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  1. 392FS_Hoss

    P-47 D Skins

    Thanks Legioneod, that will probably do the trick Hoss
  2. 392FS_Hoss

    How many of you bought Bodenplatte?

    I bought BoBP, just for the fact I'm still waiting on the DCS P-47 and Me-262 I paid for. But I would like to see more bombers in the game as well. The B-25, B-26, A26, and A-20G/J. Would like to see the Mosquito for the Brits, along with a Beaufighter. Ar-234, Ju-88 Mistel, and later versions of the Ju-88, Me-410. But I'm patiently waiting for the Carrier engagements in the Pacific.............. We could still use some of those twin engine bombers in there too. Cheers Hoss
  3. 392FS_Hoss

    P-47 D Skins

    I have a skin that has a red spinner, but when the engine starts it turns to grey/metal, does anyone know where the I guess the spinning spinner is located? Cheers Hoss
  4. 392FS_Hoss

    P-47 D Skins

    winrar has a free version you can get it here on the free ninite site. https://ninite.com/ Cheers Hoss
  5. 392FS_Hoss

    New Ride

    Thanks to 392FS_SPECKTRE I now have my new ride............... it's a tribute skin done on the 392nd Fighter Squadron theme. of Monroe Q. Williams' plane from the 352ndFS, 353rdFG. The all metal late war scheme should look even better. Thanks Isaac! Cheers Hoss
  6. 392FS_Hoss

    P-47 D Skins

    The needy are not greedy Poochnboo!................ Hoss
  7. 392FS_Hoss

    Looking for a US based Squadron Flying US aircraft

    392nd FS........................ https://solidkreate.wixsite.com/mysite Cheers Hoss
  8. 392FS_Hoss

    No. 335 and 336 (Greek) Squadrons RAF (Tobruk)

    Daedalos, are some of the guys in your group still in touch with 335th Tamil?........... or Fotis as I'm used to calling him, it's been awhile (long while) since I talked with him. I know he was a Lt in the Greek Army, and was getting married the last time I talked to him................. I imagine the Mrs. keeps him on a short leash... If you or any of your mates are in touch with him tell him Mike said hi Cheers Hoss
  9. 392FS_Hoss

    P-47 D Skins

    I must be doing something wrong with these Google downloads, the file when I unpack it is corrupt and crashes my game, on the original 392nd skin and the Big bird skin. I use Zip to extract it and I don't see the skin when it's unpacked it's a standard windows icon. Hoss
  10. 392FS_Hoss

    P-47 D Skins

    There's something about this skin that will not download in correct format, it crashes my game because it's corrupt.
  11. 392FS_Hoss

    Any P-51 groups out there!

    Don't forget the 392nd P-38/P-47 squadron and the Tempest no#501 squadron.................... and for the LW fans there is JG-54 for FW-190 and JV-44 for Me-262. Cheers Hoss
  12. 392FS_Hoss

    Setting AMD Graphics Correctly !

  13. 392FS_Hoss

    Any other Firefighters here?

    Not a civilian fire fighter, but did shipboard firefighting, flying squad.... damage control............. on a ship there's no where to run.............. Hoss
  14. 392FS_Hoss

    The Good Ol Days ( VEF, VEFII, IL2-War)

    No......... Fighter Sweeps was way before Ghost Skies... 2001,2002, 2003, Red skins vs Blue skins, head on merge, last man flying wins for his squad. Hoss