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  1. This might sound a bit mad (and possibly against forum rules) but looking at the huge investment Sir Peter has made in his foundation and collection of real birds etc, whether he would be interested in supporting the top WW1 VR ready sim under development? He even has access to real flyable birds and pilots who could help refine the sim( and monetary resources) and I bet there’s someone from the FC or RoF community in New Zealand who has some contact with his foundation. As a technologist I’m sure he’d see the value of sims like FC is helping we generations to better understand his passion. Just a thought!
  2. Another observation- so good to see a busy server J5 last night!!! I was grinning like mad at one point as so many old names kept popping up from the RoF days! Hurrah! flying through the clouds in my Spad and then pouncing on a Fokker (then making like the wind back West) was hugely thrilling in VR. Long may it continue! I can’t wait to see how the sim grows with full release. Expect to see more YouTube action from Waggaz 🙂
  3. Yes it does make it rather more exciting! It also make flying BnZ much harder (which is why I avoid flying anything but the Camel if Dviifs are around). I find a more aggressive dive to disengage is necessary, much like I read pilots did when they were outturned (Gould writes about Albis doing this when he was duelling in his Pup). i do love the idea of additional damage modelling such as spar, wire, and instrument damage. I don’t think we will get it anytime soon but a flyer can dream!
  4. Sounds like a simple check-box fix for server admins then. likewise I’m hoping that some admins will limit camels and dviifs for a bit of balance.
  5. If it’s any consolation the exact same thing then happened to me about 2m later when I was merrily admiring the new map. La la la ArGH
  6. You may have noticed that due to tougher wings you won’t get as many snips with your gunner as you did in RoF. I used to get most gunner kills in the Halb through shooting off wings. That adds to the gunner woes but might be more realistic. I don’t remember reading many accounts of wings being shot off by Bristol observers. On the DviiF, it should be amazing just as it was in RL, but MP balance is another thing. The same goes for the Camel. I guess it’s up to the server admin to maybe limited the # of camels and Dviifs in each map. The Dr1 no longer scares me as it did in RoF now the Camel has the extra mmffff. The most exciting fights I’ve had so far on MP have been in a Spad vs Dr1s and Pfalzs.
  7. Salute friends! A few observations so far on the DM and general furball nuances. 1. Wings almost never fall off for me now (unlike RoF) save for a collision. My balloon guns used to shred them like tissue paper but that rarely seems to happen now. 2. Pilot sniping is much easier now than in RoF. It feels a bit more realistic (firing machines guns into a pilot within 15m) and closer to real accounts. Wounding now makes pilots black out so even if you don’t kill them in the first pass they’re a sitting duck for another 10s or so to finish them off. 3. Disengaging is much less effective than RoF as long range shooting seems much easier. I had no problem sniping fleeing Dviifs in the Camel from some distance. 4. The DviiF is brilliant vs everything but the Camel (even then it can own with height advantage). I don’t bother with the spads or SE5s it’s on the map and I’m Entente. This is made worse by the improved long distance sniping. 5. The new visibility system makes bouncing much harder save coming out of the sun or clouds (as poor Zooropa discovered this evening). Yet another reason to not fly Spad and stick to the Camel. 6. The Camel is brilliant. thoughts? Oh yes, and german-only parachutes plays havoc with stats and scores!
  8. How do I sign up? I could do the Saturday session
  9. Yes I noticed that. You were having to nose up and risk stall to even get close to having a shot. I’d be interested to see the angles tested on a real life surviving bird to see what angles are practical with a nuzzle to the gunsight. S to you both btw. That was a lot of fun! You made both our wings look like Swiss cheese
  10. Hey Zoo man! Actually you'll be on my list as the #1 Camel jockey if you'd be up for some combat filming. I'm pretty sure Rimmer speaks English. Any idea on his username for messaging?
  11. Does anyone know what his ID is for the messenger service? PM me if you do. likewise if any of you know Ace Rimmer. I think he’s polish. One of the best Dr1 pilots I’ve seen. I’d try Moro but he only speaks Russian
  12. Im based in the UK so usually evenings GMT or Sunday afternoon/evenings. I'm not on TeamSpeak at the moment - need to reinstall it. Could fly tomorrow evening GMT?
  13. Thanks for this! How do I go about getting involved? The SE5a needs a wingman for full effect and it's quite rare I see many flying at the moment.
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