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  1. 3 minutes ago, RedKestrel said:

    Il2 Mission Planner shows the airfield I mentioned as 46 km away from easternmost landing zone at Gold Beach, so a ten minute flight  at 300 km/h, and most of our planes cruise faster than that. Not too far in my opinion. I guess it really depends on your point of view, and how quick you want to get back into the action.

    But Talon mentioned above the best reason not to do it, and I agree with him, so I guess I should retract the suggestion. That's why they're the mission designers and I'm just a fighter jockey, I just put the bullets and ordnance in the right general direction (on good days). 

    As Talon said, we did look at that possibility. 0612 is to close and the next ones areabout 110-130km away with nothing suitable in between.  But yea, the emergency zones should work since you can just ditch them there. 

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  2. 45 minutes ago, E69_Qpassa_VR said:

    Top pilots is made by the best pilots for every campaign?. I am the third in the stats so the-nines is.

    Yes, the Ranking is per Campaign (Tour). One Tour lasts a month.

    Edit: The "best pilots" in the bottom is from the last Tour which was testing.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Diggun said:

    I absolutely will do, and thank you for looking into it. I have not been kicked from the server at all, just thought that a ping of 170 would make it fairly pointless trying to play, given the amount of lag & stutter present for me in servers with mere double figure ping counts... 

    You should be fine. Ping is a lot less critical in flight sims than games like CSGO. I get about 170 myself.

    1 minute ago, 71st_AH_Barnacles said:

    Big Salute to all the chaps flying something other than D9s and K4s on the axis side. I know they're limited but even early in the maps you always see a variety of planes, so it's clear that people are going for more challenging options for the fun of it. Now if only there were more Allied BoBp planes released already..

    They keep teasing us with pictures and I´m running out of P-51 and P-38 movies to watch :lol:.

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  4. 32 minutes ago, Invictus_84 said:

    BTW....fantastic server......Bravo!  :salute:


    20 minutes ago, Diggun said:

    I've not been able to join the fun, I'm getting ping of 170+. :(


    Seems like a great idea for a server though! 

    Is it kicking you out?

    12 minutes ago, Frakkas said:


    Same here, based in Europe, I've been kicked for high ping, anything you can do for european pilots?

    How often does this happen and do you have a way to check if that might be pingspikes? We´ve been getting a few reports of people with your problem.
    I´m in central europe myself sitting at about 180 ping and we do have a bunch of people in europe playing.

    Would be nice to have more details to nail down what the problem might be!

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