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  1. Hello! I'm in the process of running a campaign for a group using PatrickWilson's fabulous generator, but I had a few questions about how it applies to a group. 1. Owned Planes: I'm concerned about the wings that include planes from multiple expansions (Stalingrad campaign has 109 F-2s and F-4s) is there a way to change this to only F-4s? I tried changing the "owned planes" tab but it doesn't seem to change what the starting aircraft are. Is there a way to dictate what planes are available? If this is not avoidable, is there a way to manually edit the available equipment? Thanks 2. Campaign "Perspective": If we're having a campaign with multiple wings included (bomber wing and fighter wing, taking off from different airfields) what squadron should I select as the "perspective" of the campaign? Is that what enemy spawns are based on? Will the other squadrons have equipment replenishment? 3. Enemy plane slots: For enemy plane slots, do I need to host the server as dogfight instead of cooperative? Hoping to get some insight from those who have used this great generator a lot, thanks!
  2. Thanks for releasing this PW! I've had great fun with my friends playing this. I have one question regarding the campaign: Is there a way I can get this to work with a DServer? It doesn't look like the server will generate log files for missions run on it and when I join the DServer with the campaign on my local machine it will not generate/read the log file for the combat report. Thanks!
  3. For running these on a DServer is it sufficient to have the generator on the DServer? I believe it uses the log files to run the campaign but I'm unsure if the DServer generates log files from missions run on it? Thanks for the help.
  4. Hello, its been some time since I've played IL-2 BoX and most of my time has been spent in single-player. I was curious what options there were for coop? I see they have a coop server option but only a default example mission is offered and I don't see many here on the forums available. Is there a way to convert singleplayer campaign missions to multiplayer coop missions? Thanks.
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