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  1. Wine might have been involved in that post previously. Flying with the Vickers sight with my head hanging out of the side of the plane like a dog out a window in a moving car made me feel more drunk. 6 kills today (and one insane snipe death from AI force-using 2 seater gunner) with good old Aldis but conversion set at max range. That works fine for me
  2. As Trupo and others note, the devs are sick of community complaints. You only need to read Jason’s post in the Officers Mess from Jan on the new visibility. An.Petro himself worked on the last SE FM and clearly did a ton of technical work with data rather than anecdotes. I think he and the team are more likely to response better to: “the Shuttleworth SE has this RPM and acceleration. Would you be interested to see the data?” In the meantime let’s enjoy what we have and be thankful FC1 even happened at all, whilst thinking of the best approach for Shuttleworth. I’ll keep trying to find the best SE tactics for me. I suspect it will involve some wingmen - Trupo, fancy joining me this week to show me some of your moves? Hagar, could you do some RPM and speed benchmarking and share, maybe even with a Dv comparison? S all
  3. Looking at the stats, half those kills were 2 seaters (the SE should be a good interceptor). Of the 3 scout kills, how many were 1 v 1 without height advantage? im going to try using the Lewis sight tomorrow
  4. Yes but McCudden regular hunted very successfully with his and Ball flew the SE5 vanilla in its infancy and his tactics were not subtle. Ball’s tactics were seen more a berserker than cunning hunter so the nimble N17 was more his bag. McCudden survived his combats often using the SE’s speed to disengage safely only to die in an accident.
  5. I've been digging back through this debate from the RoF days. It looks like the devs did an excellent job on the SE5a model when they revised it, and that the problem probably isn't with her, rather with the DVa and D.III. https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/29818-se5a-and-alb-dva-ase-about-face/page-3 From EricForster: "Since the Viper engine is ungeared, the SE5a pulls the highest prop-RPM in the sim.Its acceleration from 150-200 km/h is 96.1% of that of the SPAD XIII, and its top speed, of course, is higher than the SPAD's. The acceleration from 120-150 is only 83.1% of the SPAD XIII, but we're talking about dropping 1.3 seconds only there. All these numbers are taken from actual testing in the sim. It takes the XIII 36.0 seconds to accelerate from 120-200 km/h, while it takes the SE5a 38.5 seconds (IAS at 100 meters ASL). From 150-200, the numbers are much closer: 29.6 for the XIII and 30.8 for the SE5a. This tells me that the prop pitch is such that it's hitting the "sweet spot" at higher speeds. It is probably accelerating more quickly than the XIII in the 180-200 range.I am not clear on why anyone would ever fly the SE5a slower than 150 km/h, except when taking off or landing. While 150 km/h is not its "best climb," it is extremely efficient when climbing at this speed, comparing favorably to all other aircraft but the SPADs and the D.VIIF.If anyone is interested, I'll test the acceleration numbers at higher altitudes, but I'll hazard a guess that it's foolish to wallow about in the Se5a. I'll conjecture that it's likely not a problem with the SE5a flight model, but with the D.Va or (worst of all) the Pfalz D.IIIa, in which you can wallow to your heart's content without penalty.The SE5a also decelerates at the lowest rate of any aircraft in the sim when leveling off following a dive.Cheers,E" This is followed by Devere's observation on the Dva RPM performance: "...ts the albi/pfalz that are more broken. With what I watched in those tracks, assuming the real albi did have a faster top speed, with that in game prop hang, and spin free FM there is no way MVR would have called the albi lousy, and the fokker simply would not have been needed.The Mercedes engine deffo needs looking into. As we already know it was pre-leaned for performance at altitude yet it develops its maximum power across the board from take off. More so, the in game engine actually revs at just under 1500rpm. From my understanding both the prop and engine were designed to give maximum power at 1400rpm.When you watch the tracks, even in the tightest of turns, and climbs, the engine drops just below 1400rpm. So it never really drops below its maximum rated output, and it regains those lost rpm in seconds. I also noticed in some instances, it actually started regaining RPm while vertical, meaning as soon as you level out, its producing its max power. Basically it feels like its fitted with fuel injectors.This would possibly explain the helicopter like prop hang and its seeming lack of energy bleed, in comparison to the SE5a. Which does drop below its maximum RPM by quite a margin and takes a considerable while to regain them. This may well be the reason why there is no 'wallow' in the albi as noted by ericforster.The only head scratcher I have left, is the Fokker D7. It has the same Mercedes, and the spin free FM, and is actually faster, yet it is nowhere near as deadly or unbelievable as the albi, so why not?" Has anyone played with the RPM performance on the FC Albie? I wonder whether this is the cause of our pain, and maybe worth investigation. In the meantime, I'm going to assume that our SE5a has a prop pitch set for high-speed acceleration and stop BnZing to the point of stall, as clearly I'm going to struggle to regain that energy in the dive back down. This will mean me learning new tactics, possibly high-speed passes and wide sweeping turns with high-deflection aiming.
  6. Does anyone have a link to the Vintage Aviator content where they pitted their SE against their Dv? I remember them saying their SE easily turned with the Dv. I think it might have been a video?
  7. Would it be worth contacting the Shuttleworth Collection on the RPM and climb data? I’m pretty sure their example has a Viper
  8. Hit the nail on the head. The DviiF couldn’t dive with a Spad IRL, but it can here. The DviiF was the greatest plane in the war so it should be amazing, even if inaccurate in places. The Camel should feel like a nimble bucking bronco. The SE5a should not feel like a dud.
  9. Or just fly the Spad. If the F isn’t on a map I’ll switch back though.
  10. It sounds like most in the community are in agreement. If the devs were willing to roll back the Camel to pre nerf status, is it worth asking the same through a poll of the SE (except glass engine)?
  11. That makes a lot of sense. In which case I shouldn't fly the current model as a BnZer, as I would a Spad. I'd be interested to hear ideas on how to adjust tactics accordingly, particularly if anyone is having a lot of success. I've been spending 30-45m a day recently just BnZing at 2km vs AI on quick mission switching between the SE and Spad and the energy regain is noticeably different. To be clear, I'm still having some success with her (at least 1:1 K/D vs human pilots; 2:1 including AI), but nowhere near as much as with the Spad. Both Emely and I have similar SE5 victory totals this month in Flugpark (it looks like he flies the Dolphin a fair bit too and others). As Larner says, any plane can do well once you crack the code; I've just not figured it out yet for the SE we have in game. Incidentally, at least 2 of my deaths were from accidentally bailing out when I meant to start recording or from friendly crashes! The two controls for record and eject are dangerously close together when you're wearing a VR headset. Who wants to bail out without a chute in a sim other than for comic value???
  12. Spot on. That's why I'd like to see what Winged Warrior and the SE5a aces make of it now. I'm also not going to write it off if someone has developed effective tactics using it in FC
  13. There are positives about the FC SE5a which are definite improvements from RoF: - The wings dont shed as easily in a dive than in RoF, or when shot up a bit. In RoF, wing damage was a good as a fuel tank hit and usually meant a RTB. - The stabilizer and elevator trim is now more balanced by default rather than having her nosing up like mad. The RoF SE5 was a nightmare without response curves, which is poor for the beginner pilot who hasnt messed with curves. The biggest issues for me right now are: - Energy retention after the first dive, acceleration, and climb at low speeds. Boom and zoom needs the zoom bit, and with the offset guns it isn't easy to kill in the first pass unless it's a perfect bounce. Plus, the DviiF engine is also tougher now so such much harder to knock out (the same is true of wing damage for albis etc). I'm regularly getting pilot sniped/critically hit after my first pass in a zoom by all opponents, even when my dive is 200mph+ at max 2300rpm. It happened twice last night, with my buddy Jacob putting me out of my misery as I attempted to accelerate away in a dive. - Even when I do get a good bounce, once the fight has moved lower - which is usually does as a first pass kill isn't that easy - the Camels pounce and attack like loons, sometimes hitting me in the process. Of course this is always going to happen in any MP game. I accepted long ago in RoF that the SE5 would never turn with the Albis and that I'd probably never get to fly one in a sim, despite the numerous eye-witness and contemporary accounts of it regularly being able to do just that (prop type aside), but now I cant fight BnZ in it effectively either. The only viably safe tactic is high-speed passes with wingmen, keeping speed up and retaining as much height as possible in the process. In the meantime I'm going to go back to my Spad and might suggest my wingmen do the same.
  14. I mostly get shagged by AIM-9 missiles, but it makes me cackle like a mad cat lady when I shoot down Maverick in a 70 year old bird using nothing but bad language and an insane 180 degree deflection shot. Still, it's not a pip on FC or RoF. Shooting missiles at each other from miles away is pretty boring IMO.
  15. Depends on the variant. The F-86f is faster and slightly more manoeuvrable at most alts but the Mig 15bi can still outclimb it and has cannon not mgs. F-86 all marks have better dive though. ive been having a blast on MP shooting down f16s in mountain ranges where missiles don’t mean squat 😄
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