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  1. The inclusion of the 262 will change anyway. For now it´s included to allow everyone to take a stab at flying the (awesome) plane. I saw Scharfi managed to take off with full fuel, 2x250 and all the armor she could take by dumping the flaps down to 100% at the end of the runway. Maybe that could work as a stopgap for now.
  2. "We" "They" ... sigh A meteor would be pretty cool imo, alongside the P-80. Could make for some late 45 planesets that (thankfully) never happened.
  3. @Raptorattacker She sure is one of the most interesting and unique planes to fly and the speed is addicting.
  4. Sooo, now that we have the 262 show us what basically no engine torque feels like, can I expect the same for the P-38´s counter rotating engines or is it still a bit different due to being a piston engine and not a jet?
  5. Tacview says I got it to 0.98 mach by killing myself in a full power dive from 10km. No way it´s going supersonic.
  6. From the August 1944 manual. Works fine on my end. Might be a silly suggestion but are you using the gyro? You can´t stow that one.
  7. That´s brilliant news! I got so excited with the 262 that I didn´t even try that
  8. The 262 is amazing and the detail again on point. I can see the compressor and turbine spinning inside the engine and the nozzle moves with different power settings. Nice!!!
  9. No worries, I saw it ^^ PS: You´re not actually getting offended by a smiley are you?
  10. @Geronimo553 Maybe, just maybe, if you don´t make so many funny posts, people wouldn´t have to react with funny smiley you know. I mean, no offence but complaining about me262 sounds of a pre release version on the basis of a phone recording is already pretty funny but then posting a me262 replica flying with GE engines as a reference is pretty good. Before you complain again, here´s a jumo 004 from the FHCA museum running. https://es-la.facebook.com/flyingheritage/videos/for-the-first-time-in-well-over-half-a-century-a-german-junkers-jumo-004-jet-eng/10152841379843666/
  11. Same, I´m here for the aircraft and for the side that flew them. The more the better and the more variety the better.
  12. That´s showing that you preordered Bodenplatte.
  13. Trying some formation loops with @haluter
  14. I just now noticed that you removed the 20mm on the Speed Spitfire. That´s great
  15. Again, no idea if I'm right or wrong here. I don't think there's a way of telling if they're braking but they're certainly using rudder and and bursts of power to turn the tail around. (It's also just a pretty cool video lol)
  16. Hey, didn´t we talk about this before? Man, really feels like we go in circles hahaha. See that´s what I thought taxiing tail draggers was like but I´m no pilot so idk. Have you seen the Hangar 10 video where they taxi their 109s out? They seem to use mainly rudder aswell for it. Cheers.
  17. It´s all in the setup. Set yourself up for a good position and then make a decently steep dive towards your target and drop with a bit of altitude left. I usually aim for about 1000m (3000ft) for my drop altitude. Here´s a few videos on the topic. They all explain it pretty well. With a bit of practice you´re going to be nailing your target every time.
  18. @ZachariasX Thanks for sharing your experience, i'm a bit jealous . Well written too and fun to read. Nice to hear that the spitty ingame is convincing. If you have more of these stories, please write them up here too .
  19. I can basically smell jet exhaust. 262 next week?
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