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  1. At some point you have to literally draw a line, we decided on 8km, 16km radius (32km diameter) would be huge and could only be countered by having people fly ages to the frontline. AI wouldnt do anything other than add to server load and a non-descriminating kick bot would probably lead to more frustration than doing any good. We wouldn´t want people to be kicked because of a navigation error and it would also take away your chance to turn around if you realise you are chasing someone to far. The protected zones are a compromise already. This is the perfect way for us to see that your opinion is well formed and takes many situations into account without applying any one sided bias, well done. Sarcasm aside, we don´t need "us vs them" in video games.
  2. You´d still be dead. The protected zones just kick the one shooting.
  3. Bail out if you need to. It´s just pretty difficult so that might be why you´re not seeing it.
  4. We wanted to try the in-built coalition balancer after we found out about the CBalancer.cfg file which should allow you to enter paramenters for (a)minimum number of player required for the balancer to take effect, (b) maximum difference in numbers over the other side and (c) a relation in numbers between both sides (i.e. 1:2). (a) seemed to work, (b) and (c) did not work for us. (if anyone happens to know how it works, let us know ) It wasn´t exactly in response to a urgent Problem.
  5. Can we get this ... uh.... "airplane" in IL-2 ? Looks crazy fun, more crazy tho!
  6. We tried to get it to work in a fairely unintrusive manner to most people (hence why alonzo called it loose), turns out it didnt work like that and forced a very strict near 1:1 number balance, which is why we turned it off again. If we find a way to get it working like we want it to, it might be introduced, until then, no.
  7. We take precautions against even the most unlikely things that could happen.
  8. That is basically happening already. Planesets are discussed a good while in advance of mission releases and get adjusted constantly with feedback and balance in mind with the base being historical availability. About Crimea, that is a fantasy scenario.
  9. Turrets dont show up in the mission log with the player ID, nope.
  10. I´m guessing it´s related to taco bell.
  11. @JG51_BlackC5 To clarify again, Player airfields are not a valid target in terms of winning the map. In addition, attacking (we realize the website still says "strafing", will be fixed) players while on the ground is prohibited. As soon as they leave the ground, they are fair game as by current rules.
  12. Beautiful stuff @Bo_Nidle, thanks!
  13. This is probably my favourite Mustang skin now. The brown and yellow just go together so well!
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