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  1. Bristol Beaufighter, any Mk Do-17 or Do-217 Tu-2 A-20G
  2. LOL, I remember............... one reason for the name change................
  3. Pappy could be a pill sometimes........... well most times... LOL
  4. Is today Friday?................. awesome, I don't have to go to work tomorrow......................... wait a minute, puter calendar says it's Thursday............
  5. I like the hickory smoked Spam the best!..................
  6. Another P-47 campaign Gambit?.......... with mixed bag of Razorback and bubble tops?........... Would really like to see you do a Mosquito campaign... hopefully we get railroad marshaling yards in the Normandy map.. and updated on the BoBP map.
  7. Use standard gun sight, it has slip indicator in it, keep the ball in the center and you will greatly reduce your spins. Adjust your curves in Axis for Pitch/Roll that will help too.
  8. He has Oldtimers, so you need to remind him............. 😜
  9. LOL, I'll believe it when I see Razor online, until then.................................. Hoss
  10. Here is some Quarantine Blues for you From Kirk Fletcher's album Shades of Blue Vocals from Finis Tasby, Kim Wilson and Janiva Magness. Welfare Blues with Finis Tasby on vocals My Home is a Prison with Kim Wilson on vocals and harmonica That's why I'm Cryin. Janiva Magness on vocals Enjoy
  11. Damn it you didn't capture my good side..... Good stuff Rip.. Hoss
  12. Hey Eagle, Bugsy is on an IL2 break and hasn't been making skins for a bit now. I'm sure once hes back (BoN) skins will be his first priority. Cheers
  13. You don't need to enable mods for this to work Roblex, you will need jsgme so you can unpack it when the game updates. It runs on all multiplayer servers with mods off. Just make a new file called All Voices English and stick the data folder in it and put that in your Mods folder Hoss
  14. It's what I did for the planes I fly........... but I'm very old school, older than most on here.... Just a sample from one of my docs P-47D-28 THUNDERBOLT START Mixture – IDLE CUTOFF (Move to Auto Rich at engine start) Throttle – Open 1” Propeller – Full forward (Can be linked to throttle) Turbosupercharger – Link with Throttle Oil Cooler Flaps – Neutral Intercooler Flaps – Neutral Engine Cowl Flaps – Open ADI – Off (Use for full weapons load out takeoff) Wheel brakes – Locked Start Engine – β€œE” PILOT’S NOTES: P-47D-28 ENGINE LIMITATIONS: Pratt & Whitney R-2800-59 RPM inHG EMERGENCY (5 MIN) 2700 64.0” COMBAT (15 MIN) 2700 52.0” MAX AUTO RICH 2550 42.0” MAX AUTO LEAN 2250 32.0” Cheers Hoss I saw some are trying to figure out what settings to use on NVIDIA control panel because of low fps. Remember this game is DirectX not OpenGL. Go here and read this tweak guide on how to set up your video card for an application, make sure to pay attention where it says don't use this on global settings. Make sure you find the IL2.exe on Program settings page of gui, if it's not there add it. https://tweakguides.pcgamingwiki.com/NVFORCE_1.html Requiem doesn't use True View because he says it messes up things for him, but I do, It's going to be different for each person's application there is no perfect profile you can just take and plug in and Bingo Bango everything is hunky dorey. Experimentation is the key to getting the most out of the game. Here is my Track IR profile and you can look at Requiems and mine and see the differences. http://www.mediafire.com/file/pp71b7d5rdwyiyg/Track_IR_Profile.zip/file I won't share my control panel settings because I have an old HD monitor and it doesn't use Gsync or Freesync, so I could not help you there on whether to use them or not. Good Luck Hoss
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