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  1. SP too. I’ve had it fighting bots offline. Have to turn icons on to compensate.
  2. Love it Drook! S to the valiant opponents 🙂 Rummell’s long lost missing triplet has risen to claim the mantle of his two deceased identical brothers and opened his account with a dozen or so kills, but with a slightly nicer skin provided by the excellent Mr Larner. Salute Klug! Going out like Voss is a hero’s death. Not sure about a lawn darting Spad though! Lol.
  3. Yup I had it this eve too. Saw the flak and even an AI gunner open up on one. Hellbender, that image is amazing if upsetting! It’s made worse by the fact that I’m constantly scanning above me for the near indestructible, better turning, better climbing, decent diving, fast, parachute bearing DviiF, but this is slightly taking the pee. Pleeeease fix this, 1C. Or at least make the Dolphin invisible too just for a laugh. It needs all the help it can get.
  4. If I’m flying defensively I’ll take the Albi for the same reasons as Trupo but fly only over my own lines so when my wings do fall off I can use my 100% effective ahistorical parachute to keep the vlife. For anything venturing into hostile airspace it’s the diii for me. The durability is so important for keeping back home alive.
  5. Thanks Baeumer and to the J5 team for serving the community and hosting an awesome server! Shout out to Sizzlor for the map management plus Nobiwan for additional dev help 🙂
  6. BnZ works best when it’s an ambush attack whether you’re in a Diii or an SE5. Icons really level the playing field. Taking on a well-flown Dr1 in a Spad with icons is not at all easy. NB any plane can be BnZ or used as an energy fighter. I’ve been bounced by CL2s this year :-S
  7. The Dr1 is still a beast in dogfights and prop hangs brilliantly, the Diii is tough, retains energy excellently (better than the se5 for sure) and dives well; the Dva would be an excellent all rounder if it wasn’t for the wings; CL2 would be great too with strengthened wings. A fine tuning of the DM could breathe a lot of life back into the other Central planes. Likewise engine variants, though the same could be said for the Entente (Camel Bentley engine etc)
  8. S friends. Have any of you noticed a lot more invisible DVIIs recently? I’ve seen several this week including last night with J2_Bidu. The EA was just a levitating pilot until we zoomed in! I get this too when I spin up my own servers. When I play back the tracks it doesn’t seem to be happening. Anyone else seen this and lodged bug requests before i log another?
  9. You’re an absolute legend. I wish I’d had this four years ago. It could form the basis for some new Waggaz Wings content if you’re interested. Your voice is far more commanding than my own!
  10. It was the incendiary aspect which was thought against the St Petersburg Declaration and that’s not modded in sim. They don’t seem to be more effective against balloons than normal 303, unlike in Rise of Flight. Oddly they act more like a heavier caliber round, which helps fix the Dvii’s kevlar and steel construction 🙂
  11. All - if any of your are trying to join the Thursday night fly-in and can’t get into FlugPark 1 due to an error, try first connecting to FlugPark 2 (look down the server list) then come back to FlugPark 1. It’s worked for me and a few others
  12. Luckily my identical twin brother (me) was sitting in the company reserves and has picked up the mantle! A new rule for Dicta Drookasi: never go head on with a Dr1.
  13. Salute to you D. I’ve seen you online loads and you stick to a bird disproportionately affected by the DM change. MP needs more chaps like yourself. We need more armchair pilots and fewer armchair critics who skulk on forums but never in our virtual clouds.
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