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  1. Amazing to see so many of you online last night! Also great job to those who organised it. sorry to those of you I headbutted. VR and no icons/target distance is taking a bit of getting used to! If only I had one of those newfangled German silk bonnets
  2. Waggaz

    Who lives in London, England???

    Jason - just sent you a PM. I'll be whizzing around the skies above west london in a 152 in the afternoon and will be about for beers in the evening.
  3. Waggaz

    Roll Call

    Hello! I’m a fellow Brit RoFer and testing the water in F.C. I’ll usually be on a few evenings a week after work. generally I’ll be on Bergola and keep an eye out for people flying in the FC zones and then switch over. It’s still too early for busy dedicated servers but it’s not stopped me getting a taste for the amazing fun we have in store!
  4. Waggaz

    FC early access in VR

    I only fly in VR now. It’s what I dreamed of as a boy and a giant man boy. Does anyone have GFX and steam VR settings tips for the Oculus Rift to help sharpen objects and make aircraft identification easier?
  5. Waggaz

    Who lives in London, England???

    Hi Jason, Great to hear that you're hopping across the pond. I work in both the US and UK (now live in suburban London). As it happens my employer is one of your partners. I'd be happy to suggest beer locations and buy a round or two. There are a couple of very civilised pubs on the river in Putney 10m tube ride down from Kensington on the District Line like the Duke's Head https://www.dukesheadputney.com/. Kensington isn't the best place for a nice quiet pint as it's mostly tourists and embassies. Drop me a message if you'd like a warm or cold brew.
  6. Salute Zak! Yes there was a wing shedding incident following a prop hanging incident. If only Trenchard had issued me with a silk umbrella. I’m still getting a feel for the physics in the new engine including stresses on wings. The Spad still feels very rugged and is more responsive in a diving turn than before. The only thing I have noticed (which you mentioned on the server) is the energy regain/loss. The Spad feels like it loses energy much faster than in the old engine, and the PIII is now prop hanging very well, better than the Dr1. The Camel has shocked me though compared to the old one. Seawolf was owning us for a while there! I’m pleased though that traditional Spad tactics still work well. Can’t wait to try the SE5
  7. Salute friends! After a week flying the Jug in MP I managed to top Bergola in terms of kills for one session. With boost, turbo, and prop pitch it has great speed and ok climb, then with flaps deployed it will outturn most axis birds. Combine that with the gyro sight and extra ammo and you have an excellent flexible place. Deploying the flaps then getting inside a 109 is hilarious, plus she prop hangs really well - anyone else find that? The extra ammo allows for spraying with glee :-))) On Flying Circus in VR, I can’t praise the team enough. Just wow. I can’t praise Jason and the team enough!
  8. Next up: here comes the Hurricane! My take on how to use it in combat
  9. Salute fellow pilots! I've just put my first instructional video on YouTube for CloD focusing on the real basics. In the past I've only done videos on Rise of Flight so this is a new sim for me. I'm still very much learning and suffering, so have tried to pull together all the hints and tips I've gathered from forums and conversations. I'd be grateful for any feedback or future topics to cover in videos. I was going to look at producing one on fighting with the Hurricane later this week. Salute to you all! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MSE7JtWXRg&t=3s
  10. Waggaz

    Fighting Me109s in CloD

    Interesting and also disheartening. It looks like this is another Sopwith Triplane problem where the flight modelling has been altered somewhat from existing evidence for whatever reason. From what I've read, the CloD Spitfire performs more like the real life Hurricane and the Spitfire has been nerfed for balance. I'm not sure I want to master the CloD Spitfire now. Has anyone flown the BoS Spitfire yet to see how that performs? My understanding is that the MkV was inferior to the FW190 and later 109 types.
  11. Waggaz

    Fighting Me109s in CloD

    Thanks for your replies guys. I get that the spit and 109 are closely matched by I still cant even beat the AI 1-on-1 if we start on a level. As said before, after the first pass they climb above me and then I'm on the defensive until they break off. I find the same situation often online. Is there any way to actually fight back against a 109 doing this? Again, if I climb gradually and eventually get co-alt they then extend and climb again. It kind of reminds me of my Spad flying in RoF, but even then there's a chance that the Dr1 etc can pull off a prop shot. How do you guys fight AI 109s 1-on-1?
  12. Fellow pilots. I completely suck in CloD flying in Spits vs 109s. Even against the AI, the moment they climb above me I just watch as the dive on me time and time again until they get bored. Some of you might claim this is karma (I know, I'm very annoying when I'm spadding/pfalzing), but I'd really like to shoot down a 109, even just once. I've found that if I start above the 109 it helps a bit but after 1 burst they've climbed above me and I'm back to where I was. Even when I chase 109s on the level I never catch them, regardless of RPM or throttle. I thought the Spit 1a was meant to be faster than the 109 e3? Would someone like to help me be less awful? Any videos you can suggest?