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    Combat Flight Simulators. USAF Veteran. Saving notes,, need to learn about setting up ports for DServer. Thread : https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21228-port-forward-pain/?tab=comments#comment-700304

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  1. this is horrible! loud obnoxious.. headache! thanx to al that try different solutions... want to fly not be tortured!
  2. Disneyland had a motion platform seat for the experience called 'rocketship to the moon' the seat you sat in for the movie was powered by air and inflated and deflated for takeoff and entry.
  3. 'maintenance, spackle hole in isle 4.......'
  4. AKA_Ramstein

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    Ok, this is what I found. Apparently my sound software, Asus comes with additional sound software for the sound, has Sonic Radar. I adjusted this software and sound and the interface sounds too. it is better. it isn't as well as I truly would like it, but at least I can hear the bomb release, at least on the planes I have flown with the changes. Wish they had separate sounds for different items, instead of lumping the sounds all together. I need to hear that clunk sound when I release bombs. I cannot hear the bombs explode when they hit the ground either, but that just something I have to live with I guess.
  5. AKA_Ramstein

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    will try this soon,, thanx, will report back. I already experimented with amplify in the utility. I have not yet put the changed file back into the fsb file.
  6. AKA_Ramstein

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    lnightmare... well at least it can be fixed.. not sure what happened, but I can no longer hear the bomb release... have to try to tweak it with utility,,, etc... I think it al was fine, then some patch messed up the sounds,,,, can't hear the bomb release and drop....
  7. Please, DServer, no manual? server rules? When I try hosting with DServer: I get a message "name violates server rules 4) or 5)". I can host sample missions. But I put in missions that absolutely work if I host them, don't work and give that message if I try to start them with DServer. What are these rules, and how do people fix these problems. Thanx! Ram Also, I have two computers, one to play and another to host. Yes, I have official keys for each.
  8. I have not read al the responses in here.. but has anyone else think the P47 is slow?
  9. @ The risk of being yelled at for trolling,,, the Russians could use Hillary's e-mail servers...
  10. I see, I just tried and it did not discount at checkout with the code..
  11. nice servers, the AKA enjoy your server.. a suggestion. maybe make some airfields that have directions on which runways are for takeoff and landing, directions... otherwise... lots of fun...
  12. Latest patch broke Symantec Norton Antivirus,, luckily, I fixed it. usually Symantec doesn't ever complain and just adds the app, or patch, and says good to go, no hassle. This last patch was not accepted and it blocked my connect to IL-2 BOS server. I had to manually 'OK' IL-2 BOS, in my Anti-virus so it would not get rejected. Not sure what changed so drastically, but very rare for me to have to say something is good manually. FYI.
  13. that's what happen to me, the same damned thing! I have Saitek too...... airbrake made the bombs drop!
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