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  1. Psyrion

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Skin by Detcord
  2. Psyrion

    DD today?

    Schwalbe Cockpit would be sweet.
  3. Psyrion

    color film

    That looks really good!
  4. yes, both are manual in the game.
  5. That occurs when you are above the maximum temperature. So when the warning would come on the hud I think. I have never tested if that has an performance impact. As AeroAce said, the engine damage modelling in the game is a bit artificial with strict timers and a bit of RNG.
  6. Mostly when the RPM gets unstable. If you overheat you can tell from the RPM starting to jump up and down (other than looking at the temp gauges) and then you slam the radiators fully open. For battle damage it´s also true.
  7. @ICDP I can´t download from the skins link. The cloud says it is empty .
  8. Psyrion

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    The Dora Cockpit looks great!
  9. Psyrion

    WIP P-47D skins

    Those are some nice skins! I´ll be honest and say that I wasn´t a huge fan of your weathering on the other planes but it really suits the P-47
  10. Psyrion

    FW 190 A-5 Skins

    @dog1 Those air vents are wrong. The A5 does not look like that.
  11. Psyrion

    P-47 D Skins

    @325th_Bugsy Well worth the effort! Looks good!
  12. Really happy with this patch! The AI has improved noticeably over the last patches! The DM changes are really nice in my opinion. Instead of blasting aircraft out of the sky with one burst you chip away and cripple parts! Man it feels nice to see flaps, ailerons and elevators falling off a smoking He 111 that then looses control and crashes. Much better than just having wings fall off left and right . Happy with the direction this is going in!!
  13. Psyrion

    P-47 D Skins

    Looks great but the download link is missing .
  14. Psyrion

    Tactical Air War

    @-IRRE-Centx The more the depot is damaged the more tanks the enemy gets and also the more territory is owned by one side. Leads to a bit of a snowball effect.