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  1. Environment: IL-2 version 3.001, Win10x64 Brief description: Career mode : continually grounded when in a JU-52 Squadron Detailed description, conditions: when the pilot is in a JU-52 squadron doing transport missions. as they only require 1 pilot only the NPCs get assigned and the player is constantly grounded, day after day. tested for a game-week in the Kuban career. Each day 3 missions are generated, assigned to AI pilots, and my pilot is left with visiting the nearby village to drink with the locals. might be realistic, but probably not intended EDIT: Day 20, Hans Peters is flying two missions, some other bloke is flying the third one. I didn't get any assignment so far. I'll now delete this career.
  2. Environment: IL-2 version 3.001, Win10 x64 Brief description: Airfield in career mode is always "null airfield" Detailed description, conditions: In career mode, the airfield your squadron is based at is called "null airfield" (Tested multiple times, but only in the Kuban career mode, flying for the Luftwaffe) Environment: IL-2 version 3.001, Win10 x64 Brief description: Minor gripe : 5-digit postal codes didn't exist in Germany until the 80s Detailed description, conditions: In career mode, when using the "transporter" story, the address at the end is 81767 Munich. those 5 digit postal codes were introduced in the 80s. In the 40s they (probably) used the old 4 digit postal codes (Although those might have been introduced after the war too)
  3. Thanks a lot Matt @TG-55Pathercules, the "literally unplayable" part is a popular meme used when someone complains about annoying but ultimately minor details in otherwise great games
  4. In planes with reticles offset to the right (I think it's only german ones) the head is centered relative to the reticle, and not relative to the seat. This means that the flying stick is where the (real) left leg would be, and there is much more space to the left of the cockpit than to the right. In short .. The game is "literally unplayable!" I guess it makes targeting slightly easier, but it would still be nice to, at least, be able to use the "move pilot head left/right" commands to get back to the center of the plane
  5. I do have a nosegap ... I think ... but I generally end up playing in a rather dark room and I use an extra non-lit keyboard for flight sims. I just put a couple of those (see below) on a few keys so that I can get "oriented" fast, so basically just extra bumps similar to the one on the J key)
  6. I'll second the DK2 recommendation. Qualitywise it is not far off a CV1 for a seated experience (which is what BoS/BoM is), and it works completely fine with openVR/SteamVR (which is what BoS/BOM and many other games and applications use). A CV1 or (currently) a Vive cost about the same as an expensive mobile phone, probably even slightly cheaper. The Vive is *currently* sold with a GTX1070 for $999, which seems like much, but then if you factor in how much the 1070 costs, and the fact that you WILL need a good GPU to run VR in any comfortable fashion then it's actually pretty cheap. As for the PiMax : the higher resolution is nice, but the 60Hz should be a deterrent. High refresh rate is a must for VR, as motion sickness is highly linked to low one. Also : higher resolution means higher GPU requirements, ao I'm definitely not sold on that one. Source: I own a Vive, a DK2, and tried the CV1. I used to own an OSVR1, but returned it Also : I am quite certain that once you tried a simulator in VR you'll have serious problems going back to "flat". It might not be as good for competitive dogfights due to the lower resolution and FoV, but the immersion makes up for everything. Oh .. and OVRDrop + a webcam might be a solution for the "not seeing Keyboard/controls" problem. I never tried that though, so it's just a thought.
  7. Just imagine how that would have felt like for pilots who also had to fight G-Forces
  8. Great work devs! I bought IL2 when the experimental VR support was added (about six months ago) and had given up on it. Your implementation is nearly perfect! I love the head limitation, but could we please have a way to turn off the sound of the head crashing against the cockpit? I keep bumping it all the time and the sound is driving me crazy (at first I even thought I was shooting accidentally, as it really sound like a gunshot). Also, kind of off-topic, but : now that you have this running so nicely in IL2, is there any chance to retrograde the engine to Rise Of Flight? prettty please with sugar on top?!? again, Thanks for the best VR flight experience this side of the future!
  9. it's SteamVR/OpenVR .. so the CV1 and DK2 are both supported out of the box *IF* the steamVR implementation works, which isn't the case right now.
  10. well .. it's a bit more complicated that that. The workaround for the keyboard work fine, you just need to map stuff correctly once. And yeah, spotting enemies (especially ground targets) can be problematic in that you don't have 4K resolution (or more) per eye. On the other hand , 360 degree headtracking makes it much easier to look around and know exactly where your opponents are once you spot them. Same with looking down to the ground thanks to accurate 1:1 positional tracking. And then of course, in terms of immersion, nothing beats VR at the moment. Once inside, you are not playing a simulation, you are INSIDE your plane. (all this from my experience in War Thunder, DCS and Elite:Dangerous, as I couldn't get SteamVR to work with IL2 yet .. although I just bought the game because of this announcement
  11. No. OpenVR supports the Oculus Rift DK2 *AND* the Oculus Rift CV1 inclusive the elusive touch controllers ou tof the box. If IL2 works with SteamVR then it works by definition with any headset supported by SteamVR. The oculus native drivers only support Oculus headsets. They removed the hardcoded hardware detection a couple of days ago, which means that hacks like reVive, which ~only~ (as in it doesn't do more but it is still a fantastic job to get it to work) remaps the oculus API to the SteamVR API, but officially they don't support anything but the CV1 (even the DK2 isn't officially supported) You can actually use the keyboad, but it's not easy and you better be good at blind typing. Good workarounds are keyword based voice recognition tools like Voice Attack, additional gamepad(s!) on which buttons you map the commands you'd hit on the keyboard instead, or dedicated semi professional panels with the button mapped to authentic switches and knobs (for the snobs;). All of those work very well, although voice recognition might fail when you're under stress due to changes in inflection and tone of your voice.
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