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  1. Psyrion

    Developer Diary 211 - Discussion

    Good Stuff Spektre!
  2. Psyrion

    Kurfürst fans?

    It has them on the rudder but judging from the screenshots in the DD not on the ailerons.
  3. Psyrion

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    It´s right there just below the center of the dial.
  4. Psyrion

    [SERVER LOGO] Which one do you guys like?

    My personal pick would be the bottom left one but they all look pretty good!
  5. Psyrion

    American Iron

    It should feel completely normal as the inputs are still the same. There´s already planes like the a20 with a wheel but it does not change anything for a player.
  6. Psyrion


    The Logo looks really good!
  7. Psyrion

    Ta-152 Collector Plane

    I´d love a ME 410.
  8. Psyrion

    Spit MK-IX compass & gyro problems????

    Afaik thats not a bug but just how these instruments react to maneuvering.
  9. Psyrion

    American Iron

    The Turbos are linked with the throttle I think so it should be one control less than the p-47.
  10. Psyrion

    American Iron

    I thought this was a thread about american planes? I´m looking forward to the P-38, P-47 and P-51. I guess all of them Will be nice to have new toys again.
  11. Psyrion

    New Feedback Feature Launched

    You'll have a lot to read
  12. Psyrion

    Feedback -25% code to give away

    I´ve seen giveaways like that before so I assume it´s possible?
  13. So I sent the Feedback and got the -25% Promo Code for not-early acces content but have nothing to use it on . It´s valid until Nov. 21st if someone wants it, pm!
  14. Psyrion

    Developer Diary 209 - Discussion

    Adjust the colors on your end either on you monitor or with reshade. I personally think the colors are to muted so I boosted them a little.