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  1. Is there any kind of software to create a virtual axis with curves which you can then map in game?
  2. All, sorry if someone has already posted on this topic but I cant find a solid answer. Is there any way to apply curves to any axis? The nose up with the SE5 and other birds is ruining my otherwise very good experience with the beta release. It was a revelation when Winged Warrior showed me how to fix it in RoF but now I feel like I've taken a step back.
  3. I think Trupo might like this movie 😛 to be fair it’s miles better than Fly Boys. Didn’t the producers for that movie accidentally bring on a fake historian who got loads of things wrong like radial engines rather than rotary etc?
  4. True. Also MvR flew his superior plane correctly and to its strengths.
  5. Trupo, my personal opinion was that by missing out the inferior DH2 and the manner of his death it gave the appearance of the cool master swotting down the barbarian through skill. It again softened MvV to make him seem like a reluctant killer when it’s likely he wasn’t, propaganda or not. Didnt hawker help with the development of the foster mount? I remember reading that somewhere.
  6. The movie did a disservice to Lanoe Hawker, making him look like a beserker rather than measured leader and also put him in a better a/c than the DH2. MvV shot him in the head from behind as he was retreating. It was war so fair game, I would just rather have seen it portrayed in fair memory to the actual man.
  7. Waggaz


    On the subject of flying hands off, I came across this talk from Shuttleworth. They have the last surviving real airworthy SE5a in the world. The pilot confirms it can be flown hands off and level. The FC model cannot even with full negative stabiliser. Without response curves this can’t be fixed manually https://youtu.be/fGNSQrMYRKM
  8. Waggaz


    Salute friends! Ive put in a few hours on MP now when servers have had 5-6 people in them. Big thanks to the OG server for spinning that up. I’ve started racking up half a dozen kills in her and have noticed a few differences to RoF. 1. The wings! Thank The Maker! At last they don’t come off when someone frowns at them. It really feels like a BnZ bird now and fixes my biggest gripe with the RoF model. Fast dives are now a joy rather than a roll of the dice. 2. Energy retention on the zoom feels better than the spad now. It’s sad but I think I’m done with the Spad as it is in FC for energy fighting. 3. Speed! Man she feels fast, even when disengaging from a DviiF who is diving on you. It now reminds me of McCudden’s comments about being able to quickly get out of a scrap. I could be wrong but I feel like I can disengage faster than in RoF. 4. She turns a tiny bit better than in RoF but she’s still an energy fighter. I can see pairs of her being lethal. The DviiF is her biggest threat as there’s no point engaging one without height advantage and the F has excellent climbing. I did manage to get a couple through bouncing including a pilot instant kill. 5. I miss response curves. Even with the stabiliser im putting constant forward pressure. she will outclimb all the German birds on the sim right now except the DviiF, and I was able to swot down two dvs this evening by extending and them climbing above them. She feels amazing in VR. see you in the skies soon friends
  9. ThanksZ man! I feel like to master the SE5 is to master RoF. Maybe I just want to be Winged Warrior
  10. I've posted a new vid on the SE5 in RoF if you're interested
  11. Hey buddy. The DVII is the Spad’s worst nightmare, even if it’s below you. Due to the excellent engine in the F (nobody will fly the non F now it is out) if you engage without overwhelming energy they will be co-alt or prop hanging in no time. I would not have taken the shot and instead faked an attack and smoothly pulled up to try and force a turn to get them to burn energy. On the next pass they’ll hopefully be slower and you’ll be able to turn into them. Of course they could then still go nose-low; in that circumstance pull up again smoothly. I remember having 20m long fights with Ace Rimmer which carried on in this way until one of us hit the other’s fuel tank and ran home, usually without a kill. My advice is to completely avoid Dviis unless you have 500m of height advantage. It’ll frustrate you both but at least you won’t die and maybe the next time you see them you’ll get the bounce.
  12. Do any of you remember a two-seater jockey called SpectrumLegacy? When I first started flying MP he would rack up insane kill streaks in the Bristol by getting up high and circling. I do remember his aim being better than the princess in Disney’s Brave but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that it was legit. He topped almost every match I played with him.
  13. I noticed the zoom change too. The energy retention is not what it was, however my opponents have a similar issue so as long as I keep above them you still have the advantage. The SE5 kept energy very well in RoF so I’d be interested to see how it performs upon release
  14. Amazing to see so many of you online last night! Also great job to those who organised it. sorry to those of you I headbutted. VR and no icons/target distance is taking a bit of getting used to! If only I had one of those newfangled German silk bonnets
  15. Jason - just sent you a PM. I'll be whizzing around the skies above west london in a 152 in the afternoon and will be about for beers in the evening.
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