codes Launched!

    will this deal work with Bodenplate?
  6. AKA_Ramstein

    New Wings Servers

    nice servers, the AKA enjoy your server.. a suggestion. maybe make some airfields that have directions on which runways are for takeoff and landing, directions... otherwise... lots of fun...
  7. Latest patch broke Symantec Norton Antivirus,, luckily, I fixed it. usually Symantec doesn't ever complain and just adds the app, or patch, and says good to go, no hassle. This last patch was not accepted and it blocked my connect to IL-2 BOS server. I had to manually 'OK' IL-2 BOS, in my Anti-virus so it would not get rejected. Not sure what changed so drastically, but very rare for me to have to say something is good manually. FYI.
  8. that's what happen to me, the same damned thing! I have Saitek too...... airbrake made the bombs drop!