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  1. This is probably my favourite Mustang skin now. The brown and yellow just go together so well!
  2. I´m glad we don´t have these over here. Good luck.
  3. Maybe it should be renamed to "The Tempest whine"... Tough Crowd.
  4. You can see them on the underside of the wing in the rendered pictures.
  5. I´d love to help with air marshall with @LF_Gallahad & CO. MP is where it is at for me. I don´t have FC yet but that can change soon ^^.
  6. Don´t forget however that the dive speed limit of the lala FN severely limits that. Both the 109 and 190 can leave a fight whenever they want if they have a bit of altitude left.
  7. Good that we don´t have supersonic p-47s in the game , that would be wierd.
  8. We´ll balance the Me262 numbers in such a way that the end result is fun for everyone. We´re experimenting with new map mechanics so people can actively affect 262 numbers on the server. Obviously it has to be limited somehow. How limited it has to be is something that has to be found out by trying things.
  9. Me-262a1"white 17" WNr. 110956 of III./EJG2. 4k References: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yp7uete42qpp03m/Me262A1_4k_Weisse17_WNr110956.dds/file I hope you enjoy. Thanks to ICDP for the template, @BlackHellHound1 for helping me ID lots of stuff in the photos and finding a lot of mistakes in my wip versions and @Raptorattacker for giving me some tips, including how to get the bare metal look for the engines and nose.
  10. hahahaha, and I was talking on comms saying I bet you have a racing skin on
  11. @sevenless Oh, my bad then, I figured since both has the same serial number that they´re the same plane.
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