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  1. Because there are no assets for that to choose from yet.
  2. @AndyJWest Appreciate your detective work!
  3. Psyrion

    U2 Skins

    4 generic yellow skins with different rudder colors: DOWNLOAD
  4. @Nil Can do, cheers. @216th_Peterla Check out this topic: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/28332-szelljr-skindeposit-®-™-©/?do=findComment&comment=740332
  5. @CanadaOne You can have them . I loosely based them on boeing stearman designs but I can see the cub in there to. Fair warning, the skins might be a bit crude around the edges. DOWNLOAD
  6. The Po-2 is amazingly fun to fly but the green was a bit to boring for me .
  7. As Talon said, we did look at that possibility. 0612 is to close and the next ones areabout 110-130km away with nothing suitable in between. But yea, the emergency zones should work since you can just ditch them there.
  8. @RedKestrelThe next airfields to the east are also pretty far away.
  9. Missions at dusk and dawn and with different weather will definitely be explored. GPS will remain off though.
  10. @[1/KG]_Cathal_Brugha Go to your profile, go to "My Squad" and then click "Registration Squad".
  11. i added it to the list that we´ll attempt to lower the number of pilots needed for squads to be shown in the ranking.
  12. Yes, the Ranking is per Campaign (Tour). One Tour lasts a month. Edit: The "best pilots" in the bottom is from the last Tour which was testing.
  13. Below 10% is engine cutoff (as already mentioend), from 10% to 100% equals 0° to 90° Control Lever Position.
  14. You should be fine. Ping is a lot less critical in flight sims than games like CSGO. I get about 170 myself. They keep teasing us with pictures and I´m running out of P-51 and P-38 movies to watch .
  15. Thanks! Is it kicking you out? How often does this happen and do you have a way to check if that might be pingspikes? We´ve been getting a few reports of people with your problem. I´m in central europe myself sitting at about 180 ping and we do have a bunch of people in europe playing. Would be nice to have more details to nail down what the problem might be!
  16. Try taxiing at low power. The 109 drives like a car if you unlock the tailwheel and increase power so about 1100-1300 rpm.
  17. I sometimes feel like these FM threads could do with more actual facts and less "expert" opinions. Reading through them leaves you about as clever as before.
  18. All of them! In that order! Ironman so you get to the next career quicker!
  19. Count me in so you know atleast one . Joined when I was 15.
  20. @Jade_Monkey Glad that you enjoyed it. I'll add your feedback to the list so Alonzo can take a look!
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