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  1. my favourite answer to all of these discussions. Can´t go wrong with more options.
  2. Durability is set in the mission editor so how much damage things take varies. The values changed recently (3.012) so there's a really good chance that the missions on many servers have wrong values now.
  3. @DakpilotTell us more! That's really interesting. What planes did you get to fly?
  4. You're practically always better of doing things yourself and turning all assists off.
  5. I´ll take the dive recovery flaps and boosted ailerons over that droop snoot any day.
  6. I hope it is ok to upload these here. If not then mods please remove them
  7. @=RR=ROCKET_KNUTThat spitfire looks good!
  8. I suspect this is a case of pilot error. My Dora works just fine, better even :D.
  9. I already wrote down what I think. Spending my free time waiting for no reason other than even more ariticial game mechanics isnt part of that.
  10. I taxi with just rudder and a few brake inputs here and there. No problems on my end.
  11. @Legioneod They'd have to look at each plane individually. Those "rules" dont apply for all planes equally.
  12. @Leon_Portier More or less what Legioneod said. I dont have a problem with players running wep for their whole flight. They'll just fly short sorties and have no fuel. I'd still fly cruise power in cruise, climb in climb, combat in combat and WEP when I need it. Just without that uneasy thought in the back of my head that tells me that I have to be carefull with the engine. Even stricter timers based not even on manuals however would just make things worse imo. And I'm still looking forward to cruising around with that twin engine beauty that is the lightning!
  13. No idea if that counts but I love just following tree-lined roads and rivers as close to the ground as I can. Gives you a proper sence of speed. Oh, and those very straight roads through some of the towns are great for that too.
  14. Even harder limits than 1min and 3 min respectively? Joking aside, advocating for stricter limits on the basis of balance is a rpute we should never go down. I'm all for getting rid of the mamual timers, they hurt gameplay, but artificially restricting some aircraft even more is definetly not a solution. That's widening out the problem even further.
  15. You totally get away with this, thanks. Btw, does that by chance say something about the Supercharger gear shift altitude aswell? The 43 manual says 2700-3000m but ingame it´s about 3200-3400 right now. Again, manual is older than the version of D9 we have in game so that could´ve changed.
  16. That´s just perspective and the Gear being more compressed in the IRL photograph. For future refrence pictures you´re better off using the skin viewer than the game btw.
  17. @JtDGood to know. I took those numbers from the Dezember 43 manual on avialogs. There's obviously a bit of a time gap until Bodenplatte. Could you share the September 44 manual? Would we great.
  18. @Bert_Foster Agreed but I´d rename the Modes to what they were called back then. 2700 is max continous power, 3000 is climb and combat power, 3250 w/o MW50 is Emergency Power/Takeoff Power, 3250 w/ MW50 is Special or increased emergency power. From the game timer point of view your description is better though.
  19. We´re getting the J-25, maybe that could help you with your search. I think it has the curtiss electric but don´t quote me on that.
  20. Those are correct. Fw 190 D9s without inner wheel doors had angled panels to direct the exhaust gasses and airflow.
  21. Don´t get me wrong, I don´t like the timers either. I agree with you. It´s just been discussed to death.
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