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    Combat Flight Simulators. USAF Veteran. Saving notes,, need to learn about setting up ports for DServer. Thread : https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21228-port-forward-pain/?tab=comments#comment-700304

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  1. after 30 minutes, all downloaded, installing, almost to end then boom = "Failed to Update" ===================== I thought I gave an update.. so a few minutes after it failed to updated I had to reboot because the computer froze,, the only issue I could see was my Norton AV didn't like the IL2.exe file.. so I made an exemption for the file and install. Been flying IL-2 for 2 years, and usually no issues,,, but this time saw il-2.exe as a threat.
  2. I just saw this thread. I was stationed at Ramstein airbase, Germany for 3 years, 79-82. I worked the flight line a couple and communications another year. E-4 Sergeant. I had a tow places off base, Landstuhl and Einsiedlerhof. Among my favorite places were skiing in Austria. I flew all over and was in aircraft and helos. Before then, I was in SAC with B52's and Tankers up on the Canadian Border of the Dakotas. F-16's were just coming in to replace the again F-4 Phantoms when I left. I worked with the British harriers that went to o the Falklands and the rescues for the Iranian Hostages. Broke my heart to see the Brit alpha (cancelled in DCS) jet get screwed around after working with the aerobatic teams that used that aircraft by the Brits and Italians and others in airshows. PLus got to work with a Spitfire during the shows each year. So sad that accident screwed up such a wonderful yearly event. I almost got killed from some terrorists that used an airshow to scout for a target to blow up, as they blew up a Nato building I worked a few hundred feet from and they blew it up one morning when I was at work a few hundred feet from it when the building was destroyed by a bomb they planted during one of the airshows. Take Care.
  3. yes I ordered all maps and fly them...
  4. Talking with our squad, and through the history of American (Allied aircraft) many of my brotheren are skeptical of history repeating it self with bad F?M of our Western planes... yes was different developers who botched the F/M's. But, holding out with hope that they are much better this time. We had real pilots who flew some of the WWII aircraft in real life and tried to mentor and teach and explain the aircraft to those developers. The developers still strayed way off path, and refused to mend their ways. So, those huge flubs were locked forever in the code. We hope that our aircraft are treated much better this time. (yes different developers). Usually we only have old training films, and stories and blueprints, etc, at nauseum to help the developers get it right.. as the pilots who flew them in combat are now few are far between. The restored aircraft that can be studied are to valuable to really fly hard and crazy like in dogfights and missions, so the pilots can go on joyrides and tell the developers what the joyrides have in F/M's. But, never gain be able to fly it like you stole it for these birds. We are at the mercy of the developers to get it more right this time. A thing like the wrong fuel tank draining first can ruin the whole aircraft forever in the modelling. Unnecessary overheating... the list is extensive. For now we have a lot of trust, even with some issues we have not with many aircraft that may never be addressed. We shall see.
  5. between DCS updates and IL-2. the hotfixes and other are killing us, or at the least me.. please, beta test your stuff first!~
  6. this is horrible! loud obnoxious.. headache! thanx to al that try different solutions... want to fly not be tortured!
  7. Disneyland had a motion platform seat for the experience called 'rocketship to the moon' the seat you sat in for the movie was powered by air and inflated and deflated for takeoff and entry.
  8. 'maintenance, spackle hole in isle 4.......'
  9. AKA_Ramstein

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    Ok, this is what I found. Apparently my sound software, Asus comes with additional sound software for the sound, has Sonic Radar. I adjusted this software and sound and the interface sounds too. it is better. it isn't as well as I truly would like it, but at least I can hear the bomb release, at least on the planes I have flown with the changes. Wish they had separate sounds for different items, instead of lumping the sounds all together. I need to hear that clunk sound when I release bombs. I cannot hear the bombs explode when they hit the ground either, but that just something I have to live with I guess.
  10. AKA_Ramstein

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    will try this soon,, thanx, will report back. I already experimented with amplify in the utility. I have not yet put the changed file back into the fsb file.
  11. AKA_Ramstein

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    lnightmare... well at least it can be fixed.. not sure what happened, but I can no longer hear the bomb release... have to try to tweak it with utility,,, etc... I think it al was fine, then some patch messed up the sounds,,,, can't hear the bomb release and drop....
  12. Please, DServer, no manual? server rules? When I try hosting with DServer: I get a message "name violates server rules 4) or 5)". I can host sample missions. But I put in missions that absolutely work if I host them, don't work and give that message if I try to start them with DServer. What are these rules, and how do people fix these problems. Thanx! Ram Also, I have two computers, one to play and another to host. Yes, I have official keys for each.
  13. I have not read al the responses in here.. but has anyone else think the P47 is slow?
  14. @ The risk of being yelled at for trolling,,, the Russians could use Hillary's e-mail servers...
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