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  1. @JG51_BlackC5 To clarify again, Player airfields are not a valid target in terms of winning the map. In addition, attacking (we realize the website still says "strafing", will be fixed) players while on the ground is prohibited. As soon as they leave the ground, they are fair game as by current rules.
  2. Beautiful stuff @Bo_Nidle, thanks!
  3. This is probably my favourite Mustang skin now. The brown and yellow just go together so well!
  4. I´m glad we don´t have these over here. Good luck.
  5. Maybe it should be renamed to "The Tempest whine"... Tough Crowd.
  6. You can see them on the underside of the wing in the rendered pictures.
  7. I´d love to help with air marshall with @LF_Gallahad & CO. MP is where it is at for me. I don´t have FC yet but that can change soon ^^.
  8. Don´t forget however that the dive speed limit of the lala FN severely limits that. Both the 109 and 190 can leave a fight whenever they want if they have a bit of altitude left.
  9. Good that we don´t have supersonic p-47s in the game , that would be wierd.
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