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  1. That was pretty much my reason for ditching intel. I'd only ever built intel systems for myself and others since 486dx days. Last intel was i5 2500k. Last year ditched it for my first ever AMD. Was nervous about it and months later I came close to running back to intel but instead went back into the bios and set manual advanced timings for low latency. Gave a massive boost in performance noticeable from windows boot to windows desktop and games. My 1700 was at 3.85ghz and 4000mhz ram clocked at 3466. So to clarify... even though I'd had that ram and cpu overclock... the full performance was locked away until I manually set advanced ram timings. I'm now happy with my AMD and will switch to 2700x at some point.
  2. "The consensus on the 2700x from the tech tubers I trust most seems to be that trying to overclock actually reduces performance in many cases since XFR 2.0 is better at overclocking than most humans. The proper way to overclock it seems to be using a beefier cooler so that XFR can push harder." That might be the case for average overclockers but those who know what they're doing well get better performance manually.
  3. It maintains smooth framerate and when your gpu can handle it thr SS is pushed up. Elite D looks amazing since the the new steamvr update and IL2 remains smooth.
  4. Ryzen needs very low latency ram timings and ram as fast as possible. Steamvr has boosted everyone's performance with vr games since auto supersampling was introduced.
  5. Bos runs better with the new steam VR auto-supersampling. Consistently smooth.
  6. I came very close to ditching my Ryzen 1700 a week ago and going back to intel. Disappointed with the low overclock of 3.85 and 3466 on my 4000mhz ram. I’ve changed my mind after optimising the ram. My system got a massive boost in performance by using the ram calc utility and calculating optimal timings for given ram speeds. Took about 20 mins to copy all of the timings into the bios manually setting each advanced ram parameter. The end result is a massive jump in performance resulting in faster boot, lag-free desktop and top score on cinebench. Since doing the optimisation I have also updated the bios to the latest for my gigabyte gaming 5... That gave many new bios features including extra ram frequency choices. I was able to push the ram up from 3466 to 3522.
  7. This makes no sense. DCS is still single core and makes minimal use of a second core. Even on my old i5 2500k hardly any CPU was used with DCS. On my 8 core it barely uses 20% of CPU. Up to 91% GPU is used on my GTX 1070.
  8. Hope shattered... https://www.pcgamesn.com/amd-ryzen-2-release-date-specs-performance 10% increase from nano shrink to 12 and slightly higher clock speed.
  9. Problem is the time we have to wait for the various flight sims to get major performance updates. DCS 2.5 runs a bit better but I've heard it still uses a single core for calculations. I was warned over at DCS forum that even if I go 8700k that won't stop it dropping to 45 or lower even with a 1080ti. We're buying much more expensive hardware to compensate for badly performing code. DX11 is crap. I'd like to see these sims running Vulkan or DX12 with VRworks features.
  10. Yup, that is a very accurate picture. DCS World, BoX and now X-Plane need high clocks. BoX runs better for me than DCS especially when I turn off the on-screen info ("H"). If I ditched Ryzen for Intel it would be pretty much just for these flight sims. I am still unsure whether to wait for Ryzen+ or just ditch it and run back to intel begging forgiveness. I like the Ryzen but I find it very hard living with 3.8ghz clock speed. My old Q6600 was at 3.8 and my i5 2500k at 4.8. Slight drop in price for 8700k now and I'd get a reasonable sell price on my AMD bits.
  11. HTC Vive Ryzen 1700 @ 3.8ghz. 16gb @ 3466mhz. GTX 1070 +140 core +500mhz Vram overclock. ^^ So that is my current setup. My first ever AMD system... had only ever built Intel systems since the days of 486DX. I chose the Ryzen for 3d rendering and value for money... However... All my 3d rendering is now done on GPU!!!! My old i5 2500k CPU was clocked at 4.8ghz. It's very very hard for me psychologically to live with 3.8ghz Ryzen overclock. My 16gb ram is rated at 4ghz and will overclock to 4.5ghz on an Intel system. It's limited to 3466mhz on my AMD system. Ryzen+ is coming but we can expect about 3.3ghz when overclocked so that's still far short of 8700k. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/31094-help-need-best-vr-settings-hi-end-rig-help/?p=508437 "Your i7 7700K should run with at least 4.6GHz during IL-2 VR gameplay." I am so close to ditching my Ryzen and selling the CPU, motherboard and waterblock but I need to know if the performance gain is worth it? I run VR and only VR. All games and flight sims are run in VR. VR needs every bit of FPS.... What are your thoughts on this?
  12. Agree about need for VR. I’ve been using VR since 2006. No games support back then but i knew VR was what I needed for realism. IL-2 is stunning in VR. I love DCS World too but IL-2 makes you feel like you’re in that WW2 era. I only buy VR games and sims these days. Pancake games are banned.
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