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  1. Plenty of single player in the Camel and some MP time on Zoop’s dogfight server but the squads I fly with have been SE5 (74/56) and Spad (3PG) in FlugPark and I have limited online evenings. If I joined a Camel squad I’d expect to fly that type for official squad outings too. FYI my suggestion was to limit the F and Camel for some rounds not all. S!
  2. I agreed 100% (again!). The F is in a league of its own right now, and I doubt we are going to see any new planes in the set any time soon. If we want anything close to MP balance both the F and (sorry) the Camel need limited numbers (an early Camel with a less power engine variant would really help here). I would implore the J5 server admins to at least consider this and give it a go. Doesn't need to be every map, and if there's 1-2 Fs and Camels available some ppl will still be able to fly them.
  3. I’ll say it again: limit the Camel and F in FlugPark. Maybe 2-3x camels with 100% locked fuel and 2-3 Fs. As for fighting the Camel, I suspect Central pilots are used to always having a better flat turn (the Dr1 has lost its ROF flat turn advantage vs Camel). Having flown a lot of Spad, Dxii, and SE5 in the past I’m used to never having a better flat turn. Even the best Camel jockeys can be beaten by the Dva if you fight using a variety of tactics. Trupo is excellent at using the Diii without relying on endless tight flat turns. The Central planeset is not junk - all have a chance vs the Camel if you adjust your tactics. I suspect tactics being employed are not always correct which work vs SEs and Spad: cue frustration and cries for nerfing. With the F in its current state - extremely tough, keeping up in a dive, outclimbing everything, out turning all but the Camel, good speed up high - there aren’t many tactics left to fight her in the Spad or SE, or even Camel if you’re up high.
  4. A lot of the dissatisfaction here is coming from Entente preference pilots. I’m not surprised that there are few complaints from those users who frequent the DviiF as its new toughness makes it an even harder opponent than it was before; besides, it was the greatest plane of the war. If Entente pilots are largely unhappy - some might think them sore losers or complaining unjustly - they will vote with their feet, as some did after the major ROF FM changes. I laud the devs for wanting to provide a historically accurate sim, however(!) competitive multiplayer requires balancing. If Central regulars want their opponents to stick around then we should listen seriously to each other’s voices, otherwise the alternative is noobs who get frustrated and don’t stay or AI. I for one like a good challenge vs skilled opponents in planes with superior capabilities and accept regular deaths as part of the package, but there are limits. It’s possible the DM and FMs may not change, so server admins should, as suggested earlier on the thread, consider rationing the Camel and DviiF. Besides, right up to the end of the war old types were flying alongside the latest. Not every Spad on the front was a XIII and not every Dvii had a BMW engine in 1918. I learned the SPAD in RoF because of the changes to the Camel, and now that bird is shedding its wings and being matched in a dive in ways it never did in RoF. Talisman’s frustrations and desertion has been echoed by others. My own interest has waned recently, but I remain optimistic.
  5. Yes! And once the invisibility is solved we can look into solid data on the SE5a RPM (Coming soon from Shuttleworth for a real survivor) and probably the Spad vs DviiF dive capabilities where we have data.
  6. Definitely a step in the right direction! Most of the birds are now feeling sturdier with the exception of the Spad where I don’t feel much difference. Dva definitely seems tougher and now more of a match for the Camels. Diii also feels super acrobatic and great to safely throw around. The Dvii is now hilariously tough! Even with the 11mm it feels like I’m shooting a metal WW2 bird. Reminds me a bit of using the two small mgs on the MC202 vs FW-190s. It’ll make MP balancing harder without additions like engine mods (earlier Camel, au engines etc).
  7. Once we have performance data from one or more actual planes, what’s the process for submitting it to the devs? Is there a form or some such?
  8. Most of the Entente guys I fly with know this trick but the majority of combats I’ve seen happen over enemy lines so it’s fairly academic. My grumble is that it encourages pilots to stay over their side, and also dangerously close turning often resulting in a collision. It’s turned me off dogfighting, that and the risk of wing collapse. Maybe half of my brawls in the SE end with someone ploughing into me then bailing.
  9. This might seem a naive question, but does anyone know why the DM was changed? Was it due to overall DM changes in BoX’s engine? It seems like an odd move when the majority of early adopters really liked it! Were there complaints about it?
  10. How’s the energy retention on the Dolphin?
  11. Is this humour? I’m English so I only understand silly walks etc
  12. The good news is that the devs do have access to the older FMs; it’s how they rolled back the Camel to pre nerf.
  13. Here’s an odd one. Had a fight vs 3 Dviifs tonight up around 4km. SE seemed to zoom ok and keep up with the Fokkers. Anyone else had a pop up high?
  14. Spot on about picking the right time to dive away, and about giving a clean 6 shot. Mannock and a few others say the same thing in their sources. If the Spad did have more room to pick up further speed that improves the chance of a getaway which can mean life or death (no parachutes for the Spaddict!). This is my opinion and should not be given as much credence as data. The devs are right to prioritise data where we have it over opinions (mine included). The point I attempted to make about Spits etc was around the validity of not ignoring data for the less popular planes; Broccoli suggested this was a waste of time (the DM should take priority though, I’m sure we all agree there).
  15. That is a factor, however the anecdotes from both German and Entente pilots suggest that the Dvii could not follow the Spad in a dive. I don’t think we have data to suggest that the Dvii dive is wrong but it looks like the Spad dive speed might have been faster IRL. If we have data to prove it from a reliable source then it is worth highlighting. I wonder whether there are surviving airworthy Dvii examples where we can get dive data? If the Camel could climb with the DviiF here and the data suggests otherwise I’m sure we’d all agree that would be worth amending.
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