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  1. That is one good looking paratrooper model!
  2. Sorry if it is in the DD and I just missed it. Will there be visuals for exit holes too?
  3. That looks super cool. Looking forward to it.
  4. This dead horse has been beaten into subatomic particles already guys. Please don't dig this shit up again.
  5. Rheinland getting some love is very cool!
  6. We, the combat box team, have no control over the IL-2 Forum, that includes this thread and even more so your pms. As such, we just ask everyone to stay civil in this thread (which has been working pretty well so far). As such, such matters have to be taken up with IL-2 Forum Moderators. (Check the Forum rules before you do) Please differentiate between us, the Combat Box Team, and the Team/Devs behind IL-2 when asking questions, making requests or complaints. We can not and do not speak for the latter (obviously). If someone gets abusive, racist, whatever, messages in
  7. Idk if someone has two accounts, I don't care to check. To answer you question: If someone wants to support the devs by having 2 different copies of the game, that's great.
  8. PSA: Don't impersonate other people or add a squadron tag to your name without being associated with that squadron (and the usual, no vulgar, racist etc. names). Other than that, name changes are allowed.
  9. @adler_1 That issue was solved. We talked to the person in question and he will not imitate other people's usernames anymore. If he wants to change his username otherwise, we don't see a reason why he should'nt be allowed to do that.
  10. At some point you have to literally draw a line, we decided on 8km, 16km radius (32km diameter) would be huge and could only be countered by having people fly ages to the frontline. AI wouldnt do anything other than add to server load and a non-descriminating kick bot would probably lead to more frustration than doing any good. We wouldn´t want people to be kicked because of a navigation error and it would also take away your chance to turn around if you realise you are chasing someone to far. The protected zones are a compromise already. This is the perfect way for us to see
  11. You´d still be dead. The protected zones just kick the one shooting.
  12. Bail out if you need to. It´s just pretty difficult so that might be why you´re not seeing it.
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